Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Strawberrynet Haul FINALLY Arrived!

I've been waiting for a couple of weeks for my package to arrive. I did have patience as I know how SLOW our Philippines Postal office is. I finally got a notice card 2 days ago to pick up my package! I have work, I can't leave the office and I can't wait!!!

I gave the postal guy a call and good thing, the company I worked for has been using their postal services for quite some time and the mail man knew our location. What I did was gave them a call, asked for a favor (with pay) and I got my package delivered straight to the office! YAY!!! My colleagues are all sweet, they were as excited as I am!!! What I love about the package? It was packed nicely, carefully and super cutey! Sorry didn't have the picture of the "packed" look as I was so excited I tore it all open and didn't even think about taking pix! :)

Just a brief idea, it was full of "curly" styrofoam, each was wrapped in a nice silver wrapper, and the E/S palette was bubble-wrapped! :) I love how they took the effort to make sure the products travelled "comfortably".

Here's how the package looks like ....

The white rectangular thingy would be the AREZIA 36 colors E/S pallette (plus 3 brow powders, 4 blushes, 1 powder, 1 mosaic powder). I knew a lot of people have been searching for reviews on this product. I was one of them, didn't get any answers at all, so I'll be giving a review on this one for future "buyers" out there....The brownish colored box would be the Stila Smudgepots Eyeliner in Black, the black box (as everyone would know) is a MAC e/s in Falling star and the small lipstick above the Stila would be a new customer freebie which is Lancome! Not a big haul, it was a test order for me at Strawberrynet, and so far, they didn't let me down!

Pix galore!

and here's how the inside looks like when opened...this GOT ME SOLD as the colors and the packaging are all so cute!

Next picture would be my MAC eyeshadow in Falling Star. I kinda got a bit sad on this as I got another E/S that looks 95% close to this one! :( That's the real problem on online ordering, I can't seem to see the colors ! Pictures can really deceive a color! (anyone who wants to see this color, feel free to let me know and I"ll swatch them for you)

The ever good review Stila Smudge Pots Gel Eyeliner in Black. I've heard about the "blackness" of a cream liner, and I've been a liquid liner user and pencil liner user for quite some time, it's time for a change...and I love this! But it takes a whole lot of practice for me to use this product...I've been testing on different brushes to see which one works best! (wait up for tips after I've mastered this)

And here goes a freebie for new customers! Yes, that's me! I've got Lancome Color Fever Lip Color in Rose Defile. It's unboxed but I don't mind, the color looks great! I didn't get to choose the lipstick color but I love it! It's pinkish in color and has a bit of "nudey" feel. Love love love this freebie! I believe at the moment, the freebie for new customers would be Stila products. (you take your pick)

Overall, my shopping experience with StrawberryNET is pleasant, I paid via PayPal and I've tried calling their customer service number for inquiries, and they can speak English and they are indeed very helpful! I was able to track their shipment and I've seen how fast the products left their warehouse to the HK post office. It was just here in Manila that's taking too long!

The downside? I'll let you guys know for separate reviews on these products and I would say, I'm not impressed with the Arezia 36 eye colors and I'll give you more examples on why on my next post! Cosmetics shopping is really challenging for me, but overall? I may order again but I'll have to make sure to check out the products personally (if we have it here) before buying!

For online orders, click on StrawberryNet

Your askmewhats,


  1. Looks like Strawberry.Net is a reliable online shop. Thanks for taking a leap of faith and ordering from them before the rest of us did! :P

  2. That eye shadow palette looks beautiful.

  3. Liz, yes, it was a leap of faith indeed! That's why I ordered 3! I wanted one to test their services but because I wanted the 5% discount (for 3 orders above). I thought, if it didn't arrived, I may as well act like I've got robbed! hahahha

    Fabu-less beauty!!! Looks really really beautiful, I can't stop staring at it since I got it.

  4. ooohhhh... pwetty cowors!!
    i love the pallette though it lloks like its hard to use.. tama ba?

    i also like the way it was packaged.
    nice haul! :) can't wait to see how the stila geliner works for you. :)

  5. nice haul!!!

    am i the only one who isn't splurging on beauty products these days? :-(

  6. I envy you a lot!! Too bad strawberryNET doesn't ship to Indonesia. Huh :(

  7. Liz! You're not the only one who doesn't shop! I'm sure there's a lot out there. Just that, I'm getting ready for my one-on-one make-up class!!! So you'll be next, save up now and you'll splurge soon!

    Devi! Oh sorry to hear about that! I've heard they've got countries they don't ship to, but I believe they're doing their best to add countries they ship to. I hope they will soon!!!

  8. hi! what kind of shipping did u select? i selected the express but i still have to pick it up in pasay.

  9. @Anonymous Hi there, whatever shipping you choose, you need to pick it up at the post office! our customs hold anything that comes from HK for checking!

  10. im half afraid of strawberrynet. my first purchase from them was hahaha shocks like 5 perfumes and some makeup so its a lot of money. but i appreciate their customer service and they gave me my refund properly :D

  11. Hi just want to ask if may babayaran pa ba na tax or something when u get the item sa post office?

    1. It really depends on the postal office that it would be delivered, mine kasi it was written gift and it was just one of each item so I didn't pay for any tax! Sabi ko lang gift, usually napag uusapan! But medyo depende nga sa custom sa area mo :)

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