Sunday, April 6, 2008

Askmewhats Version: Smokey Eyes

Ok, when you read through my blogs, you'll know that I'm not into dark colors or "smokey" and you would never see me sport a "smokey" look. Let me tell you why.

I've got dark bags and there are some "really good" days that I'll get puffy eyes! So as much as possible, I stear clear on dark shadows which will make me look like a raccoon who cried the whole night looking for...FOOD? hahaha

Anyways, IF I wanted to be a make-up artist, I have to steer clear from the safe side and go practice whatever I needed to. Since I don't have anybody's face to practice to after work and I can't seem to force my husband to let me use his face! hahahha I have to do it on my own! :) And so far...I'm proud of it! Even my hubby who hates dark shadows commented that he loves the look! FEISTY!

Here's my right eye...

And my left eye....

PROMISE, they match in person! hahaha
(spot Mr. M&M) come on, you guys can see him (clue: upper left) hahaha

Good job! You guys spotted the M&M! hehehe..anyways back to the topic,
here's me, no flash, eyes opened!

and here's me with flash...

Your askmewhats,


  1. wow...something new ha. more! more! you're good sis, looking forward to see more vibrant colors on your eotds!

  2. i'm so inggit! i'm sooo bad at doing this! pwede ko ba iprint ito at ilagay sa unan ko para subconsciously ma-absorb ng brain ko?? :) lol!

    great work sis! more please. :)

  3. aaww thanks girls! :) that's sweet!!! I don't go out much during the night, i'm boring, work home then practice make-up! So i can't seem to use this look during day time hahaha Mwah to all sweet ladies


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