Monday, January 4, 2010

The Unsung Hero : Rat Tail Comb

I know I've talked about the "unsung hero" in my previous post.  That got me inspired to search for more "unsung heroes" available at home or just right in front of us that we haven't taken the time of the day.  Not until I've realized giving them a minute or two will make us realize how comfortable life is with them around!

My Unsung Hero for the moment, very cheap yet very useful Rat Tail Comb! 

I don't have the packaging but I bought this for less than Php100.00 (approx $2.00) from Landmark mall.  I love it that the "rat tail" comes in metal which makes it even easier to section my hair every morning when I blowdry my hair.  I also like using this when I cut people's hair!  Yes I still do! (Thanks to those who trust me lol).  The comb side works good too!  I have used a lot of cheap combs that just doesn't feel right when you comb your hair, this comb does not tug your hair or hurt your scalp.  "PERFECT!" is all I can say.

Have you tried using the "rat tail" comb?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. i have this type of comb too, parehong-pareho. :) it's really great for sectioning the hair.

  2. oh ive always debated with myself whether i'd buy it everytime i pass by the beauty section in landmark even though it's so cheap. now i'll definitely purchase!

  3. my unsung hero would be the big-tooth comb! all of us use it as it's gentle for the kids and helpful for mommy and daddy in untangling our long hair (yes, my husband has long hair! LOL). i use it also when blowdrying as I feel it helps my hair have body and volume.

  4. i've never seen a rat's tail comb with a metal end before! i don't think they sell it here...but it sounds like it'd work better than the plastic ones. Must look for it the next time I visit Asia!

  5. these are so handy to have around! I do have a tendency to loose them though =X

  6. absolutely love your quick review on the Rat Tail Comb. as a hairstylist it comes in handy for highlighting and parting hair while doing cornrows. take a look at my Beauty Biche Blog and see all the other crazy tools us hairstylists use:-)

  7. Nehs! hahah parehong pareho ? Great taste you have there *winks*

    Bea, worth it :) Especially if you love sectioning your hair!

    All women Stalker, big toothed comb is definitely an unsung hero! thanks for sharing!

    Blu3, metal end definitely feels and looks better :D

    Mona, I know what you mean, they are just small and invisible to our eyes! LOL

    Beautified Stylist, thanks


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