Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Artistry Waterproof Mascara 200

Hi everyone!

I have done so many Product Reviews, but I've realized I haven't been doing a lot of review for mascaras. I've used a couple but I have to admit, I am not a "daily" mascara user. That's the reason for the rare mascara reviews.

Anyways, I have the chance to try on Amway's Artistry Waterproof Mascara 200. 200 because it promotes to thicken lashes 200%

Is this true? We'll see....

Artistry Waterproof Mascara 200 says ---
  • Available in waterproof and smudgeproof formulas, for perfect lashes all day.
  • Defines and darkens lashes without clumping or "raccoon-eyes."
  • Measurably thickens lashes up to 200%.
Askmewhats says ---

  • packaging is simple yet I like it
  • no clumping
  • no smudging/raccoon eyes
  • curl stays whole day (if I curled my lashes correctly prior to application)
  • easy to remove
  • the wand is wonderful! It's shaped beautifully that I won't touch the skin around my eye with mascara


  • definitely does not thicken my lashes
  • gives out a "no mascara" look
  • don't see any differences on Before and After shots (photos below)


If you are looking into a SUPER natural lashes or you are born with long and luscious lashes. This is a great mascara for you. I find this is good for everyday but it doesn't make much difference to my "puny" lashes. So I need to move on and look for other mascaras :)


  • apply your regular volumizing mascara and use this to "de-clump" as I really love the wand!
  • perfect mascara if you want to use this to apply to your lashes with falsies.

Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

websites worldwide. I don't know how much the exact amount is as I won this from Beauty Bento Box contest last year.

Now let me show you the specs! :)
Gold handle and perfect size
easy to control

Here's my lashes prior to mascara application
no base used

No curling done
2 coats of Artistry Waterproof Mascara 200
in Dark Brown

As you can see,
length - remains the same
volume - the same

I think this is just a good mascara to "fix" your lashes and put them in place.
Great for daily use but not for special occasion!.
I love this mascara if I use falsies though :)
I know this is not readily available in beauty counters
but at least, you know what to expect when you see these mascaras
Stay happy!

Other mascaras I've used that you can check out ---

Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Mascara
Paul & Joe Curly Mascara
Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara


  1. eh, dissapointment :P
    i stay true to my telescopic or my maybeline <3 haha

    you use everyday minerals right?
    i was wondering what color you use & what you think about the product..has it broken you out?
    have you tried other products from them?

    haha sorry about all the questions :P

  2. Great review Nikki! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. great review! i love the way you took the eye pictures

  4. the pro-claimed 200% is def cheating! even maybelline XXL is much better than this. thanks for reviewing this so there won't be anymore victims :P

  5. Fuz, My pleasure!

    Yumyumsushi, I've yet to try Telescopic! :) Thanks for confirming that it is a great mascara! About your query, I am GOLDEN FAIR, but I found most of the other colors doesn't matter as their shades are quite close to one another, but I'm matched on the GOLDEN side. About breaking out, no, I'm glad I didn't broke out on them, I think it is a great product and it's nice on the normal and oily skin individuals, I'm on the dry skin side, so I have to shift from time to time! But it gives out great coverage and a nice matte finish :) Hope this helps!

  6. I have never seen this mascara or even the brand before, and by the looks of it, I never will. :P

    I'm near the end of my TBS Super Volume mascara. This is one mascara that I will be repurchasing after I've gone through the ones in my train case. It delivers every time!

  7. Lootwagon, no problem, I'm glad to share my reviews!

    M, lol I find it a bit weird at first , but I'm glad I'm used to seeing my eye shot THAT CLOSE! Thanks for liking it!

    Prettybeautiful, well it could work to some but not to me! not even 110% :D

  8. from Artistry I just have pack powder and now i totally need to try that mascara! thanks for this review :)

  9. Well it's definitely not a good mascara LOL. Thanks for reviewing this anyway! Even though I tend to stick with my fave brand when it comes to mascara; which is Maybelline :D (and sometimes Borjouis, too!)

    I haven't tried L'oreal Telescopic but I want to try it as well for comparison.

  10. i agree, no difference. but won't that be a great brush for the lower lashes?? the tip is so thin that applying mascara on the lower lashes would seem to be easy. :)

  11. Anastacia, you're welcome :)

    Devi, you know what? Stay with what works for you :)

    Shen, I don't have much lashes on the lower lash line..so yeah.you're right though, it'll be perfect for the lower lashes! the brush head, I really love!


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