Monday, September 14, 2009

Something New: Hollywood in a Bottle by Nick Chavez

Aside from make-up or skincare, I'm also a fan of hair products because I've always been nosey with my hair! Yeah, it all started with hair!

I've always been a fan of long stick straight hair, but after my wonderful hair cut from Mr. Jeaves Gabiana of the Basement Salon Shangri-la Branch, my layers needed the "volume" and "lift" to see the overall look of my cut!

When I found out that there is one company who believe in gorgeous, shiny, candy-colored, sensuous beauty, high-volume hair for even the most quiet life. The company who wants us to get in touch with our true roots, find rich, bouncy fullness with the unmistakable Beverly Hills sensibility no matter who or where I am, that made me say "Hello..why not?" And that's from The Beverly Hills Salon in a Bottle.

Nick Chavez has worked for over 15 years to create an innovative hair care line with products that help your hair achieve that special Star Quality whether you are a Red Carpet Glamor Girl or the Hottest Mom at Soccer Practice!

Watch out for product reviews of the following!

FLOCKER: this top-selling product takes your hair (wet or dry) and creates outrageous volume
VOLUMIZING EXTRA HOLD HAIRSPRAY: for voluptuousness, flirty vivacity and hold-with-attitude

PLUMP N THICK LEAVE IN THICKENING CRÈME: maximize thickness with this super luxurious, super hydrating conditioner

Some extras to try on

NOURISHING SHAMPOO: moisturizes and hydrates as it cleans and purifies. Safe for all hair types, but particularly effective for dry, damaged and color or chmically treated hair.

ROCK STAR AMP GEL: for amped-up hair, hard hold and shine

ANGEL WINGS ULTRA-LIGHT STYLING PASTE: Feather light paste to shape, define and texturize.

Nick Chavez products are available on online store
I will report back on how I find these products!

Happy Monday people!
Keep Smilin'
Stay happy!
Wishing you a great hair day!

P.S. Do check out this site later for a contest for everyone! :)


  1. Wow, the series look impressive!! Look fwd to your review about it! :)

  2. Very nice hair products review!
    Like to read about that too, coz a fan of hair too :)
    Thanq :) and happy Monday to you too :)

  3. looks really fun to try! My hair is so dry lately because of the weather :[

  4. That's on my list of things to try, esp. the flocker because I have fine hair. He has a new product, the soft flocker (cream form).

    I'm also interested in trying this conditioning product from Wen by Chaz Dean. Says it replaces shampoo, conditioner & other hair serums. The reviews for it are great!

    FYI, it's available at They also have Nick Chavez products there (with video demos). And probably cheaper there, too!

    Really looking forward to your reviews! :)

  5. Hi Hana, I know! it's an impressive line and they have a lot of products to try! I am scared to love it because it's not readily available down here!

    Anastacia☆, me too! I love hair stuffs! Will update you how it goes

    Iyah, I know what you mean, there are really days the hair isn't happy no?

    Nicka, Wow soft flocker? Really? I am using the flocker on most days and so far so good :) will do an indepth review soon!


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