Friday, October 23, 2009

I Wonder: " Does Packaging Make You Spend More?"

Happy Friday!!!  Thanks for all the lovely comments I get on each posts that I make, it really gave me the drive to create better articles daily for my blog to be very helpful to some of you out there. And I learn so much from reading comments too!  So thank you...thank you...thank you.

When I posted my review yesterday on the Revlon Custom Creations Foundation, I did mention that the packaging intrigued me so much that a couple or negative reviews didn't stop me from purchasing,

That's where my weekend "I Wonder" question comes in...

"Does Packaging for both Cosmetics and Makeup 
Make You Want To Spend More?"

AMW says ---

For skincare, it'll be great if a product comes in with good packaging but I wouldn't mind if they don't as what's important for me is the quality of the skincare product.  See how much I love my Clinique Skincare products evenhough some of their packaging are just...blah?

As for cosmetics, I would still go for quality.  I know, I broke down with the Revlon Custom Creations Foundation, but to my defense, the rest of my purchases are based on quality!  And it's not like it was a crappy product!  *being defensive*

I am sure everyone would go for quality, but once, have you purchased something you think is similar to what you own but you just can't help it because the packaging is just too cute?  Are you one of those who went crazy with the Stila Barbie Collection, the MAC Hello Kitty or even the Paul & Joe Disney collection?

.............................. *still waiting for your answer*

Don't worry, I'm sure you're not alone, I guess in some way or another, we are all guilty of it, no wonder several beauty companies are quite smart in packaging and repacking their products.

Before I end this post,  let me admit something... I purchased my first Paul & Joe product because of it's packaging too!  Whew, I'm glad the quality's not crappy :)

I again huh? *winks*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I think I bough a load of Anna Sui just for the packaging...

    Anyway, for something that I consume quickly, like lip gloss I don't mind the packaging that much but for blushers, I like them to be in a cute and tough container not only they can last a long while, they also makes me smile when I am apply them.

  2. im such a sucker for cute packaging.

  3. guilty. im a sucker for cute packaging. Its a really good marketing strategy to attract consumers.

  4. kind of.haha.but it doesnt completely shutter my judgment too.because most of those brand with nice packaging are usually high end ones so great quality,nice packaging,u got what u pay for

  5. I won't pay loads for cute packaging if the product itself is useless or have very little content. I'm all for practicality and value for money. Even though I really like the product but it comes in a sucky packaging, I wouldn't buy it eg. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

  6. i love pretty packaging too! thats why i'm inclined to buying more expensive stuff. :( but it makes me happy , and thats the important thing right? (trying hard to justify my spending hahaha!) i love your blog btw! :)

  7. I have to admit it was the packaging that got me hooked on Skin Food! But now I realize that my super HG (I have to blog about it soon) Kose Sekkisei Lotion is in a no nonsense bottle.
    Maybe as we "mature" a bit we learn to separate the flashy from the real keepers :)
    Still, getting sidetracked by pretty packaging once in a while isn't so bad, right?

  8. i totally agree with you. especially for skin care, i still go for quality but it really does help entice me when the packaging is cute.

  9. Usually I'd go with quality but if it also comes with cute packaging then that's a bonus!! *thumbs up*

    I have to admit, sometimes when the packaging is so unique and beautiful, I do have a melt down. However, sometimes a look at the price and I can turn away =D

  10. I am definitely a huge sucker for pretty packaging. For me, the product has to be great, but I am definitely willing to shell out for prettier products even if a lower end and less pretty product is more or less the same thing. I keep my Dior Addict HS in Gipsy Red definitely in large part because I adore that lipstick tube even though my LM Poppy is the same color and wears better. That being said, I also really like clean and simple packaging so it doesn't *have* to be cute or super lux.

  11. Quality still comes first, but a nice & durable packaging is really a GREAT plus! =D

  12. Guilty. Crappy packaging gives me this impression that if their packaging really looks bad, then the product inside might be equally bad as well.

  13. I think packaging definitely plays a big part in why I buy certain products, but then other times I can totally fall in love with something just for it's quality and ignore it's plain packaging.

  14. I definately fall for cute packaging but I still have resistance(so far) when I know there's a dupe for something friggen cute, I get the cheap one anyway. In the long run Ill be happy I can eat rather than the fact that my lipstick has Hello Kitty on it. I remember an article I read a while back about high end facial products and drugstore brands and how the drugstore brands have the same exact product and works the same way but because its store brand and doesn't have to spend too much on packaging, it's half the price of name brand. Name brand doesnt always matter either.


  15. Yes, no doubt I buy stuff for the packaging, especially makeup items.

    However when it comes to skincare, I will seriously consider the packaging, not in the aesthetic aspect. The way the product is packaged makes a difference to the quality and usability of the product. I personally prefer a pump bottle for most products and like the clinique moisture surge, I do not think the packaging maximizes the quality. It will be better to used with a spatula if the packaging remains.

  16. Sometimes I got products only because of the packaging, but so far products with pretty packaging is not too bad and it's kinda useable enough :P

  17. hi Nikki! i love reading your posts (though i don't regularly leave comments...) i was not really into make ups so when i got here (in Korea), i realized i have to keep up and that i just don't need make up but i need Quality make up... so i started searching for make up reviews and it "surprised" me that there are actually lots and lots of beauty blogs in the blogosphere...

    i admit being guilty buying the barbie loves stila e/s palette which is $28 online but sells $15 more here in Korea.. but i'd rather have it than those bigger palletes i couldn't easily bring with me anywhere... as for the skin care products, i still splurge on them and know that i'm actually saving myself and money by using products that work for my face best...

  18. I used to buy products just for the cute packaging when I was younger. But now I go for quality and only buy what I need and is good value for money. But if the packaging is pretty it's a bonus!

  19. Yeah! I am usually swept away with great packaging, but before I purchase the goodies I make sure I read reviews first to see if the product comes with great quality and not just for show. For example I read your review on Urban Decay's book of shadows before buying. I am very attracted to packaging but I usually look before I leap especially towards products with hefty price tags.

  20. Sometimes I buy products because of the luring packaging. That Barbie for Stila can was ALL packaging for me. The Barbie had an afro? I mean, come ooon! I had to have it. But I've calmed down since then and really on purchase products that my readers have requested that I review or that I genuinely want.

  21. these days, it's either the name or the packaging, after getting disappointed with the less than stellar performance of bobbi brown's foundations on my face, i went back to "drugstore makeup" (Revlon's colorstay).

    but the products you posted have great quality, name, and quality so they are worth buying imho.

    but generally i go for what's inside, the product itself than the package it comes in.

  22. Yes, i'm sometimes guilty of purchasing stuff just because they look pretty... especially for MAC, i feel the compulsion to buy all their LE packaging stuff!! :P :P

  23. nikki i totally splurge just because of packaging!!! love ya sunshine!

  24. Citrine, oohh right, I remember those Anna Sui products I've seen on your site. thanks for sharing your thoughts, come to think of it, cute packaging for blushers are really nice!! I can imagine!

    Angela, :) admitting is being true to yourself! thank you!

    Becky, aww girl, trust me, you're not alone!

  25. Vanilla, you know what, most products with great looking packaging aren't crappy in quality anyways, well I'm sure there are exceptions but they seldom are crappy :)

    Connie,, I got what you're trying to say :)

    coffretgorge, if it makes you happy? WHY NOT? thank you dear for commenting, nice to meet you and hope to read your comments again !

  26. Kaye, ooohh yeah, skinfood makes cute packaging! You're right, there are some companies who are using simple bottles but the quality is great..I know a lot of brands that are like that!

    Crystal, oohh we girls are always enticed with pretty stuffs :)

    Lisa, i know, cute packaging will always be a bonus! the price is one think to look at for sure, you're right, for me, the pRICE , QUALITY plus packaging overall is important!

  27. Catherine, I can tell, you have a lot of cute stuffs :)

    The NeuroChiq , oohh GREAT POINT! DURABLE packaging is very important! What's the point of great product if the packaging gets broken!

    Pammy, I think we have that inclination in our heads too! Same with you, I've always been snubbing bad packaging, but now,I'm a changed woman! I give everything their due respect lol

  28. Neeyuh, thanks for sharing :)

    glimmeringmetal , *high five* I am proud of you that you have resistance! :) That's quite hard to find!!! Thanks for sharing what you read, I haven't read that article :)

    Tracy, thanks! So true, one reader mentioned durability and its a great point to consider, thank you! I do use the spatula for my moisture surge :)

  29. Anastacia, aren't you glad your favorite The Face Shop brand is packed in great packaging? I love their packaging! Well thought of!

    Jehan, hey, thank you, nice to read a comment from a long time ready!!! Awww how's Korea? I've always wanted to visit there, someday..someday :) glad you found a lot of beauty bloggers in the cyberworld! You won't get bored :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'd rather go for performance and of course what makes you happy! That's great you were able to purchase cheaper Stila product :)

    gio, ohhh that's another great point, growing up makes our decision making different :)

  30. Chelle, same here, reading reviews are vital before I purchase anything! :)

    B, I remembered your post my dearie! You were dupe in love with the Stila with Afro Barbie! I know what you mean, its once in a lifetime and you gotta have it :) You're forgiven :)

    JC, :) I can tell, you are such a cutie!

    Marge, I've read so many raves about Revlon's Colorstay! I guess I didn't really look into that as its meant for oily skin and I already own a couple for oily skinned clients :) thanks dear!

    Jenn, MAC really is guilty!!! One brand that creates so many cute packaging!!! Girls are spending a lot for limited edition cute stuffs!

  31. I very much agree that packaging and branding is what will set your product apart from the numerous competing brands in the market. Whether or not this is for cosmetics, advertising plays the biggest role. Since I was in advertising too, first impressions last, they create a recall. I am guilty of this even though I know advertising is false. Haha I am a sucker for great packages, but overall. What sells me over the packaging is the power of TESTING/TESTERS.

    But importantly packaging especially in cosmetics just gives you confusion and frustration because it becomes the "it" thing or "pop culture" in relation to society. But yet again I am guilty. haha

  32. I think so. But I guess the bulk of pricing goes on the brand name, unless they put real gold to it.

  33. Meeee tooooo, i'm a sucker fro cute packaging. More than 50% I bought makeup because of the cute packaging. love package from Paul&Joe, Majolica, Jill Stuart, Etude House, Coffret D'or. Those asain brands are killing me LOL. hehehehehe

  34. Yep, I admit that I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! Nevertheless, the quality must be there too! ;)

  35. Cabyness, I guess a lot of us are the same, we get sucked out of our packaging love then at the end, realizing quality is still the best, nothing wrong with us :)

    Roanne, so true..brand name itself is already expensive, think of Hermes :)

    PinkyKathy, I've been lemming on Etude House, Jill Stuart because of the packaging too!

    Jess, so true!

  36. I was thinking about this the other day too - I think it does appeal to the right brains. I sometimes do buy stuff based on packaging.

  37. Sesame , thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  38. i came here through jojoba's blog~ :)

    anyways, I have to say that Packaging does nothing for me...maybe when I was 15, but I detest when old products are repackaged into something shiny and new, and LIMITED edition when it's just the same old thing!(*cough cough MAC*...) While I wouldn't mind pulling out something cute from my makeup back, actually I don't really care you said, the quality is still the most important factor - as long as the packaging is easy to open/close/leak proof, it's all good. sometimes the stuff is good but it's hard to open (benefit brow zings? or is it just because I'm too clumsy? hehe)

  39. Reveriepapillon, thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Same with you, quality is definitely the biggest factor, but a girl is a girl right? We do check out some great looking packaging but it doesn't mean we'll purchase it! I say YES too on convenient packaging, i hate it when packaging is not convenient, i'll end up leaving it behind!


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