Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AMW Reviews: Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Waterproof Mascara

Early this month, I've attended a very relaxing event from Garnier, Maybelline and Matrix  called Fab, Fresh & Fun: A Summer Picnic.  I was excited when Jim Ros, makeup artist of Maybelline used a new mascara on me!  After he finishes his work of art, I took one look at my reflection and instantly liked my lashes.  I immediately asked him which mascara he used on me, he told me it's the Volum' Express Magnum Mascara which was his personal favorite.  I have to give this a try and tell you what I think :)  Read on...


Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Waterproof Mascara says ---
Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Mascara gives your lashes 9x more volume thanks to its Collagen Formula that plumps up lashes without clumping, and patented Mega brush packed with more bristles that reach even the smallest lashes.  The bestseller that's taking the world by storm is also waterproof, smudge-proof and long-wearing. 

AMW says ---
  • can hold curls for the whole day, does not weigh down the lashes
  • gives a bit of length and a volume
  • seriously waterproof
  • lasts the whole day or until makeup removal
  • inexpensive mascara that works
  • the slightly curved brush makes application a breeze
  • no flaking
  • yellow tube is a bit "cheesy" (literally for its color) but you can easily see it amidst all the mascaras
  • formula is a bit dry, the whole tube dries up easily as compared to others
  • brush is a bit too big for short and sparse lashes like mine
  • a bit hard to remove
Maybelline seldom fails me when it comes to performance and price!  It's a drugstore brand that I lean on most of the time.  I am not a fan of mascara but I found myself using this more often than my other mascaras.  

If you like the curl that stays, this is definitely a keeper.  Though the length and volume did not  increase dramatically, the "curl factor" that stays for the whole day is a winner in my dictionary.

  • wait for discounts or sales
  • curl your lashes prior to mascara application
  • wiggle the lash wand from lash root to tip
  • write down the date you first opened the mascara tube so you'll know when to chuck the mascara
  • comb your lashes after mascara application with a spoolie to prevent clumps
  • gently remove this with your favorite makeup remover prior to washing your face to prevent eye allergies.
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Maybelline counters for Php429.00 (approx $9.33)

After curling the lashes and applied Maybelline's Volum' Express Magnum Waterproof Mascara.  2 application on each eye

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  1. It definitely keeps the curl well~

  2. Definitely adding this to my mascaras-to-try list! :)

  3. wow...maybe I need this one Nikki...

    thanks for the review!

  4. thanks for linking me! :D love it too!!! it is super long lasting!

  5. such an awesome mascara! but I can't use it :( Thanks for the link

  6. I didn't care for this mascara, I tried the non-waterproof version though. Nice review though!

  7. havent used mine yet,seeing your review makes me want to open it..but i stil have 4 mascaras that i opened just last month waaa..pero it really lengthens and made your lashes quite thick..like it

  8. I've tried this mascara before as well, and I definitely noticed that it dries out faster, and mine has this weird "pen-like" smell.

    I might have to pick this up again, cause I forgot how it applied :P

  9. i can really see the difference! =) Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands.. I'm currently using their Volume Express mascara. will try this after it runs out.

  10. Maybelline mascaras are my fave, and I'm sure this one will wow me too. =) Sayang I just got the cat eyes, but my makeup kit still has space. =D Happy Tuesday, Nikki!

  11. it makes your lashes looks so long and curly!!

  12. Thanks for the review..I always want to buy this maybelline mascara but afraid not volume enough..

    Wow..Your lashes really look long and curly after you used Express Magnum Waterproof mascara..

  13. Your lashes look so long and curly! I need to try this, thanks for the review.

  14. Fuz, glad you saw it too :) Thanks dear

    Maggie, what's your current favorite? :)

    Elsa, do try them out! I think they have testers :)

  15. Xin, no worries I know how much you love this too!

    Connie, no worries, my pleasure

    Monica, thank you

  16. Shobe, I know what you mean, I have loads of mascaras to try too and I stop myself from opening them all, sayang naman! They expire easily!

    Arezu, I know, its dry to start with as compared to other mascaras!

    Khymm, same here, at the top of my head...Mascara brand that rocks my world will always be Maybelline!

  17. Dang, thanks dearie, well after cat eyes, try this!

    Anastacia, thanks! Glad someone finally found my lashes curly and long! hahha

    Angiepink, you can always give testers a try before you purchase :) My lash volume did increase considering how sparse my lashes are!

  18. Yumeko, let me know how you find this

    Gio, no worries, my pleasure pretty girl!

  19. wow, your lashes looks longer and fuller.

    thanks for the sweet comment nikki.

  20. We have this mascara in the states except it's called Colossal. I liked it for volume but just like you, I think it is sooo hard to control. Great review!

  21. Becky, thanks and no worries, I enjoyed sending sweet comments your way coz you are such gorgeous girl

    B, I know! I heard about the Colossal and i heard how great it is with volume! We have the Magnum version down here!

  22. I am not a mascara user but when my sis in law gave me this to try I was hooked! I never knew that having a great mascara can make a big difference :)


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