Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contest Time: Last Day of Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime

(Note from Author: Daily exciting contests from Day 1-6 of The Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime will close on May 30, 2010 Sunday 11:59pm.  Hurry up in typing down your answers by clicking Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5)  Don't forget there's Day 6 right below!)

All winners will be announced on April May 31, 2010 Monday!


Hey AMW readers!  I'm back to reality the moment I am writing this final contest piece for YOU who were there with me all throughout my Road Trip Adventure.  Thank you!

On my trip back to Manila, I've looked at trees, water forms, houses, animals and people.  I like staying awake during a trip and look around and imagine how would a thing or person really feels in that instant.  I call it my creative imagination!  And I would like YOU, my readers, to try this creative imagination  game I call my own.  

So many emotions has been shown on this Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime.  The 6 days Road Trip was enough for people to see the real me.  I have 8 Photos of Nikki's different emotions below and scroll down for contest mechanics!

Inside Paoay Church

Walking on the streets of Laoag

After Shopping for Bracelets at Laoag

Inside Paoay Church

Watching Mr. Go doing his Pottery

At Vigan

In BenCab Museum, Baguio

Inside Ukay Ukay shop, Baguio

Contest no. 6:
Pick one photo and tell me my exact emotions.  You can be creative in creating your own storyline.  The sky's the limit!  The closest answer will be announced the winner!
Contest mechanics: (For Local Female Readers Only)
1. Comment with picture number, your creative answer together with your name and email address
3. Only 1 comment per person.
4. The entry with the closest answer will be picked as winner and will be announced on this blog
5. All the winners will be announced on a separate post AFTER my Road Trip! 
6. Read the Full Terms and Conditions by smiling and clicking HERE

I want to thank Jeck Simbulan for taking the "Many Faces of Nikki" in the 6 days Vaseline Experience of a Life Time Roadtrip!  I swear this is one unforgettable experience!  

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. AMW 5

    Picture shows silent admiration as she watches mr. go do what he does best. Deeply she feels that "It's so amazing that this person can do much passion" And then after thinking deeply Ms. Nikki looks like her mind wandered somewhere else...hehe (look at that adorable blank deep thinking stare :P) joke!

    but ofcourse ms. nikki probably came back to reality and realized...passion in one's craft is important...and she's gonna take this experience with her when she goes home and apply it.


  2. I can only say one thing: You are super beautiful, Nikki! In every emotion! :) And the roadtrip does look like the roadtrip of a lifetime :)

  3. im pretty sure that you had a great time & experienced a lot of things. And as you took the trip you also took us with you. These pictures just show how memorable your experience was.

    i'll choose pic 8
    i think you were quite amazed with the things that you saw inside. after all, people say that baguio's ukay ukay is a great place to find neat stuff (often signature brands) at such a cheap price!


  4. AMW 8

    Baguio, dubbed as the summer central of the Philippines, is now also known as the "Ukay Central" of the Philippines. In this photo, the photographer was able to capture Ms. Nikki's delight and amazement upon seeing the wide selection of great ukay finds inside the store - branded items in a very affordable prizes. Ms. Nikki surely had her ultimate ukay-shopping experience that wonderful day!


  5. AMW 7

    Nikki *thinking after being amazed with the works of art* "Baguio is such a peaceful place. I would have loved to stay here longer with my loved one. I'm so blessed to have experienced this. I wonder where we will go next? I wish I can share everything with everyone."

    Annaliza Martin

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  7. I'll choose pic 6 - you are just about to sneeze because dust from the old houses was picked up by the wind

    bea dela cruz

  8. AMW 6: You're too tired to walk some more but you're travelling buddies urges you to do so.

  9. AMW 6

    You look tired in the photo.

    Mariel Rem

  10. amw 4

    first time i saw this picture, the word "pensive" came to mind. but i have been following your blog for quite some time now and i don't think "pensive" suits your personality at all. you seem like such a positive, bubbly person so i think the word "reflective" would fit your personality more.

    anyway, i think you're in awe of the beautiful paoay church and at the same time, reflective of all the beauty you've seen during this roadtrip. i'm also guessing you're offering a silent prayer of thanks for all the blessings you have.


  11. Of all the pictures here, I like the 4th one the most. So I'd choose AMW 4:

    You were imagining yourself walking down the aisle of this magnificent church then you vowed to yourself that you'd get married here. In your mind you were thinking, "This is the perfect place for me to say "I do" to the man I'd spend the rest of my life with."

  12. AMW 7. You are wistful because The Road Trip is about to end and you kinda miss your dog Poms.

  13. I luv AMW 4... i can think of a good title for this ... Missing You.. Nikkis facial expression here tells something.. it seems that she misses her loved ones... her FAMILY espescially her Mom..In this road trip even though shes enjoying everything she also think and pray that her loved ones are all doing fine...

  14. hi Nikki,

    Just for fun...
    FOR PHOTO No.8.. Nikki is showing us how to bargain and get a good deal in UKAY UKAY!

    facial expression should be SWEET SMILE and pandilatan ng mata ang tindera kelangan sabay!! panalo!

  15. AMW 7

    Wonder what hubby's doing, wish he's beside me..

    It looks as if you're longing for your hubby's presence ms. nikki, sometimes I also do that pose when hubby's out of town for days.. hehee..

    maribel d. marquez

  16. AMW number 5
    Emotion: Hopeful/Eager/Willing

    When do we start uplifting ourselves from this wretchedness?
    I say NOW.
    I am the look of hope.
    A visionary.
    Can do spirit.
    A heart for public service.
    Nikki Tiu for Senator.

    Charlene Javier


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