Saturday, July 10, 2010

AMW Gives: L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On (Contest Closed!)

My 2nd year anniversary has passed, my one millionth views has also passed, and my birthday has also passed...all I can say is...I AM SO SORRY it took me so long to come up with this giveaway! Life has been tough and things have been extra busy! But it's better late than never right?  So forgive me?

I'll make things easier for both you and me!  I like making life is easy and I will be randomly picking up stuffs either from my stash or from a shopping purchase I've done!  So giveaways will be randomly available on my blog anytime, any day! 

Today, I'm giving away the latest product from L'Oreal Men Expert - the Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll-On.  

To win this prize :
1. Click comment together with your name and email address
2. Tell me: "What's the best alibi you can think of to let your man (boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, friend, etc...) use this Icy Eye Roll-On?".  If you're a guy, you can tell us your alibi!
3. This contest is open to ALL readers whether local or international
4. No duplicates please
5. One winner will be randomly chosen via
6. Contest ends July 20, 2010 winner will be notified via email

Of course, the wonderful lady reader who won this for "the man of her life" will also win something for herself!

So click comment and I'm excited to read your answers!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Rosey

    "bebe, you should use this for those dark circles and eye bags that this crazy 8,220 miles LDR is giving us. we still need to look good despite the distance." =D

  2. Name: Kitten

    Best alibi:
    BF tends to sleep late at night or rather early in the morning most of the time because of work and de-stressing by playing games. Though, he doesn't have dark circles compared to mine, but he has a noticeable eye bag. And with this, I think it is perfect for him, not because I'm complaining about his looks but more of looking his extra best for ME! hehe, and for his new work, since he'll be stepping forward to a new opportunity that deals with talking to clients. That's the best alibi I can think of.

  3. Yay for international contests! :p

    My fiance LOVES coffee, especially iced-coffee! So my alibi would be:

    "You need your icy coffee to give you that OOMPH! in the morning, so why deprive your tired eyes! See? Its ICY ROLL ON plus it has Caffeine. Just like your coffee!"

    I hope I win this so my man would look his best for our wedding next Feb!

    Thanks babe!

  4. Tracy

    I actually plan to give this as a gift to my friend, who's having his birthday this July. I'll be frank and just tell him that he has the hugest pair of dark undereyes! (He knows anyway, I gave him my Pond's eye cream then, but it did not work =D)

  5. I'll tell him that in his line of work, where he's always infront of his pc, and doing graphic and motion design stuff, he needs to take care of his eyes and it'll take away his stress! plus, it has vitamin c and caffeine to boost his energy so that he will work harder!


  6. My alibi:
    I'll tell him that "When one is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, appearance also counts. One shouldn't be walking around looking like a zombie. This icy roll on will liven up your eyes" :P


  7. I've actually told him that his Indian/Middle-Eastern looks make him look like he has never heard about the concept of sleep. My dear, you want to look like Aladdin, not Jafar. LOL.

    I've actually tried this on him and I think he likes it so it'd be great to win this! :)

  8. Name: Erin

    "Honey, use this so I can gaze into your beautiful eyes more."

  9. "Babe, tumatanda na itsura mo dahil sa mga eyebags. Gamitin mo tong L'oreal icy roll on, effective, magmumukha kang bata".

    He'll be itching to get it. Haha.


  10. I don't think I'll be needing any alibi to get my brother to try this, he tends to go through my skincare stuff and pick the ones he likes. I'll just tell him that, "I have this really cool l'oreal product just for you. see, it says 'men expert'"

  11. ate nikki ako din 2008 pa ata blog ko,never ako nag post for anniv or anythng like that.haha loser ba.

    join narin ako :)


    bhie,you don't need to steal my concealer anymore coz nivea came up with this eye thing for MEEEEEEEEEEENNNN! coz you're a man and concealer's my best friend, not yours! aha

  12. I am a daddy's girl! So I want to win this for my dad!
    I will just tell him straight to use it for his own benefit. Baggy eyes no more! Knowing my dad, who is very groovy, he will surely use the product ; )

  13. Oh looks Great for men just like the Garnier eye-roll on. hehe. Ate nikki you should buy the july 2010 issue of Preview mag I saw you there. You and your friends look great ^__6 in the sun.

  14. Will tell pops that this thing has a cooool roll on feature that will make his undereye look sizzling. =P and besides, even if he is a man, he still needs to take care of his skin


    joyceongco at yahoo dot com

  15. kristine

    "Found another way to love caffeine. It could benefit your eyes too. You would love it as much as you love coffee:)"


  16. I'd tell my bf that if he uses the Icy Eye Roll-On, his eyebags would vanish and his face would brighten up. I'd look at him forever. :D

    Helen Blas

  17. i always tell my bf that he has 2 sets of cheeks. the real ones, and his eyebags! haha. i'll tell him he has to use this product so i won't tease him with his double cheeks on our wedding this November

  18. Oops. Realized I forgot to include my name and email.


    Sorry! Hope I don't get disqualified >.<

  19. "dad? i know that you look good na.. but you will look waaaay better if you use this icy eye roll on.. kase it will lessen your eyebags and who knows? it may even help you prevent wrinkles :D it will make you look like you're just my brother ;)"


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  21. This is going to be my alibi: Dear, i know you love pandas. But I don't think you need to look like one."

    I'd love to have that icy roll on. i think he will like it too.

    Marizen Villamora

  22. To my younger brother: "I bet the girl you're courting would say yes instantly if you use this. No girl would want a haggard-looking boyfriend."

    Is that mean? Haha.


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  24. u wont believe the bf is more vain than me (^_^) nah, i knew what you're thinking.. di sya badaf..

    talagang gusto lang nya malinis at presentable ang face nya..

    my alibi would be:
    (for the bf)
    bear, bat ganyan eyebags mo.. dumodoble ata.. i knew you wont try girl item or cream for that, i have seen this L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On, for men.. wanna try it.. lagi ka kasing puyat eh ka-na-nightshift mo..singkit ka na tapos laki ng eyebags mo, naku mababawasan chicks mo nyan..

    and im sure, the bf will raise his eyebrows sabay kunot ng noo.. sabihin sakin.. "ganun? pangit na ba ko bear?"

    (hee hee, bear tawagan namin, it starts with,, can you be my teddybear?)

    (for my papa)
    pa, laki na ng eyebags mo, late ka na kasi natutulog kakapanuod ng tv tapos aga aga mo naman gumigising, natutulog ka pa ba? hehehe, may alam ako pangtanggal nyan, L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On, for men.. di ba dapat si nanay ang napupuyat sa snork mo? hihi..

    (for my bestfriend, who works in Vivere Hotel in Alabang)
    bhes, lumalaki eyebags mo bakit kasi di ka magpa-palit ng shift hindi yang lagi kang 5pm to 1am ang duty? have you heard L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On, for men.. try mo, naks lalong maiinlove si grace sayo nyan hehehe.. peace bhes (^_^)

    those three men in my life ang kilala kong nagmamalaki ang mga eyebags hehe..thanks for this giveaway, nagenjoy ako..

    name: Rhania E.

  25. My alibi-

    Darling, whatever happened to stars that your mom stole in the heavens to put in your eyes?
    You should start using this Icy Eye Roll-On to keep your eyes sparkling and to ditch that very sleepy Panda look!

    name: Emiliana
    email: emiliana.sison(at)

  26. I am a male reader of yours, and have used several roll-ons by a company in the Loreal stable, but none of them contain the cocktail of palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl pentapeptide-7 and vitamin c that the Loreal one does. These potent antioxidants, when used in combination in a product, is reported to reduce dark circles/spots, reduce puffiness/sagging and is overall beneficial for skin. Hence, I was ecstatic when Loreal came up with this dream product, which I will definitely try once my current roll-on has been used up.

  27. hon, my friends said tumatanda k daw tignan when were together,
    I know I'm a year older but I have my bestfriend with me all the time
    and I can't let you use her (concealer), so use this one instead,its L'Oreal Men Expert - the Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll-On..d po yan para sa kili-kili ha.. (laughs;) don't worry
    it wont make you look gay, only hotter than what u already are.. hehe

    Jyan Arianne Elbo

  28. aly
    alibi: Babe, you don't need to constantly eye on that roll on for girls anymore. L'oreal came up with an eye roll on for men! now try this!

  29. Hmmm... my alibi for Honey would be...

    "Oppa Bear, why don't you try L'oreal's new product? It will make you uber cute on our wedding day... i bet you'll be the most handsome guy throughout the wedding!!! ^__^"

    sabay kiss! hahaha!!!!

    Name: Angel Aragon
    E-mail address:

  30. I'd tell him that his boss might fire him if he didn't use this. He'd be tired from carrying those heavy eyebags to get work done! :D

    Denise Go

  31. My eyes are too pure and too honest to disguise my sweet soul shining through them and so I need the Hydra Energetic Ice Cool Eye Roll-On to work on my tired eyes.

    I can make a scene that's not supposed to be sexy, very sexy with the eyes I'm born with. And this Icy Eye Roll-On makes it possible because it's all in the eyes.

    cornelio mallare

  32. "be, the first time I saw you your eyes really attracted me..sobrang expressive kasi ng eyes mo..kaya lang lately prang nagkaka eyebags ka na.. maybe signs of aging na rin.. buti na lang may L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll-On.. try mo kaya?" =)

  33. I forgot to leave my name and email add.. sorry


  34. you should use this na, my friends are telling me to stop punching you in the eyes every time I am mad. I wonder what made them say that, you know naman that I can never hurt you!!! *wink wink*