Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ecobeau SkinCare Samples --- WINNERS!

When I posted about the samples of Ecobeau Skincare sets, I got overwhelming responses from readers!  I am so happy that a lot of you read my blog and a lot of you wanted to try the sample BB creams I've tried too!  

Sorry it took me awhile to pick up the 3 winners!  I had to read all the entries, making sure the answers are correct and of course, no duplicates!  I have to list down the names and email address then put it all in this cute Fruit Machine! 

Congratulations to the following for winning your own cute Ecobeau skincare set!

Winner no. 1
Rachael Uson

Winner no.2
Lanie Intalan

Winner no.3 
Cristina Ortiz

Thanks to The Orange Co. for sending me these samples for my readers!
To my dear readers, thank you so much for joining my contests!
Again, there will be more soon! :)
Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners!
I will email you for mailing address!
You got to love the fruit machine for choosing you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That's cute! It looks like a slot machine. :P

  2. I love the slot machine... I think I should give it a try to when I do my contest. :)

    Cheers and congrats to the winner!

  3. Yipeee!Thanks Nikki! It seems that I'm having a lucky streak lately, last week I just won an Ipod Nano from Beauty & Butter. Hehe

    Thanks again! Looking forward to your next giveaway :D

  4. Weeeh! thanks! Now, I love that slot machine! :)

  5. Pammy hehe you can use it if you're running a contest with a lot of contestants :)

    Dianneregina, thanks girl!

    Ems, yes give it a try! :)

    Lanie, congratulations again!

    Rachaelah, yup, lucky you and you should really thank the slot machine!


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