Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Food tripping at: Max's Restaurant

Note from Author: Sorry againf or blurry food photos, taken using Samsung Mobile Phone camera.

When it comes to Chicken, I am an expert eater!  I know the right restaurants to go for the best tasting chicken!  No wonder I got chicken allergies from eating so much chicken meat!  I have to apologize to all Max's Chicken lovers out there, I am not a fan of their chicken!  My mom loves to dine in this restaurant and when we go out to eat, I always prioritize what she loves and put aside what I want! 

The waitress gave me the menu and boy was I happy to see a lot of dishes added!  Non-chicken dish that looks delicious just on photos!  Thank you Max for offering these!

Veggie Lumpia Bites
Php84.00 (approx $2.00)
It tastes a bit bland!  Instead of dipping this on the mayonnaise served, 
I asked for vinegar and it tastes much better!

Bangus Meal
Php162.00 (approx $3.68)
My dad loves crispy bangus!  It's boneless by the way so easy to eat!
Served with 2 servings of eggs with drinks

Tapa Meal
Php162.00 (approx $3.68)
I am not fond of oily tapa!  With this one, I love how meaty the beef is and even without vinegar
the beef tapa is so tasty and obviously cured for quite sometime!

Php121.00 (approx $2.75)

You can't go wrong when you order Clubhouse sandwich!  
Dad loves this so much he had 2!  
I shared with my brother!  Love the chips!

Fried Lumpia Ubod*
Php52.00 (approx $1.20)
Not a fan of lumpiang ubod, I prefer vegetable lumpia!  
My brother down on this crispy lumpia after a full meal! 
Gosh! He does have bottomless pits! LOL
*Ubod is a kind of vegetable extensively used by the people from Visayas in cooking. A local delicacy I must say!

Fresh Lumpia Ubod
Php52.00 (approx $1.20)
Still not a fan of anything with UBOD.  
My mom love this so I ordered this for her.  
Served with Peanut sauce!

Dining at Max's Restaurant isn't that expensive at all, no wonder they're always packed with customers!  Orders are freshly cooked and you have to wait for a couple of minutes before food is served.  Definitely not a fastfood so don't go in there hungry!

Bill can be paid cash or credit card.  Service charge is included on the bill!


Remember my Lorys Hair Cream Contest?  A lot of you joined and wanted to try the hair cream due to various reasons of hair problems!  I got an email from our good friends from Lorys.

"Lory's big intro promo at Watsons from Sept 23 to Oct 27, 2010.
 Buy 1 Lorys and Get the 2nd Lorys at 50% off"! "

Oh yeah, the 2 hours Dollface Makeup Seminar was a huge success, here's a 'sorta' class picture!  I had to get up on a chair to be seen! *laughs*  Thanks Pearl and ladies for the trust and fun!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy weekend food tripping and shopping!


  1. I am super addicted to Max's fried chicken, which is why I always have breakfast at Max's. (Well, my second breakfast anyway...since I usually take my first breakfast at home.)

  2. My fave from Max's is their caramel bars! :P The tapa looks yummy but I haven't tried it. :)

  3. Ate Nikki, there is a Max's restaurant here close to L.A. but its not too good. It's expensive and the food is just okay. I'd rather go to a turo-turo joint where the food is cheaper and taste like my mom made it :)

  4. You should have tried their bangus pate, if they still have it. Best appetizer in Max's, in my opinion :)

  5. Skysenshi, wow, breakfast at Max's ? Never tried that

    Pammy, oooh yeah, forgot about that, that's my fave too! :)

    Becky, awww, I'm sorry it tastes different, it always does no?

    Melvelscloset, I will give them a try next :) Thanks for the reco

  6. We also ate at Max's yesterday :) Had the lumpia bites and we loved it kaso nakakasawa haha...try the sizzling tofu next time nikki it's good :)

    Congratulations for the successful makeup seminar! I wish I was there

  7. im not really a fan of Max's restaurant..not that i don't like filipino foods because by golly, i am a proud pinoy!

    Heck i'd choose isaw over Beluga caviar anytime!

    But for some reason Max's just doesn't seem to tickle my taste buds. I think i've tried most of the foods on their new menu but im not that satisfied with it though

  8. haha i love max's beef tapa and boneless :) that's what i eat there often! haha

  9. Favorite ko sa Max's ang lumpiang Shanghai haha

  10. Kim, oo! The first few bites was fun but comes the 2nd one, naku! I asked for vinegar na! Thanks for the congratulations and of course KIMMY, you don't need to attend my seminar no! hahahha Baka I'll push you out of the door pa! :P

    Thia I respect your taste! Same with you, I'm never a fan of their Chicken, I just don't get it, but I guess for my mom, I can sit there to whole day for her :)

    Miemiemie, I love the tapa too! Hubby said its not the best but I'm ok with it as its not too fatty!

    MrsMartinez, oohh yeah! I remembered eating them once! I like it too! But my fave is the lumpia from Banawe's LAMTIN!


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