Friday, January 14, 2011

I Wonder: "What's Your Most Luxurious Blusher To Date?"

I love checking out what's out there, that means, I read beauty blogs across the globe to keep myself updated on what's out there!  Among my blogging friends, I got a handful who loves higher priced blushers!  When I say higher priced, those are the blush brands I don't see myself purchasing because they are beyond my budget!

I can find myself purchasing brands like Nars and MAC!  I have to say, they don't come cheap, but, these are some of the brands you see on most train cases of Makeup Artists.

Christian Dior (CD), I am accustomed to their fragrance line but never see myself going to their makeup counters for some luxury make-up!  It doesn't mean though that I'm not interested!  I tell ya, I am super intrigued on how good they are and why a lot of the beauty bloggers are in love with it!
Thanks to a dear friend of mine who sent this over as a gift last Christmas!  It took me a couple of minutes, just touching it, enjoying its appearance before I even start using it!  I think it took me a day to finally pick up the brush, swipe, and apply it on my cheeks!  

Let me indulge you with photos....

The DiorBlush is housed in a lovely royal blue box and the blush compact itself is housed in a black velvety pouch!  Reminds me of a jewelry box!

Beautiful navy blue packaging, with a Dior hologram imprinted right at the center --- luxurious!

The packaging comes with a plastic protector, a huge mirror and a free Dior mini blush brush!

#839 is Vintage Pink comes in a very soft pink shade and the right side of the blush has the right amount of glow for that perfect glow.

The color will show up on light to medium skin tone, I don't think this will show up much on a darker skin tone, it would be a great "highlighter" for someone from medium-darker skin tone!

At times, I wanted a pop of color on the apples of my cheeks, I would concentrate my brush on the "darker pink" (left on photo) and finish up a bit with the lighter pink (right on photo) for that instant glow minus the oily look!

I am using this free brush because it works fine!
No shedding nor scratchy feel.

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition shade and you can find other shades of DiorBlush available at for a good deal $37.00 (approx Php1,665)!  With the discount, I think it isn't that crazy expensive as I originally expected!

Personally, I don't mind owning one just to give it a test on how luxurious brand like Dior would look and feel when I use it.  It does give me that "uplifting" mood.  But I have to be honest that this is not a requirement, you don't need to own one especially if you're not into expensive stuffs.

Swatch on hand, the shades are really light and very subtle

Here's a photo of myself using the blush....

Just Joking!  *laughs*
This is seriously my photo of a very subtle "blushing"

I Wonder:
"What's Your Most Luxurious Blusher to Date?"

Can I scream..."It's Friday!!!!"
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I very much agree, I won't go for a pricey blush because I won't use it. I'd end up cradling it and petting it just because it's just that luxurious (jk, you know what I mean). My limit is up to MAC and NARS. Even I was lucky to get a luxurious blush, I still would end up not using it. I would just sit and admire it. Which is a waste, it will just sit in the back of my collection. Yeah, I'd proudly claim "Yes, I have this, and that." but there's no point to claiming it if I don't use it. haha. I'm strange, i know.

  2. I'm guilty of loving my high end blushes. Diorblushes are beautiful and amazing quality with a beautiful blushing from within look. I find that with MAC or Nars, there is colour, but everyone knows its blush. With Dior or even Guerlain and Chanel blushes, you leave people wondering. That said, Benefit blushes are awesome too... and they aren't high priced ;) I guess when it comes to blushes, I'm just picky about quality :D

  3. that blush looks so cute! my most luxurious blush to date is Chanel JC blush... a friend gave it to me for my bday. Like you, I dont see myself purchasing super expensive blushes hanggang MAC and NARS lang ako for now hehe

  4. That looks so pretty! I knew it was LE because I did not see anything like that at the Dior counter. And it looks really pretty on you. Plus you got it at a bargain since they sell at Php2050 at Rustan's. What a great find! :P

    My most luxurious blushes up to date are Dior, Chanel, and Guerlain. I agree that they do not come in cheap but the quality of the blushes, the texture and packaging makes it all worth it. :P

  5. That's a gorgeous blush, looks so beautiful on you! I rarely purchase expensive blushes myself. They usually have such a wonderful texture and luxurious packaging but I only buy them if it is a shade that I know I'm gonna use almost daily so I get my money's worth and it's not easily duped either.

  6. The packaging is really beautiful but its pricey out of budget ko na yan haha.

  7. Tarte cheek stains are my most expensive blushes. I don't use it as often as with my other cheaper blushes. Only on special occasions!

  8. the embossing is too pretty! i wouldn't be able to use this! :( hmm, it just occurred to me that i've NEVER bought a blush yet. i either a) steal my sister's tarte cheek stain (because she doesn't use it anyway), or b) use whatever lipgloss i have on, para matching sila. :p

  9. My-my, so cute on cradling it, I would want to cradle this too but I have to use it because I don't want it expiring on me without me appreciating such good quality blush :)

    PB, I agree, the quality i great and I agree there are some people who would spend much on lipstick but there are some who doesn'tmind spending on blushes! WOW, that's cute about people wondering what brand of blush you used! That's nice to know that not everyone "has that shade" :) THANK YOU!

    Khymm, Chanel it really nice? I haven't tried full sized Chanel Blush, I think I've only tried the sample sizes!

  10. Pammy, thanks for letting me know the price down here, you don't have to answer my question "Blush Whore" LOL I know you are into these type of blushes and I want to raid your makeup collection!

    Gio, what blush brand do you usually find yourself using a daily basis?

    Mav, hahahaha pero who knows? I can't imagine myself owning one too! I love strawberrynet though, there are a lot of discounts and you can try on expensive brands at a discounted price, sayang nga lang, you have to wait forever for shipping!

  11. Jetsetter_30, ahhh me naman, I use this on clients more than myself!

    Isea,Super! I don't want to emboss print to be gone! Tarte Cheek stain is good enough to steel hahahah!

  12. That's a lovely color indeed! High end cheekers belong in my kit are MAC and NARS but the most luxurious ones I have and keep getting is Chanel JC powder blush in Reflex and Rose Petal and Dior Glowing color in Peachy Keen. Yes, the price is steeper but I do think the color pay off that you get is worth the price.

  13. by the way I love! handy and more often the price is a lot cheaper with the same quality you get from the ones you see in the shop...did you get yours delivered to Manila? how's tax like?


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