Saturday, February 19, 2011

Because AMW is 3 Years Old Contest Winners!!!

Thank you for joining my AMW is 3 Years Old Contest!  I got overwhelming comments and my heart is so huge right now!

Reading each of your comments gave me the strength to continue blogging!  A lot of you mentioned that I was an inspiration to them, but in truth, you guys were an inspiration to me!  Thank you for sharing your health, beauty, food and other concerns!  Each email and Cbox queries I get makes me happy because it meant a lot to me that you guys value my opinion!  Thank you for making AMW 3 years old and I do wish it'll go on forever!  Well, not really!  No one would like to read a blog from an old, wrinkly lady right?  *hahaha*  

Anyways, sorry it took a week but I have finally list down all the names with valid entries and transferred them to my trusty Fruit Machine!  Each winner has been picked in order of prize number! 

Prize #1

Congratulations to ---
Aimee Pedayo 
(Prize # 1 winner) 

Prize # 2

Congratulations to ---
(Prize # 2 winner) 

Prize # 3

Congratulations to ---
Bea Santos
(Prize # 3 winner) 

Prize # 4

Congratulations to ---
(Prize # 4 winner) 

Prize # 5

Congratulations to ---
Agnes Peran
(Prize # 5 winner) 

Prize # 6

Congratulations to ---
Vanessa Barrameda
(Prize # 5 winner) 

Congratulations to all the winners!
I will email you to get your contact information and address!
To the rest who did not win, don't worry!  There will be more contests coming up right here on AMW!  *whispers --- LATER!* :D
I want to thank the companies for permitting me to give away such wonderful products to AMW readers!

Gotta take my beauty sleep!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I won! This is the first time I've ever won a Giveaway! Thanks a million Nikki!

    Note: I already replied to your email.

  2. congrats winners :D and congrats to u sis :D

  3. Aww.. congrats to all the winners =)

  4. sayang, muntik ako manalo! hehe! congrats to all the winners!

  5. shocks... almost won :D I can see my name.. in the next in line. congrats to the winners

  6. congratulations to the winners....:)
    hope i win also next time....


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