Friday, February 18, 2011

P&J Gives: Php2,500 Worth of Makeup Makeover!

Dear Philippine Readers:
I received 5 certificates from Paul & Joe Philippines today!  They are giving Makeup Makeover worth Php2,500!  

Here's the thing, February, is my favorite month because it's the love month, my birthday month and its the shortest month in a year which means, we get paid faster!  *laughs*  Okay, before I start drifting to a different topic, I will be giving away these 5 Certificates to 5 of my lovely local readers!

Note from AMW:
  • You don't need to pick up the certificate if you win.  An email notification from me will be sent to you.
  • The certificate will be valid only at the Paul & Joe Beaute Counter located at 1st level of Rustan's Makati.
  • One transaction per voucher
  • Voucher is valid from today until February 28, 2011!
  • You have to be within Metro Manila to be able to visit the Paul & Joe counter, not unless if you're on a short trip to Manila anytime soon, it's not a problem then!
  • Call 899.9331 for appointment/reservations.
This will best if you will be going for a party and you can get a free makeover before you attend weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties or even on a very special date! 

I actually had my FIRST Paul & Joe makeover done almost 3 years ago!  It turned out to be a beautiful relationship between me and the brand!  

How to get the voucher?
  • First five readers to comment will get the certificate!  (You can comment: "I want the makeover because I will be attending a debut party on Saturday!" etc...
  • Leave your name and email address.
  • Please do not send multiple comments, comments will not show up at once!  
  • The first 5 VALID comments will be sent a notification email and you only need to print out the email to present to Paul & Joe Counter!
Easy as 1-2-3!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I wanna get the makeover because I'm at a point in my life where I need a change. I think this will be a great part of that change!

    Adeliza Garcia

  2. I want the makeover because I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday on the 25th and i want to look fabulous on that day! - Leica Lacay

  3. Wow I'd love to undergo a Paul & Joe makeover!

  4. Forgot to leave my name and email address -- Rowena Wendy Lei /

  5. I want the make-over because I am soon going to get married this August... Lately, I've been overly stressed over my job and my domestic duties that I don't get to take care of myself that much... Please help me, Ms. Nikki!!! ^__^

    Name: Angel Aragon

  6. I want the makeover because I want to look and feel good =)

    Michelle Ame

  7. I forgot to mention, it's our 5th Annniversary this coming Monday, the 21st, so, I am hoping to get a make-over for a date with my soon-to-be hubby!!! ^__^

  8. I want the makeover, not for me but for my mom who'll be having her 35th Alumni Homecoming next month. She buys me all my make-up but rarely buys any for herself kasi she doesn't want to spend too much so, a GC would be a good way on introducing her to a great brand like Paul and Joe. :)

  9. i want a Paul and Joe make-over because of two things:
    My favorite cousin's birthday is coming up and I want to be at my best on that day. (Read: PHOTO OPS)

    I haven't really tried Paul And Joe so this is probably a good way of trying out the products. :D


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  12. I want to have this make over because on february 28 is our monthsary and I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and celebrate it with my new look.

    hazel dee

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  14. I want the makeover because I will be having a photoshoot and birthday dinner date with my hubby. Also, I want to experience the quality of P&J.

    -Tin Dahilog-

  15. I want the makeover because I'd love to give it to my 15-year old sister as a prom gift. Her junior prom will be on Wednesday, Feb 23 and I can't wait to see her in her fabulous gown even more prettified by the P&J makeover. I'm a stage sister like that! ^^,

    Hope I'll win! More power to you Ms. Nikki! :)

    Maude Maxine Rolle

  16. I want the makeover because I'm meeting my girlfriends for dinner next week and it's about time i have one! Haha.

    Email is:

    Thanks Nikki! :)

  17. Name: Pamela Samson

    I want the makeover because its a first for me :) pick me please :)

  18. I want the makeover because its a first for me. Pick me please :)

    - Pamela S. Samson

  19. i want to have a make over...i just want to impress my boyfriend! and be prettier for him =)

  20. I want the makeover because I want to try Paul & Joe products ;-)

  21. Oooh... who won? I'm pushing my luck to get a chance scoring this makeover. :)

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  23. I want the Paul & Joe certificate because I will be attending my best friend's party next week.

    PS: Kudos to your blog!

    Name: Lianne Manalo
    Email Address:

  24. I want the makeover because I will be attending a friends despidida :)
    Pauline de Belen

  25. I want the makeover not for me but for my loving sister-in-law who takes good care of my brother and lovely niece!


  26. I want the makeover because my prom is fast approching :)

    Kaye A.

  27. I want the makeover because as a working mom, I seldom have time to do an ultimate makeover on myself.

    matet reyes

  28. too bad, i only saw this now! :(

  29. I want the makeover because I will be attending a debut party on Saturday!
    i want to have a professorial make over,..

    camilla monique tongol

  30. I want to get a makeover because I wanna start feeling good about myself, especially my body. I've been dealing with weight issues ever since and I want to come to terms with myself that I can still be beautiful too.

    Winona Fajardo

  31. I want the makeover because this will be a life changing experience for me as a full time mom.

    Kimberly C. Sombrito

  32. i want this makeover for my mom, Beng Beng Choi. i believe this would help her feel more confident & beautiful and she truly deserves this.

    Grace Vicky Choi

  33. I want the makeover because I have been seriously trying to get a fresh new look for myself since the year started.

    Elise V. de Guzman

  34. hi.. althoiugh it's too late but here it is: i want the makeover because our friend is here from the middle east. he' gonna celebrate a post-valentine party, so that would be nice!hehe.. i'm Roxanne Perez
    email add: thank you and more power!

  35. Congratulations to the first 5 comments check your mail box as an email confirmation has been sent to you!

    I am very happy that P&J will be giving away another 5 certificates! So I will email the 6th-10th commenters! Please check your email box! ENJOY!


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