Friday, February 18, 2011

I Wonder: "Do you wait for sales?"

Happy Friday AMW Readers!  Such a long tiring week but at last, Friday is finally here!  I will be off for another makeup gig over the weekend but that, on the other hand, does not feel like work because I love prettifying people!

Remember my post on how I store my earrings with a "ring" holder from an old jewelry box?  (Smile and Click HERE)  Well, I found something even better for people who have more than hundreds of earrings collection!  I found this at True Value in Rockwell branch.

The Foldable Earring Screen

Clear acrylic screen holds up to 144 pairs of earrings, four panels with hinges easily stands on dresser or vanity top and folds up for flat storage!  The price?  Php900.00 (approx $21.42)!  Not bad...


The thing is, I saw a "red sticker" remnant on the earrings holder, so I asked the guy and he told me it was on 30% off sale last January!  It was an un-EUREKA moment!  The thing is, I am a smart shopper, I can and will wait for another sale because the guy said they will come up with another one but no definite date!

Oh by the way, to make me feel even worse!  I found another nice holder for accessories lovers out there!

Necklace Keeper 

Its priced at Php1,200 (approx Php28.00).  Also on 30% off last month!  I gave a quick peekon the stocks and so far, they still have a number left!  I will wait!  My will power is still there!  30% discount on each product mentioned above isn't bad!  It's actually huge savings!

I Wonder:
"So You Wait for Sales the way I do?"
I may give up ... no I won't! Yes I will..NO!

Keep smilin,
Stay happy!


  1. Ohhh, there is no question about it. I'm definitely a bargain hunter when it comes to makeup and clothes. So I'm uber patient when it comes to waiting for sales!

  2. The Earring Screen is something I can use lol. And yes, I wait for sales too because it's always worth the wait!

  3. i definitely will wait for sales for things that are not life and death. ^_^

  4. hehe guilty!!i sometimes ask the sales attendant when will be their next sale =D.

  5. yes i wait! i got it from my mom who buys stuffs for herselft ONLY if it's on sale, as in! but sometimes, when impulsiveness strikes me, i attack the item and rush to the cashier agad. hehe

  6. I want them both! But they're way more expensive than the accessories I make =_= I'd probably look for a cheaper alternative rather than wait for a sale.

  7. I usually only shop for clothes if it's on sale, unless it's something I really liked/needed! It pays off especially if you wait for sales on the shops that you know have good quality clothes :D

  8. Definitely! I love to shop when there's a lot of sales up! But if I'm too obsessed in getting that stuff, then there so other choice but to buy it at that instant! (^^) Anyways, that's cool that you have store selling acrylic storage, its pretty difficult to find them here at where I live! =(

  9. Oooo the earring holder is EXACTLY what i need. Haha! Too bad its not in Malaysia...not that I know of anyway

  10. I'm afraid I don't. I hate having to squeeze into a large group of people just to check out something that caught my eye and getting hit here and there with flinging arms and hands. And I feel nauseous at just the mere sight of a mall seriously packed with people. :(

  11. I definitely wait for sales...especially if it is 70% off... but mostly I like to hunt for sale on vintage stuff. :)

  12. It's depend on how much I need something. If it is urgent I'll just buy it at that instant, otherwise I'll wait for the sales.

  13. Hollie, I know what you mean, when it comes to shoes, clothing, everything except food! I like waiting for the huge SALE sign!

    Becky, its really nice and I wanted to own one because I plan to expand my earrings collection!

    Xin, agree! of course when it comes to medicines and other stuffs, I WILL NEVER wait for sales! LOL

  14. Shobe, apir! :)

    Valerie Joy, I seldom attack on items, even makeups and skincare, I ask for discount schedules, if its worth the wait, I'll wait :) But if its now or never, siyempre buy agad! :D Thanks for sharing

    kai, agree!!! Well its just a nice way to store your earrings and necklaces but if you are creative, you can find inexpensive ones :)

    Kari, agree! I also like shopping or looking around when you really do not need anything, most of the time, that's where I see SALE and good pieces! When I'm on a rush, I never find anything!

  15. Shie, I know, I've been looking around for that, I actually saw a client of mine have her gorgeous earrings displayed in that same earrings screen and I asked where she bought it, she told me its not visibly sold anywhere that's why I"m glad to have found it!

    Volvoxx, who knows? Maybe you guys have it in Malaysia! Try looking around True Value store? or if you have similar stores like True Value there?

    Pammy, oh you mean those huge mall sales? Sorry I am not into that! hahahha I am more into sales PER store, not the huge mall, I will try my best to stay away from big malls on sale, parking is crazy, lines to pay up is another thing!

  16. Photoescape, AGREE! I think 50% off is good enough for me..well even 30% is good, but if its 10% only and the item isn't that expensive, I don't have to wait! :)

    Gio, agree! :D

  17. Yes, I do, esp. if it's clothes! But not if it's love at first sight haha. My mom works in the garments business and I got the "don't buy if it's not on sale" attitude from her. Coz she tells me how huge mark-ups could get so if I don't buy it on sale, I'm not getting the most of my money. :)

    If it's the huge mall sales, I'd go the day before coz most boutiques are already on sale by then, and it's not crowded yet (and I get the pretty pieces first!)

  18. I always wait for sales!

  19. Such a sucker for sales!! :) hehe this post is very timely because I've been wanting to buy portable speakers - the x mini. But I found out it was on sale just the DAY before I checked it out.

    I inquired when the next sale will be and they informed me that it would be on December pa! haha pero I am still hoping and hoping and hoping.. I won't give up! haha. I waited this long so kelangan I can get it for a bargain na. :P Now I go to the store almost everyday just to check the number of stocks they still have. :P

    P.S. Baka Mr. AMW has suggestions on where I can buy this cheaper? :) hehe.


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