Friday, February 25, 2011

Eureka Moment: Big Time Make-Up Storage

If you are fond of reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos on beauty.  You probably knew about this "storage system" Makeup Gurus are going gaga for!  I remembered wanting this myself and imagined what I will put in here!  Back-ups probably?

I may be late with my Eureka Moment but I finally found them locally!  At Handyman (Ronbinson's Otis Branch) for Php2,500 (approx $59.50).   You may also check  Sogeshome for international readers.

As colorful as my life is, I actually prefer the white frost version as we all know, most of our make-up are colorful and I like to see a bit on what's inside without sliding the drawer outwards!

The aluminum frame makes the drawer quite stable!  I like the fact that I can put a sticker and label them by Foundation, Powders, Blushers, Lipsticks, etc...

The negative part that I can say for now is that dust can easily get inside!

Still, its nice to see them available locally! The price maybe shocking at first glance but come to think of it, I've been purchasing so many storage stuffs and it actually boils down to paying as much as this drawer!

I gave this a pass for now as I currently own a 5 layered plastic drawer where I store all my back-ups!  If you don't own one and you plan to, this is one product to consider! 

What's your make-up storage?
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  1. I'm giving this a pass since I agree that dust will easily get inside. Plus more spaces means more makeup and that would mean I have to buy more.

  2. Achie, what branch? hahaha! im off to get them! :)

  3. Me likey this!!! I am thinking of getting a couple maybe after the wedding... ^__^

  4. would just have to make a cover for it! =D

  5. Hi Nikki! Great timing! I might look into this cause I have been looking for a nice storage for make-ups and my other beauty essentials.
    I always check your blog regularly and I'm addicted to make-ups, nail polishes and other facial products! You are contagious! hahaha... But I need to slow down a bit coz my husband might be annoyed already! :)

  6. These seem more like eyecandies, noh? Sayang,may spaces in between that could harbor dust easily. :(

  7. I like it but its kinda pricey for me....and my train can still hold my make up. :)

  8. pass din ako nito since di ko gusto magka-alikabok yung makeups ko hehe for now ok na yung dalawang makeup traincase ko =)

  9. Pammy is soooo right. More storage means more makeup to fill it in lol.

    But I really like this storage drawer. It's a bit expensive but it's nice.

  10. I keep my makeup in an old shoebox. I know, it's so unglam. hahaha.

  11. i need one..but ill have to pass..but i want it..but i really have to make myself believe that ill pass this one out haha

  12. I am actually thinking of getting one of these soon too! I am definately going for the white version!

  13. I love that these are so colorful! I am still trying to tweak my beauty organization. We should just have beauty ROOMS, uh?

  14. I like the number of drawers and the fact that there are wheels but the lack of cover means more dust. Love the colors though! I'm using those plastic document drawers at the moment :)

  15. this is great but I hope they could make one that has a cover. The one with white drawers is my bet =)


  16. Pammy, I know, I wish they can make a similar one but make the containers bigger so it close tightly?

    Sophie, go go go! Let me know if you purchased one na!

    angelamhiere, yes, as long as you have the space go ahead :)

  17. Baya, oh no, I didn't mean to be contagious! hahaha I hope I am contagious in helping you buy cheaper stuffs! *waves* Hi Husband, don't get mad at me! Walang will power si Baya! LOL

    herroyalbleakness, oo, I agree, they look really good when displayed in a room for sure!

    Photoescape, I know, if train case works well for you, that's perfect na! its sealed tightly and you don't have to worry about dusts!

  18. Khymm, 2 makeup traincase all filled up? Marami na yan! ;D

    Becky, Agree! I can still remember my first traincase and I can't even fill it up! Now, I need traincase, storage cases, etc..!

    Lootwagon, old shoebox is fine! There are a lot of nice looking boxes!

  19. Shobe, hahahah you are too cute! Talking to yourself ha? hahaha ok, give this a pass! OK?

    Pammy, me too! Though I love colors, can you imagine how chic it'll look with the plain white one?

    B, I agree! I just told my hubby about wanting a beauty ROOM!

  20. Connie, agree with the dust! I just wish they close tightly! It'll be perfect

    Chinadoll, can you imagine how dirty the makeups are without cover? I wish they'll come up with a better version,t he ones that closes tightly! it'll be saleable for sure!

  21. nikki i just have a question regarding on how you store or keep your make up since its so humid and it gets so hot in the philippines?:) do you have a mini ref for your makeup?lol

  22. I have two similar to these... they are awesome! and I think i paid a little less here in canada for one of these.
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  23. i love this one! i oly have the 4 tier one. I felt I got ripped off with the price I bought mine! way cheaper our there.:( but not really recommended if you have a toddler for it has caster wheels that facilitate trolley to be move and wheeled abround easily.

  24. Anonymous, no, I don't have a mini ref but I do have a drawer that's 5 tier high which is NEVER been seen by a sunlight! hahaha I also put tiny silica gels.

    Miss Krimson, lucky you guys have it cheaper there

    dHeL, O agree. anytime, it can be pushed or tumbled all over and good bye gorgeous makeup! :)

  25. omg nikki! ive been looking for that kind of drawer for a long time, i know its available here, but am never able to spot one when i remember to visit hardware stores! :( did u buy? how's it?


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