Thursday, February 24, 2011

AMW Reports: TBS Brush with Fashion Event

I've always known The Body Shop for their body butters!  My brother would always ask me to help me purchase one because it really helps his skin during winter season!  I do take a look on their makeup collection and my first purchase was their mini brush kit

Last year, The Body Shop is coming up with better make up collection and I can't help but choose favorites of mine to include inside my make-up train case!  

Here are the list of TBS items I got inside my make-up traincase ---
  1. The Body Shop Eye Palette in Twilight
  2. The Body Shop Autumn Leaves Compact - in which I use to dust all over the shoulders and arms of my clients.
  3. The Body Shop Special Edition Kajal Eyeliners - perfect base for that smokey eye makeup.
  4. The Body Shop Lightening Touch - well, I remove this from my train case as I love using this personally!
  5. The Body Shop Love Gloss - perfect in giving that nice shine after lipstick application.
  6. The Body Shop Cheek Blush Cream - to use as base prior to powder blush application.
4 out of 6 of the items above have something similar --- their ability to make me cry because they are limited editions!  *laughs*  What I love about The Body Shop though is that the makeup collection they are coming up are getting better and better!  I learn something new on this event and I'll share it all to you!  Ready?

Brush With Fashion

For the Spring of 2011, our dear friends from The Body Shop collaborated with the London College of Fashion in producing a makeup line that is also fashionable!  The new Limited edition "Brush with Fashion" Spring Make-up collection comes with built-in cruelty free brushes!  The colors in this collection were inspired from catwalk!

I took a quick peek on the display and got a closer look on the testers for you to decide if this collection is worth checking out or not! :)

Boho Beauty Eyeshadow Quad
Php2,195 (approx $52.00)
This quad I assumed as the neutral quad right away!  Though the orange eyeshadow is a bit out-of-place, I actually like it that its there as it makes this Neutral Palette a bit more special as compared to others!  This palette also comes with a tiny eyeshadow brush and brown eyeliner.
** Limited Edition available locally until end of March 2011.

A La Mode Eyeshadow Quad
Php2,195 (approx $52.00) 
At quick glance, this will be named the "smokey eyeshadow" palette right away!  The unique part of this palette is a sweet pink eyeshadow that comes with it making it easy for you to mix and match smokey looks!  From romantic, day-time smokey makeup to dark, ready-to-party look!  This palette also comes with a free eyeshadow brush and a black eyeliner!
** Limited Edition available locally until end of March 2011.

Illuminating Face Base
Php1,195 (approx $28.45) 
This was the first item that I grabbed right away!  I am into "illuminating" stuffs as there are days my skin needs the "healthy glow" or "boost".  This is a perfect product to highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your chin!  I am loving this!  Sad to say, this is also Limited Edition available locally until the end of March 2011.

Tailored Cheek Tint
Php1,095 (approx $26.00) 
 I originally thought this was the famous TBS Lip and Cheek Tint that got transferred into a different and more "posh" tube.  I was told otherwise!  This is totally different as this is gel-like texture that looks clear and once blended in your skin will create a shade depending on your body temperature!  Mine turn out light pink! 
** Limited edition available locally until March 2011.

High Shine Lip Treatment in Pink Cream
Php595 (approx $14.00)

 High Shine Lip Treatment in Juicy Peach

Both High Shine Lip Treatment will be available even after the Brush With Fashion collection but they won't be designed or packed in such a pretty packaging shown on photos above!  I honestly did not play much with both shades!  Must be the fact that I know they will still be available even after March?  I am also not much of a fan of lip glosses nowadays!  

The collection also includes the mini brush kit!  I have the original plain back brush kit and this one is super cute!  There's no point in owning 2!  So maybe, I'll just go home and paint my plain looking mini kit? :D

Mini Brush Kit
Php1,495 (approx $35.60)


With certain amount of purchase, I was told that buyers can get a free bag as modeled by our dear friend Kim! (thanks dear!)  Correct me if I'm wrong but I was busy thinking about other stuffs!  I think you should purchase Php3,500+ worth of products to get this?

 If you spend Php8,000 above, you'll get a cute tote wherein you can put your favorite makeup stuffs and brushes!

The Body Shop events are known for the fun activities they ask bloggers to do!  We were given a pizza box, and I was hoping I could eat the shirt?  *laughs*

A shirt with the word Brush With Fashion printed and we get paints to play around and paint our shirts!  I told them I'll probably end up taking this to a real artist and ask them to "Photoshop" the shirt for me!  :P

Thanks to Kim for this shot, I didn't even know she took a photo of me! I was that serious!  

Of course you'll know it's my shirt!  Just look at those tiny flowers!  *lol*

We were gifted with a gorgeous cookie after the T-shirt painting!

It was a fun event!  I want to thank The Body Shop Philippines for the invite and for making such fun activities to help relieve stress after a long work day!

Overall, the collection is not bad!  I am actually surprised on how pigmented the eyeshadow quads are and I will definitely go back for the Illuminating Face Base and use it as a highlighter!  I will test the Tailored Cheek Tint and see how it will also look on other people!  It'll be fun to have a unique blush shade per individual!  The lip glosses?  I'm not that thrilled so I'm giving them a skip and leave those to gloss lovers out there to tell me how much they like it!

I want to add that The Body Shop will have a Run to fight Human Trafficking this coming March 13, 2011.  I have done my part in leaving my signature,  have you?

Add them up on Facebook to get more updates about the Run and other good deeds The Body Shop Philippines has up in their sleeves!

Which among the products mentioned above caught your attention?

**Note from TBS Philippines: Php200 off on Brush With Fashion Makeup until March 17, 2011.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. So cool that you got to go to this event! Looks like it was a lot of fun! I love TBS products : )

  2. Oooh, I like the painting stuff. :D Looks like funnn!

  3. ohh~ I want the 3rd lip gloss~ I hope it wont be as sticky as the orange love gloss I bought last time :(

  4. Looks REAL fun! TBS Phil has done such great jobs there.

  5. Wow that shirt-painting is so cool! And your shirt looks so cute! :D

  6. I also thought that the lip and cheek stain got a new packaging too!

  7. That's a very interesting line! Very different from The Body Shop's usual styles and deisgns

  8. Hi nikki, just want to ask, since you love highlighters so much. Can you teach me how to use it in my daily makeup routine?

    I have this Philosophy Illuminator ( but im not sure if i use this to the maximum of its ability (huh?LOL). sometimes i mix this with my foundation to make my skin look "korean dewy", but maybe you have other suggestion how to apply this. thanks much! :))

  9. Meilily, I agree, I would love to just go to events all day but of course, I have full time job, I'm lucky this one is after office hours :)

    Skysenshi, I'm sure you'll do well on the painting, I have a feeling you're one artistic lady!

    Kai, Oooh I am so sorry I wasn't able to test the stickiness of the gloss! I was just looking at the quads and the illuminator!

  10. Xin, agree!

    Aya, hahaha I think my shirt looks ugly, thanks for liking it

    Baya,yes, its different, it is indeed gel-like texture which makes it easier to blend!

  11. Connie, I know, the usual are not as pigmented, I am glad they are improving their makeup line

    Lala Uy, I think I've done's my link (

  12. Thanks so much Nikki! :) Your blogs always get me excited to try the products! :D


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