Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Di'Mark's Pizza

Di'Mark's Pizza has been around since 1957, well I wasn't around them but I've seen the restaurant at Tomas Morato Branch gazillion times but I have never thought of giving this restaurant a try.  I don't know what's up with me!  

Thanks to Pizza Craving on a quiet weeknight, I was adventurous enough so I gave this pizza place a try!  I liked it so much I went back taking along my friends who came back from the States!

Cute plates greeted us! 

Taco Pizza
8" Php235.00 (approx $5.60)
13" 545.00 (approx $13.00)
17" 765.00 (approx $18.20)
Out of all the pizzas available in this restaurant, the Taco Pizza sounds like the most unique!  We love Tacos!  And eating tacos in a much more poise-ful manner is definitely a huge plus!  Chili beef, chopped onions, tomatoes, cheese and crunchy lettuce, with the right taste of taco sauce!  It's all perfect ingredients that makes a good taco!  What I love about this pizza?  Super crunchy thin crust!  Best eaten freshly made!

Beef Tapa
Php270.00 (approx $6.40)
With onions, tomatoes, fried egg and french fries.  I know!  Why would I eat Tapa at a pizza place?  Well, i was craving for Beef Tapa then so you can't blame the hungry stomach!  I was quite surprised that the Tapa was cooked quite well.  The first time I tried this dish, it was perfect, the second time, the beef was harder than the usual!

Php385.00 (approx $9.10)
Sweet and spicy sauce on pork ribs served with fried rice, fried egg and tomatoes!  The pork ribs served was really meaty, more meat than bones which we like!  The pork is a bit hard to chew though.

Meat Ravioli
Php275.00 (approx $6.50)
A nice appetizer, the cheese used, I can taste is from Magnolia!  It's not too salty nor bland.  Just right!


One huge advise when you dine in this restaurant, cooking time is a bit slow so you have to wait for 10-20 minutes for your food to arrive.  My favorite is their chili sauce!  Be careful not to put a lot of it as it's super spicy!  One to two drops are enough to make your tongue burn!

The restaurant is very quiet and not a lot of customers when we were there!  There were visibly around 2 servers only at that time.  The servers are very helpful and very nice! 

Cash and credit cards are accepted.  Service charge included in the bill!  Parking space is ok!  Perfect to have a quiet Pizza get-together with your friends, family or even your other half!

Di' Mark's 
Tomas Morato QC
Tel nos: (632) 376-2828/ (632) 376-5858

Have you tried Di' Mark's ?
What's the next dish or pizza I should try?

Happy weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. may tapa sa di'Mark's?

    LOL, my man and i had our first date at that resto at the greenbelt 3. it was either that or oodles or gumbo, i chose diMark's :P that was 7 years ago bwahahaha.

  2. I've noticed D'Marks since I was in college but I have never tried it. Super curious...

  3. The pizza looks wild! But amazing! :D

  4. The Taco pizza looks appetizing. Gotta try it! :p

  5. It's like 11:22pm and i forgot to eat dinner. This photos will be my dinner na lang lol.

  6. Marge, awwww sweet! may memories! :)

    Skysenshi, I know what you mean! I've seen it around forever but I don't know why the "doorway" is just not welcoming enough?

    Michelle, hahaha FULL OF CALORIES LOOKING !

    Pammy, its nice! You have to try it, if you like tacos!

    Becky, oh no! Don't forget your dinner darling! :)

  7. hmmm..... everything looks so good! I miss eating the beef tapa... yum!!!

  8. AnNeTtEe, when was the last time you had beef tapa? :D


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