Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eureka Moment: Nail Art Polish and Shimmery Polish

Hi Everyone!  Most of the Philippine readers are probably sleeping in, enjoying their vacation or probably go out to visit Churches as we are celebrating Holy Week down here.  Wherever you are, stay safe!  Oh, please do not forget to slather those sunscreen as the weather is just crazy!

Eureka Moment!

I was at Robinson's Galleria because of the drivers' license renewal!  I haven't been around the mall much but if I do visit, I won't give Saizen (Daiso) a miss!  It's a must place to visit to get those well-deserved Eureka Moments!

To my nail art loving readers out there, especially those who were emailing me about the L.A. Art Deco Polish I have been using for the past 3 years of Nail Art Tutorials, finally!  You guys have an alternative!  I've found 2 wonderful products worth sharing that can be found at the nail polish aisle of Daiso!  It's so easy to just scan but it pays to check it out one rack at a time!

Winmax Nail Art Enamel No. 5 (L)
and Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel No. 4 (R)

Winmax Nail Art Enamel is special because of the thin brush I like that can make me easily create lines!  The colors are limited though!  Found these in basic colors: Black, White, Brown and Matte Yellow.  I would suggest Nail Art Beginners to purchase Black, White and Brown, you can give yellow a skip as it's not as pigmented as I want it to be!

The advantage of this?  The thin brush is shorter as compared to the one from L.A. Art Deco which makes it easier to control the strokes!

Since I have polish on all 10 toenails and 10 fingernails, thanks to Mr. AMW for sharing his Thumbnail!  A swatch on how I can easily create thin and thick lines!  I don't have any brown Nail Art Polish so this is perfect for creating flower stems!

I've added the Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel in light shimmer because I have been looking for a nice "shimmery top coat" for some nail art that I would like to spice it up with shimmers that won't "blur out" the nail art that I took all the time and effort to do! 

finished with a regular top coat

And here's the one topped with Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel (no. 4)
See the color and design remained the same but looking closely,
there's a tiny hint of shimmer which I like!

Oh, before I forget, I may have to add another Eureka Moment!  Fake Nails!  I know it's probably old news, but I remember a lot of our nail addicts out there who have been trying to look for fake nails either to attach on their original nails or use it as a "practice" for nail art designs!  Whatever your plans are, Daiso also offers fake nails!

(Ninja Shot taken from phone camera, sorry for blurry photo)

How much you ask?  Each item costs Php85.00 (approx $1.97)!
Well deserve to be part of my Eureka Moments!
I hope this post is not too late can still excite some of you out there :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. aaw the HK nail art is cute :)
    i cant wait to shop sa pinas ^^,

  2. I found a glitter polish with the exact thin brush like your brown too! too bad they discontinued the product and i can never find it again :(

  3. Wow! This is great! I saw those at the Saizen branch in Alimall yesterday. I skipped them thinking they're not good. Hehe. I'll try them out soon! :)

  4. Thanks Nikki! Will take a look at these stuff next time I stop by Saizen :D

  5. ;3; OMG! I've always loved saizen but it's so far away I wish they'd open a branch somewhere closer like robinsons ermita or moa!!! ;3; Buu it makes me want to go out now. I also love their false lashes. Thanks for sharing! >w<

    Oh uhm I know of this stall in Robinsons Ermita in the Padre Faura Wing that used to sell nice nail polish and nail art pens and stuff. I'm not sure if they're still there. But I found them really nice : D

  6. I've seen the nail polishes before, but I was kinda scared to try them, even the cosmetics! =D

    I love Daiso and Saizen! I would go there when I have time! =D

  7. hi,super robinson's galleria lang po ba meron nyan? im starting to love and like nail art,im a beginner to nail art..thanks to aya!

  8. I have the black one!! I even use it to paint my whole nail black!

  9. i hoarded on those winmax polishes the first time i saw 'em! they are amazing. eureka moment, indeed!♥

  10. Daiso, i love going there, i can roam around there and never get board LOL.
    i wish i wasn't too lazy, but sometimes i do paint my nails, too LOL my cat watches me while i paint my nails LMAO ;-)

  11. Abby M, when are you coming down?

    Xin, oh, do you want me to buy some for you? let me know what you need from down here, you can feel free to ask the rest of the girls :)

    IyaV, hahaha can you keep a secret? I actually wanted to make sure they are good so I swatched it on Mr. AMW's fingernails na before I buy it! hahahahah *shhhhh* Skip the yellow!

  12. Aya, you're welcome! happy shopping!

    Katatonik, I agree with you< I hope they open up more branches Robinson's Galleria is quite far from me too!

    Angel, I haven't really tried their cosmetics except the lipsticks. But I would go for nail stuffs or other stuffs rather than makeup :) Not unless someone really swore by it that its REALLY REALLY REALLY good!

  13. Chie, I think wherever you see Daiso/Saizen branches, I think meron din sa Greenhills? But do take a look at it as long as you see Daiso/Saizen.

    Michelle, wow! nice, wait, you use the thin brush to paint the whole nails? Di ba ang tagal???

    Abbie, yay! thanks! Glad you found them early!

  14. Marge, cute cat! hahahah well probably the cat wanted you to paint her nails too? :D

  15. wow thanks for sharing this nikki!!! exactly what im looking for!!!

  16. Joice, my pleasure, glad this post helps :)


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