Saturday, May 14, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses Review

Hey everyone, I'm sure a lot of the Blogger users out there knew how frustrating it is as Blogger was wonky for the whole day!  Now that it's finally resolved, a couple of my posts got deleted and even this one and some more upcoming posts! :(

I can't complain, the show must go on!

I've been using lipbalm or colored balms for the past few days because of the weather!  It's crazy and it's super hot!  When I got the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss, I gave it a test right away!  Read on to see how it fairs...

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss says ---
A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you! 
  • Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
  • Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of color
  • Revlon ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
  • Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture
  • Available in 15 vibrant, on-trend shades
AMW says ---
  • Longer lip gloss packaging as compared to the old Revlon Lip glosses.
  • Clear packaging makes it easy to gauge how much product you have left. 
  • Peel off sticker to check-out ingredients of the gloss.
  • Plush applicator makes it easier to apply the gloss and shape it base on the natural shape of your lips.
  • Has a tiny sparkle which makes your lips shine in a non-oily way.
  • Not sticky at all!
  • Light vanilla scent which is ok.
  • Formula is quite moisturizing and my lips did not dry out.
  • Great shades available.  I'm glad to have gotten a nude-ish shade and a bright colored gloss!
  • For a gloss, this stays for approximately 2-3 hours of no eating or drinking. 
  • If you are expecting a lipstick "texture" like that of the Revlon Creme Gloss, it's not!  The color that comes out is a bit sheer (for light shades) and medium shade (for the darker shades).
  • It is a bit difficult to grab more product with the applicator.
Great packaging, great texture, not too pigmented but nice enough to use on its own or applied on top of a lip gloss or lipstick.

  • Wipe off the applicator after each use.
  • Do not share the same applicator with other people.  
  • If the color is not as pigmented as you want, you can use a similar shade lip pencil or lipstick then top it with Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss.  Gives a nice dimension and different feel to your regular lipstick/lip pencil.
  • If you prefer natural shine on your lips, wear this on its own, if you want "statement lips", apply lipstick or lip pencil and top with the gloss!

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's not into lipstick because its drying and hates the sticky texture of regular gloss!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon counters for Php575.00 (approx $13.37)

Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses
004 Pink Ice Glace Rose 
006 Strawberry Fraise

Applied on my hand without base 
Strawberry Fraise - deep pink with tiny gold shimmers.
Pink Ice Glace Rose - almost nude with a hint of baby pink and shimmers

Pink Ice Glace Rose
on tube

Pink Ice Glace Rose on bare lips

Please bear in mind that my lips are quite deep in shade so if your lips are lighter, it'll turn out lighter just like swatch above.

Strawberry Fraise on tube

Strawberry Fraise on bare lips

The shade turned out to be a bit brighter reddish pink.  I actually like the "oomph" factor it gives to my overall look!

I believe these are already available nationwide!
Let me know your favorite shade if you own one!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Strawberry one looks pretty! :P

  2. I bought the baby pink one eons ago, (thought it was a cheaper lipglass) and sadly it was too plastic-y for me and i didn't like the taste, i guess i'm not really in to lip glosses and i prefer my lipsticks.

  3. super lovin the shade of my papaya naman ;-)

  4. Strawberry looks very pretty!

  5. @Pammy ahhh! Thanks! :) I think this is the type of shade you would wear no?

  6. @pandelicious I know what you mean, once you are not a fan of lipglosses, nothing could change your mind! I've been to that stage, thank goodness that this doesn't have the weird taste and its NON sticky!

  7. @Marge haha kaw talaga I think you're referring to strawberry at papaya ang nasa utak mo? :D :D :D Love you girl!

  8. lipgloss that isn't sticky??? wow, i'm sold! :D

  9. lipgloss that isn't sticky??? wow, i'm sold! :D

  10. @Askmewhatswihihihi ;-) i wish :P
    don't know why they called it papaya when papaya's kinda orange LOL but the revlon girl at the podium's watson's said revlon expanded their color range and one of these is papaya bwahahaha
    but the lipgloss has the same almond oil ♥☺ my lips dry so easily pa naman so this should help ;-)

  11. I agree I Like the strawberry to i like the color most of all

  12. @Hazel agree with you! That's a number one requirement for me too!

  13. @Marge ahhh, so it's going to be a bit of a peachy side I think? Base on the name Papaya! Any lip product for dry lips is a winner in my dictionary!

  14. I like the pink ice glace rose. Perfect for everyday use.


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