Saturday, September 10, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops Presents..Be Your Own Barista

For the love of coffee, I'd love to be my own barista....
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 After the successful Studio SnR's Beauty High Tea Series (collabroations with luxury cosmetics brands).  This September, Studio SnR Lifestyle Series (of Workshops) are kicking off the Coffee Tea BY Me Series with the 3-hour hands-on BE YOUR OWN BARISTA workshop.
What to expect ---
  • Preparation techniques of hot beverages and ice blended drinks.
  • Equipment handling and care.
  • Q&A answered by the industry's best.
Exciting part of the event ---
Participants will be asked to craft their versions of java fixes and winners will get a special prize amont othert hings.

Learning the basics through hands on training on coffee and tea preparations, this is not a certified course on being a professional barista.  Just like myself, I do not plan to be a professional barista but I want to enjoy good coffee and tea right at the comfort of my home.
Fee: Php3,000/head inclusive of all materials (Starter kits and recipe booklets)
Target participants: Enthusiasts, Coffee Lovers who love to entertain at home, Budding Cafe owners+their baristas or YOU!

Book TODAY until September 27, 2011 and you can enjoy Promo Price for the said workshop!  Php2,700/head!  Great deal!

Coffee and tea lovers, UNITE!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Author is not affiliated with the company.  This post is for your information only.)


  1. AMW, as a thank you to your readers: Bring a friend, the price even goes lower! Studio SnR loves coffee+beauty addicts like you heehee! They can log on to fb: Studio SnR Workshops for more details!!


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