Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eureka Moment at Ferretti!

I have been searching for a plain black high-heeled shoes that won't require me to use my medical insurance!  Believe me when I say it took me YEARS!  

Remember the FREE Nationwide shipping on Ferretti Online Store which was launched last September 1?  I nearly ordered mine online but because of my busy work schedule, I can't go to the bank for deposit.  Since I will be heading to Makati over the weekend anyway for errands, I've decided to drop by Ferretti store.  

This pair of black suede pumps caught my attention....
I asked for my size from the super friendly sales lady and once I tried it, I knew I've found the one!  As OC as I am, it took me a couple of minutes to walk around the store just to make sure I'm not imagining its comfort!  

Eureka Moment!
Black Suede Shoes
Php1,499.00 (approx $35.00)

I also left the store with an additional item!  Ah, I need to blindfold myself while waiting for the right shoe size to arrive.  I went to the accessories area and found this lovely necklace perfect for both casual and dressy occasions.  

Another Eureka Moment!
Gold Necklace
Php399.00 (approx $9.50)

This can be spice up a simple top

doubles as a bracelet!

My fashion sense has always been on a casual, comfortable and "cute" side!  As I grow older, it doesn't hurt to invest classic pieces! 

Feel free to check out Ferretti on FB
Philippine Readers can purchase Ferretti Shoes Online Free Shipping Nationwide!

Thanks Ferretti for making comfortable shoes!  This is my 3rd pair and I have a feeling the collection of this brand will grow!  I am also proud to share that Ferretti is 100% locally made!  Proudly Pinoy!

Have you found Your LBS? (Little Black Shoes)? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I wrote about my nude pumps in the same style! Super glad they have sizes and basic styles for small feet :D

  2. Honestly, it's difficult to find classic investment pieces! In my case, I've been looking for black wedge pumps with not-so-high heels as I can't wear stilletos or anything with thin heels. I should go see this Feretti store, really!

  3. im notreally into pumps/heels kasi im flatfooted
    but im glad you found the perfect shoes!
    yay for feretti!
    i hope that they will come up with bigger sizes kasi i have big feet e

  4. Ahhhh, I've been looking for a comfortable black shoes too for years, I need one to use when I go to the office... I think I should check this out! Wanna get this too!

  5. Me likey that necklace! It's pretty!

  6. Love the shoes and your necklace! ;)

  7. @Kari Ooh nude pumps seems like its a staple too! :)

  8. @Claire Try this as the front part is elevated as well, it looks super high but its just right!

  9. @~tHiAmErE~ Sis, let's pray they read this! LOL Hey BIGGER SIZE daw! I do appreciate that they have 6 1/2 size! I always ended up with 7!

  10. @Issa they have this in greay,black and brown? i think! :)

  11. Uwo, thanks for the tip! If it's comfortable, maybe it's time to learn how to walk in heels! :))

  12. @Claire No problem, I have issues with high heels too that's why I don't wear them much, but on special occasions! Needed talaga!


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