Monday, October 24, 2011

AMW Reviews: KATE Eyeshadow CQ in BR2

Happy start of the week!  I want to bring smile to everyone so I'm sharing a review on a wonderfully packaged eyeshadow palette from KATE.

My first eyeshadow quad from KATE Gradical Eyes, then I got the KATE BlendZone Eyeshadow!  My collection of KATE eyeshadow mini palettes is nothing compared to other beauty bloggers but I can tell right away that KATE eyeshadows were made to focus on the beauty of "bright eyes" that can uplift anyone's mood on a gloomy day!

Today, I will make a review on 2011's KATE Eyeshadow CQ (Crystallize Quartz).

KATE Eyeshadow CQ says ---
  • Sparkly eyeshadow shades created base on the image of crystal bright and transparent shine.
  • It has 3 color gradation each of which contains crystallized pearl.
Available in 5 shades: PK-1 (pink), BR-1 (Lighter version of Brown), BR-2 (Medium toned brown), GN-1 (green), PU-1 (purple)

Size: 3g
Made in Japan

AMW says ---
  • Super gorgeous packaging!  Unique and eye-catching.
  • The sponge that comes with the quad is very useful and soft.  Doesn't break easily.  
  • The shadow colors blend really well even when used together.
  • Eyeshadow texture is smooth.
  • No matter how you apply this quad, it all goes and blends well together creating a natural look!
  • Not pigmented enough so layering is needed.
  • Though they come in 5 different gradation shades, some looks similar with each other.
  • People who aren't into sparkly eyeshadow won't appreciate this palette.
As you all know, Japanese cosmetics are geared into "sparkly", "natural" and "cute"!  Check out the collage of Japanese actresses and models that I found over Google Images.

As you can see, their makeup focuses on clean, flawless skin with minimal eyeshadow and almost barely there makeup look!  I am not surprised their eyeshadows are made to make each person looks awake, bright and blooming!

  • You don't need to collect all the shades, get 1 first and give it a try before you decide if you need more.
  • Apply your favorite eyeshadow base prior to eyeshadow application, it helps your eyeshadow stays longer, crease-free and color payoff is better. (Photo below, check mark with Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer)
  • Experiment by blending different brands of eyeshadow together with KATE Eyeshadow CQ palette, the nice sparkly sheen this gives can make any of your eyeshadow unique.
  • Apply using a brush, your clean fingers or a sponge tip applicator.  See which one works best for you.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer to keep the "sparkly" shadow from falling.
  • Best to apply eyeshadow before mascara application, the fallout will coat your lashes making it look thicker once you applied mascara.
  • Apply the sparkly eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and the inner lower lash line for that nice, wide-awake look!
  • Always complete your eyeshadow makeup with an eyeliner!  
  • Remove eyeshadow fall outs with a big fluffy brush.
  • Take note on expiration date.
  • Stop usage once allergic reactions occur.
Will I repurchase?
No for the KATE Eyeshadow CQ line, maybe the other collection they will come out with.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Natural makeup lovers who wouldn't want to make mistakes no matter how much they pile on the eyeshadow.
Monolids would appreciate this as it gives "gradation" effect minus the obvious lines! 

Where to purchase and how much?

Locally at Watsons for Php960.00 (approx $22.30).

A closer look on KATE Eyeshadow CQ
in BR-2

Swatch on hand without primer
My favorite are numbers 3 and 4
Number 2 I love using this on the inner corner of my eyes
Number 1 can be used to apply on the cheekbone for a nice shine when you're off to a party

AMW version applied without base
using all shades from KATE Eyeshadow CQ in BR-2
 (No mascara, just a thin layer of gel liner 
for you guys to see the eyeshadow better.)

Do you own any KATE eyeshadow palettes?
What's your favorite to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. are they as creamy to apply as majolica or lunasol?

  2. gorgeous shades!!donno y but i always end up drooling over the shade like this

  3. think i had a kate eyeshadow palette in neutral, it was easy to use, and almost fool-proof ;) but i think i must have misplaced it already :P

  4. I recently purchased my first item from Kate, which is the Gradical Eyes in BK-1. Colour is super gorgeous! I had wanted to choose CQ in BR2 but too sparkly for my liking. Lots of fallout to!

  5. good thing i didn't pick these up, i've tried them on Watsons and they do seem to lack color payoff. but i agree the packaging is quite elegant for a drugstore brand.

  6. @Marge Yes, almost the same texture as the brands you mentioned except the "sparkly" one on number 1 :)

  7. @pavani reddy You must be a neutral makeup lover like me! :)

  8. @xin LOL!!! you just have to search high and low inside your room sissie :D

  9. @Alexandra Agree, I am loving Gradical Eyes, they are wonderful!!!

  10. @MereMakeupManiac Girl, for you? I'm sure you won't enjoy this as much as MAC or other brands that are super pigmented :)

  11. i need one of these! LOL! i like brown/neutral shades. :) i agree, think japanese eyeshadows are perfect for day looks because they tend to look more natural.

  12. This is a classic Japanese eyeshadow formulation - very sheer with lots of sparkles! In general, I love Kate and Japanese eye makeup, but I do tend to stick with Western brands due to the high colour density.

  13. I've never heard of this brand before. The shadow palette is super pretty and I actually like that it's sheer.

  14. Both the shades and packaging are very pretty, but what a shame they aren't very pigmented.

  15. @Askmewhatskewl, i eventually liked the kate trio eyeshadow pallet with eyebrow powder LOL it's just chunkier than what i'm used to from the creaminess of majolica and now lunasol josko kaya pala deds na deds si fuzkitie dun sa lunasol hahaha

  16. OMG! U have all those nice palettes!

  17. I recently bought Kate Diamond Cut Eye Shadow in Gold Diamond and I really like it because it is very, very sparkly. I like going for a natural look but with very sparkly eyeshadows just like Japanese girls do. It doesn't attract much attention but when light hits the eyes, it looks so good.

    I want to try Lunasol and Coffret D'or too but both seem to expensive. :(

  18. @sugar sugar Sis! I have loads of browns na but I never think I have enough!!! hahaha the shades are just gorgeous for daily use!

  19. @Jamilla Camel I know what you mean! there are days you needed a pop of color and I would reach for the western brands too!

  20. @EveryDay Makeup blog Sis, Kate is from Kanebo! :) I think you've seen it around na! :)

  21. @gio First time eyeshadow wearers would appreciate it I believe :D

  22. @Marge Ay! agree, I have the duo din which is also creamy! Girl, I have a palette of lunasol and I don't want to use it, super bongga kasi!!!!

  23. @Thea You may wait for sales for Lunasol and Coffree D'Or, they do come up with sales every now and then and that's where I usually purchase for huge savings :D

  24. @Askmewhats hehehe winner nga sa bonga ang lunasol pallet. hehehe iniiwasan ko yung lunasol name sa eye shadow hahaha addict lang :P


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