Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AMW Reports: DC Opens 10th Store in SM Megamall

DC Philippines opened its 10th store at SM Megamall and your resident AMW was invited for the said event to share to readers my experience being part of such prestigious event! 

"DC as a global brand whose product line has expanded to include men's, women's and kid' skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, apparel, outerwear, and accessories such as bags, keychains, wallets and belts."  
It probably came as a surprise to you and even to me to be invited to such event, probably, someone saw the "adventurous", "punk" side of me amidst all the beauty talk I've been doing here.
I may not be labeled as a "daredevil" but given the chance to try anything that has an "adrenaline rush", I strive to be part of it and I usually ended up enjoying it!  I nearly went for my first bungee jump in Macau Tower if not only for my mom whom I traveled with.  She's definitely not ready for a heart pumping action at that time! 

Back to the event....

DC's latest branch in SM Megamall offers a complete line of street fashion!  I wasn't expecting much but "menswear" but imagine the surprise of my life when I got in the store!

The brand's line of graphic-print shirts to hoodies, pullovers that comes in variety of colors and unique color combination that fits the "street" look. 

A closer look on the limited edition shirts and other merchandise

In addition, they also have bags, and ladies' wear.  I was able to have a quick chat with the Asst Vice President of Kenrich International Distributor Corp. Paul Sy, and he excitedly shared to me that half of the store will be covered with ladies' merchandise soon!  That's great news for "fashionistas" out there!

Let's talk about the footwear.  Aside from them looking aesthetically good, the brand also incorporates some technological innovations such as "Lighter Shoes Weight Less" campaign.  The technology is called Unilite TM technology which feels super light on feet but can still provide a good support.  

They also have a "Life Collection" which is more for the none hardcore skaters like yours truly but still wants to experience the DC Footwear styles.  There are various sneakers, slip-on footwear that also have the DC Pill Pattern which has a trademark sticky rubber outsole that keeps one from slipping.

The store is an eye candy for sports enthusiasts plus fashion lovers!  The cutest part of the store are the kids' footwear!  Imagine those colorful, bulky shoes in small sizes?  They have everything in store!

We were told that the kids and toddlers footwear line was only launched a year ago and so far, the brand has received positive feedback from parents who can't help but go back to the store for more!

I went closer to the women's footwear area and can't help but appreciates the various color combinations so unique, just like the sport they support.

Some of my favorite styles!  I have this thing for dark colored rubber shoes and colorful laces!
So 80's!  But hey, I'm an 80's baby!

I have to take a solo photo of this! The color combination is just fabulous, reminded me of Katy Perry and my own wedding!  Pinks and blues are our color motif so imagine me wearing this together with my wedding dress?  --- PERFECTION! *lol*

One portion of the store is dedicated for Freedom Dolly.  Freedom Dolly is a popular brand for skateboards famous for its handmade and ecologically harvested bamboo longboards and cruiser skateboards!  Imagine how easy can we purchase quality skateboards inside a mall!

After chit-chatting with the guests and hosts, the event started with Lui Tortuya, a DJ from 99.5 RT.  He explained to us the problems each skateboarder has with their regular shoes.  For this sport, a regular shoes would probably go bonkers approximately on your 20th skateboarding.  So when DC arrived our shores, it's good news to all skateboarding enthusiasts out there to be able to use high quality shoes designed for skateboarding.

DC Brand Manager Mr. Dino Gilladoga also shared to everyone his excitement for the 10th store opening at SM Megamall and they are crossing their fingers for more stores opening!  I was able to chat with this guy and all I can say is, these people have the passion for sportswear and the brands they handle!

Locally, DC has always been active in teaming up with local action-sports enthusiasts so they flew in Mr. Eugene Neri from Cebu.  To those who aren't into skateboarding, Mr. Neri is considered as the father of skateboarding in Cebu and he is the owner of DC x VisioNeri Landskate.  He is surprisingly a dentist by profession but a skateboard rider by passion! 

Reminded me of how most bloggers are, a professional on something but passionate on blogging!  *hats off to multi-taskers*

I was also introduced to Atoy from A-toy Llave, the guy behind A-Toy Body Kits who is also the DC ambassador.  I've seen his FB page many times and most of his auto shows and drift events' car has a huge DC logo!  

To wrap up the event, DC Brand Associate Ms. Edilyn Yu shared to the guests how excited the brand is as they are expanding to around 13 stores and will have a handful of collaborations with DC Athlete Chris Cole, artist Bwana Spoons, Skull Candy earphones and Skateboard rider Steve Berra.  

As quoted, "the brand is growing fast, and our inspiration comes from the youth.  We won't stop innovating items for the sports we all love.  You can definitely expect the best stuff from DC."

Well said!

Food were also served during the event, thanks to Amici for the wonderful service and "never fail" food PLUS desserts!  Ohhh, I had Pistachio flavored gelato!

I want to thanks the wonderful people from Primer Group of Companies --- Laira, Edilyn, Paul, Dino and Macel.  Thank you so much for the warm welcome and I feel right at home inside the store.

To M2O Communications' Shyla, Cecille and Ian, you guys rock!  I haven't gotten the chance to take a photo of the whole group but in their hearts, they knew how much they're appreciated!  *cyber smooches* *laughs*

It was also a fun event because I've met and talked to some fashion bloggers!  You guys know who you are! :) Great to meet all of you in person.

Now, you wouldn't think I'll end this post without sharing what I picked?  Well, it was the day of our 4th year anniversary and Mr. AMW and I celebrated it a day early so I didn't get the chance to buy him something!  Tonight was the night, I was free to shop without him stopping me!  *evil laugh*  

DC Boost Shoes in Black
I never purchase shoes without Mr. AMW around as sizes are always different!  This time, I used the "gut feel" and guess what?  It's a perfect fit! He loves it so much he wore it the next day!

He advised me that his feet doesn't feel "hot" or "sweaty" like other shoes and it is indeed lightweight and very comfortable!  (1 Brownie Point for Nikki!)

And who says I'm stopping on shoes?  He has his backpack for 2 years and I think it's giving up on him!  It's time for a change!  And when I say change, it should be a COOL CHANGE! *starts humming the song Time for....cool change* (major fail and loser, I know!)

DC Men's Backpack
Mr. AMW is a bit iffy on printed backpacks but this one won his heart and he said it does look cool! 

What sold him even more?  Multiple pockets and sturdy straps.
(2 Brownie Points for Nikki!)

Before some of you starts patting me on the back...well, I am not done yet!  I, tried to stop myself from picking one but I'm actually looking for a super comfortable shoes for driving, and I found one!  And this hasn't left my car ever since!
DC Women's Chelsea Shoes
Okay, I'm eyeing for the colorful ones or there's one that's purple with plaids!  BUT, I opted for something that I could wear multiple times, wear with shorts, skirts or even dresses for that "toned down", very comfortable look!

It was a successful event and successful shopping trip on my part!
Mr. AMW is happy, my feet says thank you too!
Email me if you want to know the price of any of the above items that I bought because I don't want to put the price down here, Mr. AMW is peeking! :P  

 DC is available at SM Megamall, Trinoma, Eastwood Citywalk2, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Festival Mall, Nuvali Solenad 2, Abreeza Mall Davao, SM Cebu and Ayala Cebu.  DC is also available at Res/Toe/Run, Bratpack, The Travel Club, R.O.X. Bonifacio Hight Street and Marquee Mall, Shoe Salon, Toby's Mall of Asia and Shangrila, Olympic Village Alabang Town Center, Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3, Duty Free Philippines, NAIA Terminal 3, and Rustan's Tower.
Thanks DC for the GCs, helped me saved a whole lot for "anniversary gift giving"! (oops, this line is invisible for Mr. AMW) *laughs*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. love the shoes! very laid back and versatile at the same time :D we have DC here too but have only been there once, coz it always looks too hip for me. LOL #FeelingOld

  2. cute plaid spag tees on the 5th pic! hmn, ma checkout nga meron din kasi dito! hehe. and your sneakers are ever so cute! how much was it?

  3. @xin OH my goodness, can I use the hashtag #feelingYoung? hahahah that's what I'm feeling at the moment with these DC goodies, sooo cute! I want to go back and get the "high cut" sneakers!

  4. @MereMakeupManiac The blue sneakers that I got? It's around Php2,700 something :) KERI! very comfortable been using it non stop for driving and my feet doesn't hurt as much anymore!


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