Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AMW Reviews: KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation

I have always been a powder foundation gal, it's concealer, then pat with my favorite foundation then I'm ready to go!  

On days I need to prettify myself, I tend to reach out for my favorite Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation, my Graftobian High Def Foundation, Revlon CustomEyes foundation and recently, the KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation and I'm not just reaching out on this during special events but its turning out to be my daily concealer/foundation.

Read on to know if this product is also meant for you!

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation says ---

An advanced mineral liquid foundation that is soft on skin and covers visible pores.
  • Double-effect mineral powder (skin protection and visible pore coverage)
  • Multiple moisturizing ingredients (olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil)
  • Paraben (preservative) free
  • Ultraviolet-absorber free
  • Fragrance free
  • SPF20 PA++
Available in 3 colors (from lightest to darkest) : OC-B, OC-C, OC-D
Size: 25g
Ingredients list (taken from SOURCE): 

AMW says ---
  • My favorite type of packaging (tube-like) and pointed tip which makes it easy to clean up after every use.
  • Feels smooth and light on skin.
  • Blends into my skin easily like my 2nd skin.
  • Can even out skin tone and gives a very natural finish.
  • Free of parabens and fragrance, which has lesser chance to cause skin irritations on sensitive skin.
  • Has SPF.
  • Does not give a white cast even on directly flash.  Again, this looks like second skin.
  • Gives a matte finish yet it does not dry out my skin.
  • Doubles up as a concealer on days you needed a light coverage.  I like using this for my under eye circles.
  • Build-able coverage from light to medium!
  • Does not settle in lines.
  • Coverage won't be enough for acne skin.
  • Limited shades.
  • A bit pricey as compared to other liquid foundation of the same price and offers more net weight.  But come to think of it, this is a mineral version!
This fits the bill on my requirement for daily liquid foundation that does not feel heavy or weighs on my skin even on hot and humid days.  My only concern is the coverage especially for those of you who needed more.  I like the fact that no matter how much I pile on this foundation, it never cakes and it always turn out natural looking.

  • Oily skinned girls who like the liquid version of mineral foundation can use an oil control primer prior to foundation application.
  • Moisturize prior to foundation application or use separate sunblock if you are planning to stay under the sun for long period of time.
  • Apply more on areas that needs more coverage.
  • Test by  using a foundation brush, stippling brush, flat top brush, sponge or fingers in foundation application.  For this particular product, I prefer using a FLAT TOP Kabuki Brush to apply for medium to heavier coverage.
  • Pat on translucent setting powder to maintain the "natural look".
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, Combination and Dry Skin individuals.  This is also a perfect liquid foundation for young adults getting ready to use makeup but is scared of chemicals on skin. 

Where to purchase and how much?
At Watsons for Php900.00 (approx $20.90).

OC-C shade
Light, creamy texture

Once spread it all over my hand
It goes matte and easy to blend

Check mark has OC-B foundation while the x mark is my natural skin color
The shade matched perfectly!

Left side of the photo is my bare face
Right side applied with KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B
Lightened up my skin redness and allergies
Under eye darkness decreased.

What's the lightest liquid foundation you've tried to date?
Have you tried any other mineral based liquid foundation?
Can you let me know the brand and how it worked for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Opinions and reviews are 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. It looks great on you - but it has mineral oil, which is a no no for me!

  2. It looks really nice on your skin! When you blended it on your hand, I thought it had no coverage at all, but it actually just matched your skin really well. It looks like a bb cream, but with a bit more coverage. I really should try more Japanese brands. =)

  3. i read good things about kate mineral but im a bit hesitant bec ive been deep into my bb cream fancy. and bec it has mineral oil which i try to avoid--since i cant avoid most chemicals, i choose na lang which i should consciously avoid hehe

  4. i like this foundation, it's like a less luminous photoready ;-)

  5. @Jamilla Camel aww sorry about that! mineral oil has an effect on you?

  6. @Anthea Villanueva Anthea, it doesn't look any good on hand no? But you can see the immediate "toned down" redness on my face so its a nice light, and very natural foundation :)

  7. @Kumiko Mae hahah well whatever you're using at the moment looks great on you!

  8. thanks for this review sis! the other day i was swatching at Watsons for Rimmel Stay Matte but it has very light coverage and L'Oreal Whitening Essence's shades are a bit off for me ugh! i will try to swatch this naman hehe!

  9. @MereMakeupManiac Ah I want to try Rimmel foundation, I've read wonderful reviews about it!!! hahahaha Sige let me know how much you like / hate this when you get the swatch this!

  10. Maybe you should use concealer for your eyebags, i recommend laura mercier secret concealer. that's a good under eye concealer. :'> Putting this foundation on your under eye isn't enough. anyways thanks for the review! Useful info.

    1. Of course Anonymous, Concealer is still the most important thing when it comes to covering of eyebags and other marks, the reason why I didn't put any is for the readers to see the "coverage" that the foundation gives it is difficult to use concealer for this review then readers would react greatly on how it can cover my undereye circles which defies the point of this review right? :)

      Yes, I know Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is definitely a good under eye concealer as I have used it on clients :)

  11. are you serious? at watson's? @_@ how come i never see this there? :D

    and thanks for the review! i don't like mineral oil on my skin, but by looking at your pics, it's making me want to buy it +_+

    1. Hi Melody, not all Watsons though, i believe the bigger Watsons stores would carry this :)

      No problem, I enjoyed reviewing this product, I am not into foundations with mineral oil too but once in a while, it's ok :)


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