Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AMW Makeover: The Entourage of the Cool Bride and Groom

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! :) I hope you did not have a hard time dragging yourself to work!
As promised, I will share to you the Entourage makeup I've done as a continuation to "The Cool Bride and Groom" post I've done last week!  These girls are amazing!  As early as 4:00am, they were as hyper, perky and talkative as I am! 

Maid Of Honor
Skin condition: Oily on the t-zone, dry on some areas
Request: Any type of look that would make her look "awake" and naturally pretty!

Her skin is gorgeous to start with but the most important part of her makeover is the skin "prep".  I want to make sure her "oilies" are well controlled so I used an oil control primer on the t-zone and a moisturizing primer on dry patches like her cheeks.  The client has semi hooded lid so I applied her eye makeup in a way that will help make her eyes look "uplifted".

She gets red easily so I opted to apply a tiny amount of matte pink blush to prevent her from looking "flushed" the whole wedding party!  A complimentary pinkish shade of lipstick was used to make her look sweet and fresh!

Bridesmaid #1
Skin condition: Dry 
Request: Very light, minimal, almost "no makeup" look
Bridesmaid 1 has a nice baby faced that any makeup artist would like to play around with makeup and create different looks.  This bridesmaid is an exception, she requested for an "almost no makeup look" and even requested if I could just apply blush and lipstick.

I SAID NO!  *laughs*

No matter how scared a person is on makeup, I always reassure them that make up is there not to "change" the look of the person but to enhance their beauty.  I applied a very light, moisturizing foundation with a foundation brush and started at the center of her face and thinly blend out to the rest of her face.  Instead of piling up on foundation, I went back to concealing some redness and tiny spots on her face using the same foundation.  

Since I wanted to do a light eye makeup on her, I did not thicken her brows but just filled in the gaps making it more defined.  I applied a very light pinkish eyeshadow and lined it with pencil liner instead of the user gel liners.  I coated her lashes with loads of mascara, applied pinkish blush and pink lipstick, she's happy with the result!

Bridesmaid #2
Skin condition: Normal with under eye darkness
Request: None, I'm free to do what I want
I trimmed her brows with her permission and filled gaps and brushed the brows in place with a brow gel.  It is very important for me to make her eye makeup light as she will be taking care of a kid in between her wedding responsibility.  I corrected her under eye well with an orange corrector and applied a foundation shade that is similar to her neck color.

Peachy blush was used with a coral lipstick which was disappeared a bit when the after photo was taken as the client ate her breakfast :)

Bridesmaid #3
Skin condition: Normal, Acidic
Request: None
Her brows are light in color so I took time to use my K-Palette Tattoo Brow Liner to make her brows almost the same shade as her hair. 

For eye makeup, a bronze-y shade and matte brow was used to enhance her gorgeous eyes!  While waiting for the foundation to settle in and get to the same color as her neck, I applied shimmery blush from MAC and a nice deep reddish brown lipstick.


Fun shot of the bridesmaids wearing their gorgeous gowns

Happy faces can always make the makeup artist's job easier!

The photo was taken several minutes before they leave the room to accompany the bride!

**Hair done by talented KIM

Have you been part of an entourage?
What kind of makeup was done and do you like it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow you really did a great job! I hope someday that I can be as good as you. And that I can just even get makeup gigs! Lol :)

    1. hey, I wished for that and given the perserverance, You will get makeup bookings :) You can do it sis!

  2. wow i love their dresses!!! they looked really polished after makeup. i haven't had the chance to be part of the entourage...but i am hoping soon! soon! :D

    1. ooh I missed being part of the entourage, I think I did it twice only! :)

  3. great job Ms. Nikki! you bring out the best of their features!

    1. Thank you, that means a lot to read the compliment :D

  4. *BOWS DOWN* You are the Yoda of perfection foundation - that's what really makes your looks!! thanks for sharing!

    1. JC!!!!! You made me smile ear to ear! YODA OF PERFECTION FOUNDATION is a term I wish I could put on my business card! hahahah thanks dear!

  5. wow, another great makeover! ang gaganda nila! great job Nikki!

  6. You did a great job, they all look beautiful. Love their dresses too.

    1. I agree, their backless dresses are to die for hehehe :D

  7. Miracle worker! Ikaw na! Ang galing galing! Ikaw ang kukunin kong makeup artist sa wedding ko hahaha


  8. I love how you prettify them Nikki! Really hope I can do the same make-up to others. You're my inspiration :)

    1. Hi Joy I'm sure you can! :) Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad to be an inspiration to others :)


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