Monday, February 27, 2012

Something New: Products Worth the Second Glance

There are a lot of new products in town that I'm sure a lot of you may be interested in, so feel free to read and understand how lucky we are to have so many choices in life!  Life is really good...yet super let's seize every moment and use products that works for us!  Okay?

*Slashes wrist* BLOOD COMPACT!  eeewww  *laughs*

I was gifted 4 soaps early this year and I asked for details right away because these cuties aren't pricey and they target specific skin needs!


Coffee : exfoliates and heals blemishes 
Oatmael: for dry and scaly skin (Definitely what I need!) 
Rose Water: tones and regenerates skin cells, good for pimples. 
Tomato and Carrot: anti-aging, prevents wrinkles.

Ingredients: 100% Palm Oil, LYE Solution

Price: Php55.00 (approx $1.30) each, can be shipped or picked up from Unit 705 Astoria Plaza Escriva Drive, Ortigas Pasig
Tel. no: 0922-830-3900

After the "soap talk", let's talk about body wash and lotions.  One of my favorite lotion from Avon was the Skin So Soft variant in Signature Silk!  I've purchased and repurchased and even had my mom addicted to the scent!  I do not know why I didn't get around to really talk about this but once I took a whiff, it reminded me so much of the "dating Keith" days!  *yeeheee*
 **priced at Php290.00 locally

Though I am still happy with the scent, I was a bit surprised that they finally decided to come up with different variants or am I not just aware as I've always been focus on this ONE variant?  Sue me! :P

Left to right ---
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & White Intensive Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & White Whitening Body Wash Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & Renewed Age Defying Renewing Body Moisturizer Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & Sensual Whitening and Firming Hand and Body Lotion Php330.00 (approx $7.70)

The best part is, they have Body Washes available on each variant!  I just wonder when will they make a body wash version of my favorite Signature Silk?  (A girl can always wish!)

Hey, watch out for my series of birthday giveaways starting tomorrow! :)
Share to me new products you've encountered recently!  I'd love to dip my dirty hands on them! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm certainly interested in the soaps! I just ran out of mine so I might check these out. Thank you!


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