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Weekend Food Tripping at: Best Food Forward

Best Food Forward, is a grand summer benefit food fair which will happen on March 24-25, 2012 at the NBC Tent Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Together with the rest of the Nuffnang Bloggers, Mr. AMW and myself were invited to have an intimate food tasting at the comfort of someone's home!  Imagine, wooden tables laid out inside the living room with the view of "running squirrel" *laughs*, plus the smell of wonderful food, I was excited, happy and hungry all at the same time!

Ms. Gwen Carino, GJC Public Relations, welcomed everyone with a gorgeous smile!  We were told that Best Food Forward is on its 2nd year due to its success last year!  The purpose of this affair is not only to savor the best food but as we all know, food can strengthen family ties, promote new businesses and of course, for us to appreciate local delicacies, talent and creativity!

I'm sure you are all excited to know who are part of Best Food Forward this year!  You will read nothing but real reviews and feelings when I first tasted all the food that was made available for us who are on digital media!

P.S.  All the food available here were tasted by Mr. and Mrs. AMW for the FIRST time in this special event!

Mr. Pierre Marmonier expressed his love to offer consumers 100% natural, healthy, luxury food products using local resources to make several jam collections. 

He brought in a couple of their brand specialty and we were able to try some on crackers.  For someone who's not a jam-person, both Mr. AMW and myself enjoyed his Mango Guyabano jam.

The real-life sweethearts love sweets and they wanted to spice up their favorite French and Filipino traditional sweets and savory dishes by sharing the wonderful cookies and bars, cakes and pies, savory quiche and a whole lot more!

I am so happy they chose to bring this cake for the food tasting as this is, no doubt, one of the best Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake I've tried to date!  The cake was made with pure Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate cake topped with two layers of creamy chocolate mousse. 

I promise you, it is not so sweet and one slice is seriously NOT enough!  My birthday is coming up next week and I requested for this particular cake!  I am so happy Mr. AMW obliged! :P

According to the owners, a good. homemade ice cream is difficult to find these days so they've decided to make their own ice cream using all "homemade" ingredients!  
Each of these homemade ice cream are made in small batches and in order basis to ensure freshness!  I've tried 4 of their exciting flavors and each of the blogger have their own "vote" or favorites.  Here's my ultimate "3"!
  • Roasted Pistachio (still thinking about this at this very moment!)
  • Honey Roasted Almond *salivates*
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *wipes drool*

Yet, a lawyer, told us a wonderful story on how he left the corporate world to do what he love to do!  As we all know, the Philippines was once a major cacao producer, unfortunately, production had fallen to make way for other more lucrative crops.

I'm glad someone like Yet and Diane Andin would help bring back the Philippine cacao to its former glory.  Various cacao and non-cacao products were showcased at ChocoATBP and once I put some inside my mouth, it brings back great childhood memories!  This is the best time to say: "I love to be in the Philippines!  I love being Pinoy!" 

Suman with cacao sauce

Various cupcakes and brownies all made from cacao

Tiltilan is to Kapampangans as sawsawan is to Tagalogs. Super Tiltilan by Patit's, a Philippine homemade product which can be used in appetizers, as a dip, added to pasta or other sauces. It is a flavorful blend of the choicest local fish eggs or roe, garlic, and spices. MSG or artificial flavorings or preservatives have NOT been added to this product.

Carlo's Kitchen
I am not a fan of crunchy pork or whatever "fattening' beauty of it and I am glad to be this way until I have tried Carlo's Kitchen Crunchy Belly.  At once bite, I gave Mr. AMW a thumbs up sign and told him: "Your diet is OVER!"

Thinly sliced pork and remained super crunchy and not oily at all for the rest of the afternoon til night!

Photo of the owner of Carlo's Kitchen
Though I can't seem to find their website, you can enjoy Crunchy Belly from Carlo's Kitchen during the Best Food Forward event!  Definitely a MUST try and diet later! :P

The kebabs are served with cumin flavored rice!  Each skewer has a bite size of tender pork and chicken together with eggplant, red and green bell peppers!  The flavors are wonderfully mixed together with the rice!  This would be a perfect meal on days you are tired from work as the different flavors would play up inside your tongue making you awake and energized!  ---->  that's just me!  *laughs*

Though Manang's Chicken have opened up their visible restaurant at SM North EDSA Annex and Glorietta 4 food court, I haven't gotten the chance to taste the glorious "Fried Chicken ng Pinoy" so I'm glad they are part of the Best Food Forward 2012.

I immediately tried their double deep fried Soy Garlic Sauce chicken and the spicy version!  I love both but my love for spiciness will always win!  The cook apologized that the spicy version isn't as crunchy as we'd like them to due to some circumstances.  Nevertheless, I'd love to give the Spicy Chicken a second try on one of their branches!

Coming from a family who owns chicken business, the owner's family have decided to go Vegetarian and it was a huge household change!

We were served different types of pizzas from Full Moon (2 cheese pizza), Tuna Pesto, Norther Mix (Artisan Ilocos Longganisa and Kesong Puti), Classic Margherita and a Vegan-friendly option with whole wheat, high fiber crust.

My favorite is the simple Full Moon pizza as well as Classic Margherita.  Most vegetarian dishes would make me go "Bleh" but this one's totally different, since the ingredients were served as natural as possible, optimum taste and freshness was rather enjoyed!

3 Mini Quiches were served!  I am a bit excited as I love quiches which I usually purchase from coffee shop!  The owners told us that they also sell these frozen which I was tempted to buy immediately but they do not sell during the food-tasting event!  (darn!!! I want some on my ref anytime of the day!)

Mini Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche
Earthy and flavorful fresh button mushrooms and dried shiitake make wonderful harmony with sour cream

Mini Quiche Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomatoes
Your favorite mediterranean flavors in egg custard baked in puff pastry shells

Mini Quiche Lorraine
Classic combination of Tyrolian Bacon, Parmesan and Gruyere cheese in egg custard baked in puff pastry shells

Butter Beer 
Correct me if I'm wrong but the person who magically made this drink is a 12-year old girl who's a Harry Potter fan! 

2 types of Butter beer are served, alcoholic and non-alcoholic!  Since I wanted to enjoy the rest of the food "sober", I went for the non-alcoholic version and it tastes surprisingly sweet, flavorful and very yummy!  Imagine the taste of "Butter ball"? 

For more information on Best Food forward sponsorship opportunities, media partnership and joining, please contact 0917-887-1933, 211-9644 or email them at  Please visit for more details or click the name of the restaurant above as I have linked them straight to their website or facebook account!  I am so happy to announce that Best Food Forward is for the benefit of the Unang Hakbang Foundation as supported by various organizations including Nuffnang!

Thank you so much to the wonderful concessionaires who were super gracious that day to let us sample their food and explain to us their love to serve good, quality food!  Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting us and I can't wait to taste them again!  It was all GOOD!

Best Food Forward
March 24 and 25, 2012
The NBC Tent - Bonifacio Global City (Taguig)

Which would you like the try among the various food I mentioned in this post?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a great event! Thanks for the post!

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  3. I enjoy events like these :) gives an opportunity to find artisan food and support growing foodie chefs!

  4. thank you so much for the sweetest review about our "Le Grand Chocolat"!!! :)

    Tell Mr. AMW to contact us soon ;)

    Hope to see you at the event!!!

  5. Thank you for the nice review! We hope to see you at the Best Food Forward Event on March 24-25!

  6. Wow! I'd like to try the spicy chicken and the chocolate mousse cake! Everything looks yummy!

  7. Suman with cacao sauce wow It's looks yummy Amazing recepies i have cooking crze


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