Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Red Big Bowl

Happy Sunday everyone!  How was your weekend?  Oh, I can't even explain how mine went, well, since you're forcing me *winks* I will do my best to explain!  Hahaha

Forgive me but I need to share what I've been through yesterday!  After a wonderful makeup gig for an old client, I suffered a terrible stomachache!  I'm not even sure where it started but the pain was so intense I can't even enjoy my lunch!  It was my favorite Korean dish!  And you will know I'm not feeling well if I am not enjoying my food! *insert sad face*  What's even worst, it was a jam-packed Saturday and there were just so much to do and I can't bear to cancel any one of the appointment as time is gold!  *time-OC Nikki talking here*

Fortunately,  I survived Saturday because I'm now energized telling you the story about it! :P  Let me tell you though, it wasn't easy but constant praying and "in between relaxing" helped!  So yeah, that's how my Saturday went and I hope yours was the opposite version of what I've been through!

ON to the better news, let's get back to the happy topic!  FOOD!

I got to know this restaurant because my mom and dad-in-law talked so much about this!  Funny how you can find a Chinese restaurant right in front of Lourdes Hospital around Manila area!  Since I heard nothing but good feedback from my parents-in-law, I've decided to take my mom, dad and brother there on a weeknight!  Yeah, it was "single Nikki"  night! :P

Cantonese love their soup so nothing beats soup as a starter!  Most would go for salads, I will vote for soup anytime of the day!

Polonchay Seafood Soup
Php230.00 (approx $5.30)
A healthy cup of soup with fresh seafood.  We actually like how it was on the "less saltier" side and no MSG!

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Php190.00 (approx $4.25)
I have tasted better Yang Chow Fried Rice in other restaurants but this did not fail me in terms of (again) the no MSG taste! 

 Cold Cuts Combination
Php350.00 (approx $7.95)
A good serving of lechon kawali  (crispy pan fried roasted pork), White Chicken, Seaweeds with century egg and Asado.  This is a must order to try different dishes in one order!  For someone who's not into lechon kawali, I am really giving them 2 thumbs up on maintaining the crunchiness of the skin and the juicy texture of the meat!  My next favorite would be the seaweeds just because I like them a lot!

Fish Fillet with Broccoli Flower
Php270.00 (approx $6.30)
Another must try healthy dish especially if you're with family members who need to eat healthy!  The fish fillet is obviously fresh and I love how the sauce did not overwhelm the natural taste of vegetables and fish!

Shrimp Balls 8pcs
Php280.00 (approx $6.35)
Okay, forgive me, I did try my best to be healthy all the way but my taste buds needed something unhealthy!  *laughs*  This order came in last and it was a wonderful "touchdown" to the Red Big Bowl Dining experience!  This is my favorite dish and I will definitely order this again when I get back! 

Just so you know, I am not a healthy-eating freak but I'm actually not a fan of soda and lucky me, I love my tea or just regular water!  The rest of my family got soda!  Come on guys!  Focus on healthy lifestyle!  *laughs*

Oh, before I forget, the cool part of this restaurant, aside from being spacious, is the fact that there were around 4-5 tables that has a flat screen television on each table!  My mom and dad did not miss their daily dose of evening news!  Hey Korina Sanchez, looking good here! :P

The place could get a bit hot though as it's huge! 

Do not worry about parking, they have ample parking space!  Red Big Bowl accepts cash and credit card payments.  Service was good!

Red Big Bowl
3555 P. Sanchez St., Old Sta. Mesa
Manila, Metro Manila
(632) 516-4716

Are you within the area?  Have you tried Red Big Bowl?  How was your experience?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Having a flat screen tv on a few tables is a cool idea though I still like the idea of people talking to each other which usually comes with dinners or meals instead of having to watch tv. :D

    Although I don't eat most of the food here, they still look yummy! If only I weren't allergic to seafood. :D

    1. Well true, you can always turn it off naman! hahahah I know my mom loves to watch the news so it's an added bonus, we stayed there for quite some time so we were able to bond din naman :D

  2. I live so near this resto yet have never eaten there! Well now i know what they serve =) by the way, it's in the territory of Manila, not quezon city =)

    1. thanks for the correction! You're right, it's along Manila nga! :) hahahah I've always thought going beyond Sta Mesa Manila is ...well..out of Manila na! hahaha :)

  3. Everything looks so good! Sarap naman diyan! :)


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