Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Unsung Heroes: While You Were Drying Your Hair...

Okay, the title is a failed attempt of "While you were sleeping" (movie) kind of drama!  

HELLO!!!  Happy Saturday!  I'm off for another very busy weekend but I'm never complaining!  Keeping myself busy is one way of keeping myself sane!  I dislike the feeling of being idle so busy is good!  

I haven't blog about The Unsung Heroes for the longest time *checks old posts*  3 entries for the past 4 years, not bad at all!  That only means that I'm giving the stuff I bought the equal opportunity of a lifetime they deserve!  I deserve an applause!!! *claps claps claps*

After the Rat Tail Comb article, which in my dictionary, is a MUST have in every household, my love into hairstyling got deeper and mind you, this post is meant hairstyling on special occasions!  I do not intend to do this on a daily basis as I'm a wide-tooth comb kinda girl.  This post is also perfect for hairstylists!

2 Unsung Heroes today....

The Boar Brushes

And sectioning clips

Let's focus on the boar brush first, I own one boar brush which I bought from Denman but can't seem to find it anymore so during Cosmetologie 2012, I went up to the Goody booth and saw this at 20% off!  This is definitely an older version as I've seen the newer and more colorful ones but I aimed for "professionalism" *ahem* actually, I just went for the more inexpensive so bought this for Php550.00+ (approx $12.50) as opposed to the original price of Php700.00+  (approx $16.00).

I actually got the tip from Kim who was doing hairstyling for my clients and she advised me that this size is perfect for almost all hair length!  I thought of investing a 100% boar brush that I'm sure will last long as I take care of them pretty well!

As I was touring the rest of the booths at Cosmetologie, I also bought 2 other sizes for a super inexpensive price, it's out of a whim and "just because".  Angela, who was with me that time, can't believe her eyes why I even need all these!  *hahaha*  

After I tell you how much I bought these, you'll understand why no one can stop me!  The biggest boar brush costs Php200.00 (approx $4.50) while the dark brown boar brush costs Php100.00 (approx $2.30).  Backups aren't bad if they are inexpensive yet still comes in good quality!  

And since I'm already on hair stuff shopping, I plan to purchase more sectioning clips because it may sound nothing to you but it's heaven scent for people who blow dry!  I used to use those butterfly clips but they're all starting to go "toothless" so time to get professional!  

You have to give me a pat on the back for finding these Crocodile Clips pack of 5 for a price of.... *drumroll* Php50.00 (approx $1.15)!!!

They clip onto your hair super well and doesn't hurt at all!  Oh yeah, *boasts* did I say it's super cheap??? And cute??? And cheap??? :P

I know, this may sound silly to people who are the "wash hair then go" type!  For someone who likes to style her hair once in a while PLUS doing other people's hair, this is definitely worth posting on THE UNSUNG HEROES portion!

Any hairstylists out there reading this post?  Come on , back me up! :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. those crocodile clips look interesting, I've never seen one before. Will definitely pick that up if I come across it. hehehe

    1. Super nice and it can clip a huge chunk of your hair, plus, it's very inexpensive :D

  2. you must really love those brushes!!! hahaha! but super great buy, kaya gooo! thinking about it, i should have got one too! hahaha!

    1. che! hehehehe I know you're laughing at me when you were reading those or probably laughing deep inside while I was paying! hahah I know you don't like it no! :P

  3. I'm so sad...
    I know that boar bristle brushes are so good, so I got one...
    except that I got a flat paddle boar brush.
    Thus it has no weight against my hair, and doesn't brush through the whole head, just the hairs on the surface >_<
    Totally should have thought of getting a rounded one. Or a half synthetic and half boar bristled brush.

    Ah well, live and learn :)

    but dang, that is CHEAP! I paid $10 for mine

  4. I remember my mom's boar brushes when I was younger... they used to get so tangled easily in my hair... because I kept on rolling my hair in... hahaha!!!

    I've been looking for those clips! I want!!! ^___^


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