Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: A-Won Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

Happy Sunday!!!  I had a wonderful day yesterday as I attended the Shu Uemura's YUME Advanced Makeup Class and I learned a lot!!!  I will share to you more details on a separate post but seriously, learning is so much fun!  If I have the time in the world, I'll study as much as I can!

Anybody who reads my "Weekend Food Tripping" posts would know that I'm a Korean-by-heart STOMACH!  I crave for Korean dish and Mr. AMW and I would hop on different Korean restaurants and compare each of our experiences!  (food nerd) 

Lucky Nikki!  Mr. AMW's office is near a strip of restaurants and there were like 3 Korean restaurants there!  One of them is the newly opened A-Won restaurant!  We went for it right away hoping for a great experience!

You can see the new signage and we had to walk in and ask if the restaurant is open and ready for customers as construction is still ongoing on that day.

Once we got in, we were given a super simple Korean/English menu!  Though A-Won is known for its charcoal BBQ meat, we thought of skipping it at that moment as we're off to another event and we do not want to smell like barbeque.

As expected on most Korean restaurants, side dishes were served!  There were around 7 types of appetizers served and I actually gave back 2 of them and requested to replace them with my favorites --- mushrooms and spinach!  Kim Chi tastes really good and spicy but I gave it a skip as my tummy was acting up that day!

Bi Bim Bap
Php300.00 (approx $6.80)
Mixed vegetables, beef and rice with miso soup on the side
This is one of the best Bi bim bap I've tried because of the ample amount of "greens" which made the dish refreshing to taste amidst the spiciness of red paste!  The red paste was served separately and with only a small teaspoon of it mixed with the whole bowl of rice, the taste and spiciness was enough!  I think one of the secret of good bi bim bap is not only the freshness of ingredients but also the quality of red paste, and A-Won definitely served a good quality red paste - in my humble "tongue-pinion" LOL

Bi Bim Bap all mixed up with a quarter size amount of red paste.  Though the final product doesn't look as red or orange as compared to other restaurants, this is very tasty and flavorful with the right amount of spiciness!  Trust me on this! :)

 Mae Woon Ttuk Bok Yi
Php300.00 (approx $6.80)
Spicy Rice Cake

I'm glad Ttuk Bok Yi is widely served in most Korean restaurants now!  I used to wonder how they taste like every time I watch actors or actresses chow them down from my favorite Korean drama!  My first Ttuk Bok Yi experience was on the streets of Seoul, Korea and I'm happy to announce that the Ttuk Bok Yi in this restaurant is as authentic as the original version!  The rice cake is tender, added with strips of tofu and the right amount of red chili sauce?  Ahh, I'm in Seoul Street Food heaven! :)

Most of the customers dining there that day were Korean nationals and I can see how much they enjoy their food!  What I like most about A-Won is the availability of BBQ exhaust pipe!  Less smoke= less smell! :P

Oh, I may have to add, on one side, you'll see rows of aquariums were fresh seafood were there just like in Chinese restaurants!  Mr. AMW and I enjoyed the "crab fighting" scene!  Boy oh boy were they violent!  I'm glad I was just a bystander..not a fellow crabby!  *laughs*

A-Won Charcoal BBQ Restaurant only accepts cash that time (not sure if they accept credit card now).  No service charge and servers were attentive and helpful!  The restaurant has ample parking space right in front of the restaurant.

I had a great time dining in this restaurant and will definitely go back!

I do not have the full address of the restaurant but you can find A-Won restaurant at Macapal Avenue right in front of PNB Building 

Have you eaten Korean dish this week?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Haha. That crabby comment was funny. Nice post Nikki, would love to try this resto sometime. :)

    1. hahaa grabe nakatitig kasi kami for 20 minutes sa kanila! naaawa kami coz the rest were tied up tapos this BULLY crab got loose kaya ayuN! daming inaaway!

  2. look good! I only eat japchae, bulgogi & bbq in korean restos :P haha. gotta learn how to eat this stuff to prepare myself for our trip to korea soon.

    1. Yes!!! You have to be adventurous, when are you heading for Korea? :D

  3. A-Won sounds very familiar. I think we have one over here in L.A :)

    1. Yes!!! I've done some research for the restaurant's address and I found it in the USA! LOL

  4. Interesting post. :) I think I know where it is. I'll definitely check out the place as soon as I get the chance. I want to try their barbeque. :)

    1. Yes, me too! I'll head back just for the BBQ! :) Let me know your experience ok? :D


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