Thursday, May 10, 2012

AMW Reports: Ferretti's New Store

Good morning friends!  I hope you opened up my page in a very good mood!  If not, well. I hope you finish reading this post with a cheerful heart!  My ultimate dream is to be your clown!  *laughs*

A reader once asked me how I store my shoes and wants me to share a photo.  I sat still, in front of the computer, wondering why someone would even be interested!  As you all know, I don't see myself as a shoe collector!  I am a smart shopper, I buy what's needed and throw away what's broken!  ---> that statement sounds odd!  *laughs*

What I meant was, I try to keep my shoe collection minimal, I use whatever I have to its "maximum capacity" then purchase IF needed.  I guess, I was talking about the ME a decade ago!  *hehehe*

When I started working and earning my own money, that's when my shoe collection grows a bit!  My mom used to complain that I have quite a collection!  Look ma!  Aren't you glad I moved out?  :P

Today, I don't claim to have found the best way to store shoes, nor am I claiming what a HUGE shoe collection I got!  And let's not get into the "Eureka Moment: HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR SHOES" post as you won't see it here!   I'm seriously quite embarrassed as the "organized Nikki" you know might fail you! 

*breathes in and out*  Here you go.....

Most of them stored in this wooden shoe cabinet....

Some are stuck inside this hanging shoe organizer.  
Note: The metal shoe rack isn't mind!  It's my Dad-in-law's so I don't feel bad that I have a lot of shoes!  He has MORE!  *lol*

And the rest?  Still inside the shoe box which topples all over EVERY time I plan to "lazily" get to the bottom without touching what's on top! 

Now, you ask me what's my dream "shoe" storage?  Definitely a walk-in shoe closet and the need for it got deeper when I visited Ferretti's newest store which opened just last May 1st at Glorietta 1&2!

Remember my first Ferretti Store visit last year?  (read article HEREThey transferred and everything looks better!  The store is bigger, brighter and oh-so-girlier!

I went straight to the 2 sides near the door and look what greeted me! The cute Gloria Slip-ons for only Php599.00 (approx $14.00) which keeps haunting me at the Ferretti Facebook Page!  The slip-ons is perfect for summer!

Can you spot the tiny green and red bag at the bottom table?  It is so cute!  But for someone who carries ALMOST EVERYTHING, I can't seem to use it unless I only need to bring my wallet and phone! :P

Next side of the glass door/window, in my mind, I was saying: "Table...I crush you!  Come to momma!" 

As I got further in, I can't believe the store is 2-2.5 times bigger than the old one!  (The way I said it, it seems like I had a measuring tape with me no?  lol)  It hit me that not only did the store got bigger, Ferretti shoes, bags and accessories collection got fatter too! :P 




I am so happy that Liz and Nikki were there!  It was a breeze shopping with these 2 as decision-making was easier together with these 2 "Bad influences"!  *laughs* 

Liz showing off the orange "2-in-1" bag which I mentally noted as part of my wishlist.  What caught my attention was the fact that I can easily put my iPad2 and laptop inside because of its' perfect shape!

Nikki modeling another favorite bag of mine!  I "sweetly" forced her to carry this for pictorial purposes!

*whispers* This is just between you and me okay?   But it was a selfish reason of me to have a photo of this bag!  *evil laugh*  (Just joking Nikki, just joking!)

I was also asked to pose right inside the store as Liz and Nikki loved my Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge!  So yeah, we're even!  They just wanted a picture of my shoes, not me! :P

top: (brand not the website)
jeans: Levi's  Curve ID Ankle Skinny Jeans

The problem with store visits?  I left the store carrying 2 new pairs of shoes!  I was supposed to get a pair but what the heck?  I was told Ferretti Shoes are of limited stocks, once you see something you like, better grab them NOW or you'll never see them for the rest of your life!  (Statement obviously not from the company!)  But true enough, I don't see my Ferretti Multicolored Slingback Wedge in BLUE available online or in store anymore!  I'm not sure if they'll have it in the future but I'm glad I got mine as early as 2 months ago and has been receiving compliments each time I wear them! (They may not compliment my face and body but at least they compliment my shoes!  That's good enough!  *pathetic loser* hahaha:)

By the time you're reading this, I'm off to Pico De Loro, Batangas for an overnight event so I do not have the chance to wear my newest pairs of Ferretti shoes as of the moment, I'll share to you once I get the chance! *promise*

Feel free to LIKE Ferretti on Facebook so we'll drool together each time they post a new collection!  
(Sorry if I kept on gushing about the brand, I have to keep it clear that the brand did not pay me to say all these kind words!  I just love how comfortable they are and I have been buying from them multiple times!)

Thanks Liz and Nikki for the company!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. they've got really nice shoes! can't wait to see what you got! :) i love the shoes that Liz was wearing on FB :)

  2. (whistles at the number of shoes you own.)

    1. *lol* it's not a lot I promise you, a lot of those I can't seem to wear anymore as they are quite old!!!

  3. Wow Ferretti actually has way better bag designs than the rest of the local shoe stores in the malls! I must pay a visit!

    1. :) I agree, they have a whole wide range of good designs! price range is good!


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