Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Daisies To Cool Me Down This Summer

In the middle of ANY stressful day, I have this secret that keeps me cheerful and positive!  Yes, I will share it to you today because it works for me and MAY work for you! :)

I like going to Google Images and search for random photos from "Cute Dogs", "Cute Cats", "Cartoons", "Flowers" or simply typing "Funny Photos".  There's one photo that totally brightened my day and I've come to realize I haven't drawn this on my nails!  

**photo from Source

And here's another one that gave me the total inspiration....

**photo from Source

And my nail art did not come close to the beauty of what you see above, but it does brightened Mr. AMW and My Mom's Day! :)   That is a wonderful start! :)

Step 1:
To copy the "look of greens" at the background, I used 2 coats of Majolica Majorca's Nail Lacquer in GR615.  Of course, your choice of base coat is best applied prior to any nail polish application to protect your nails.

Step 2:
Use a light yellow polish to create the "draft", I used a dotting tool to strategically place the positions of daisies.  I planned to draw 2 on each nail.
Step 3:
If you do not have L.A. Colors Art Deco Pen in White, feel free to purchase a thin art brush at any bookstore to draw random petals as shown on photo below.  I start by drawing the 4 corners then filling the spaces as needed.  
This part doesn't have to be perfect as you'll see why at the next steps.

Step 4:
Using a darker, and brighter yellow color, dot the 2nd time for a clear petal look!  I am using Caronia Frosted Polish in Sweet Surprise.
 Step 5:
Optional - Apply glitter polish on top once nail art design is completely dry.

Step 6:
Protect your nail art design with your choice of top coat.  I am using The Face Shop's Top Coat in this tutorial.

Finished Nail Art Design 
Thanks to Angeli for the cute flower ring!  
Thanks Crazy-Notions for creating this cute summer-perfect ring!

I hope my very simple, easy-to-follow nail art design can brighten up anyone's day!
What's your secret to stay "sane" and "happy" in the middle of the day?
Does pictures make you happy too?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hey, you should train people how to do this and open a nail salon :P

  2. I love love love it sis! /looks at bare nails it's time to do something

    1. Sister, I know what you mean, there are days you just don't want to do anything on your nails!

  3. my secret to staying happy in the middle of the day is reading your blog! your positive attitude and happy posts rubs on me... love your nail art! you never fail to make me smile sis! :)

    1. awww Issa, you are very nice! thank you for saying so!

  4. cute!
    i love how bright it really looks

  5. Aweee! Ur nail designs are always very cute! So pretty nails!

  6. So cute! Love the nails!

  7. This is SO PRETTY!!! Small little daisies are my favourite flowers! :)

    1. You know what? I can't believe I forgot about Daisies! I've been doing flower designs on nails for quite some time, I just can't imagine why I missed this!


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