Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AMW Reports: Ferretti Store Visit

Remember the dinner I had with fellow bloggers as we get to know the brand NaRaYa at the same time Ferretti?  It was a great dinner as I learned so much from the owner Ms. Cecille.  (Read post HERE).

I finally had the chance to visit their store at Glorietta 5, again!  I remembered checking out shoes in this store last year not knowing the shoe brand is proudly Philippine-made!  I never even bothered to check out their stuffs as just by looking at the exterior, I thought it'll be as overpriced as how it looks!  *embarrassed mode*  Yes, I've been judging the store base on its visual merchandise!

The store at Glorietta 5 isn't that big but once you get in, you'd be surprised as there are quite a number of shoes that caught my attention!

Flats and Sandals

Wedges and Espadrilles
 I am seriously wanting the ribbon wedge on 2nd row right most
But I controlled myself as I own so many ribbon shoes! 

Kitten Heels and Strappy Shoes

The gorgeous jewelry box caught my attention with lovely accessories for fashionistas (fashion-lovers) out there!

And more necklaces and bracelets
Ferretti also creates selection of stylish bags!  From shoulder bags to handbags and roomy totes, one design caught my attention!  I stopped myself from purchasing one because I really do not need it for now.  (Note to self: Yes, I don't need it FOR NOW....no, I won't be going back....yes, probably next month?) hahahha

But you have to agree with me, the blue shoulder bag is just fabulous right?

Found it in gray too and you can strategically tuck in the shoulder strap and you get yourself a handbag!  Ok, 2-in-1, I need this!!!  *lol*

You wonder what I got in the store for less than 30 minutes?  2 Pairs of Shoes!  One pair from the Ferretti gift certificate and another pair because I *coughs* need like it!  It was a nice purchase because I've walked around with these and nothing hurts!  Seldom can I find shoes like that! 

 Black Open Toe Shoes
Php949.00 (approx $22.00)

Taupe Sandals
Php899.00 (approx $20.00)

Isn't it obvious that I look happy with my purchase?  I'll definitely go back to check out their next collection!  Thanks Liz of Project Vanity for re-introducing the brand to me!  I am proud  to purchase and wear Philippine-made items!


Ferretti can be found at Glorietta 5, Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, Landmark Trinoma and Makati, Robinson's Place Bacolod, Robinsons' Place Cagayan de Oro, Gaisano Mall of Davao and Gaisana Mall General Santos.  Ferretti can also be found inside department stores of Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, Shoe Center Greenhills, Shoe Center Alimall, Gaisano Illustre Davao, Victoria Plaza Davao, NCCC Ma-a Davao, Plaza Fair Limketkai CDO.

Have you visited the store?  
Which item caught your attention?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. whoa 2 pairs haha! gr8! how much is that bluey bag?:))

  2. I so love that taupe sandals and gray shoulder bag! they can match with almost anything.

  3. I've been looking for a bag in that color FOREVER! Must drop by soon!

  4. i love the taupe sandals!!! and your nails look sooooooooooooo cute

  5. wow..i have to visit that store soon!
    thanks for this post nikkidoodles :)

  6. I love the tan sandals. It looks comfortable and I love how you painted your toenails! :)

  7. i haven't been to their store! i'll visit one of these days! i like the blue bag too!!! sooo nice!

  8. I love the taupe sandals, they are very pretty!

  9. super lovin the gray satchel lookin bag ;-)

  10. geishcharles, I'm not sure but its around Php900 plus?

    Hollie, I know I know! Don't talk to me about the bag, I want to go back!

    Xin, agree!

  11. Kari, it's on Glorietta 5 branch! I hope you will be able to buy it!

    Joice, hahah thanks for checking out my toenails!

    Jhengster, naku, sure ko may matatype ka diyan!

  12. Ally, yes, it is very comfortable considering the height of it! Thanks for liking the toenails!

    Michelle, agree!!! Super cute no?

    Issa, oh no, save the bag for me ok? hahahah

  13. Gio, agree! I am happy I bought it!

    Marge, ay! High five!

  14. LOL at *because I *coughs* need like it!* ahahah i love you already! :)) love the gray shoulder bag and accessories!!!!!!! so fab!

  15. ang cute mo ate!! love the nails!!!

  16. haven't visited ferretti at gb5 but will do now :)

  17. Sexy ng legs mo Nikki!

  18. The Beauty-Addict, awww I love you too! thanks dear!

    Jamie, hahaha thanks! Pati nails talaga pinansin!

    Lala_sky, ooohh enjoy! :)

    Anonymous, echos! hahahhaa thanks!

  19. Wow, the one you bag you have in the picture is so pretty. I really love Feretti. Indeed there's one in RObinson here in Cagayan de Oro. I always go there when I feel I need to buy some stuffs like bags and shoes. I trust the name.

  20. @joyax I am glad the store is available wherever you are even at CDO! cool no? I wish they open up more stores, tiny as the store seems, there are gems inside!


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