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AMW Reports: New Hot & Cold Fragrances by United Colors of Benetton

Happy Monday!!!
When you say Benetton Fragrance, this is what comes into my mind....

The Original Hot + Cold Fragrance
by United Colors of Benetton

Since me and my sister were like fraternal twins back when I was still a "Miss", we used to purchase fragrances together and as the younger one, I look up to her and would go for whatever she went for!  She purchased her first HOT Fragrance so I ended up with the COLD.  It was a graduation for both of us, from baby cologne to Eau de Toilette.

As I grow older and starts to collect fragrances, the brand was put on the side as the brand has been quiet for quite some time.  Imagine the giddy feeling I had when I got an invite from my dear friend Emily for the new Hot & Cold fragrance?

"Finally!", I told myself, as I blocked the date as I'm quite excited to see what the brand has to offer!

The event was held at Johnny Rockets, Tomas Morato and we were asked to come in our casual black and white ensemble and add some of our favorite gold and/or silver bling!

After the calorie-infested meal which we don't mind!  *laughs*
Side note: I'm in love with their onion rings!!!!

 The main meal was served

As we enjoyed fun performance from the staffs of Johnny Rockets!  Bravo to them for doing the extra dancing even after a long day of serving! 

Ms. Emily Sia-Koa, Brand Manager for Midas Brand Management (a fragrance distribution company), officially welcomed bloggers and press people and shared to us "Who is the Benetton Consumer?"

Bloggers and various press people from print

Benetton Consumers are the ----
  • 15-25 year old consumers (though I'm above 25, I would say Benetton consumers are the young at heart!)
  • knows their personality (you bet I know my crazy personality!)
  • open minded (that's me!  Also green minded!  *laughs*)
  • to be actors of their lives (so true, we are all actors and actresses of our lives so it's high time to seize it!)
  • have strong affinity with the brand values and lifestyle (When I think about Benetton, I can still remember the ad that shows models of different colors coming from different cultures.  I have a strong belief of cultural embrace which makes us understand our brothers and sisters from different walks of life!)
  • like perfume
First, we were re-introduced with the old red (Rosso), yellow (Giallo) both for women and green (Verde) and blue (Blu) for men.  These are the four fragrances inspired by the colors of Benetton.  

 The 2 newest scent called Nero for Men and Bianco for Women.

Benetton Nero for Men
Cool and clean, fresh and forthright, a citrus woody scent that debuts with a sparking notes of blood tangerine, peppermint and grapefruit zest.  The coolness lingers through a spicy heart of mace, juniper berries and lemon tree wood, lending depth to the fragrance, then evolves towards a darkly vibrant dry-down of Indonesian patchouli, ebony wood and black musks.

Benetton Bianco for Women
Fuses fruity and floral fragrance essences into a seductively sparkling composition.  In the top note, luscious lychee pulp is complemented by bamboo sap and white mulberry, evolving into a feminine heart of white rose, grape flower and dewy jasmine.  The dry-down is soft and sweet, infused with notes of cocooning cotton musk, vanilla nd white patchouli.
Off the record, Mr. AMW likes Benetton Bianco more than Benetton Nero considering he is a man!  *laughs*  It was confirmed to us by Emily that it is normal to choose from the opposite gender's scent!  A lot of the bloggers from our table who are females liked Benetton Nero!  At the end of the day, it's a matter of choice!

Benetton Nero and Bianco Eau de Toilette will be available on counter June 2012 in all Fresh Fragrance bar and Leading Department Stores nationwide.
100ml - Php1,350.00 (approx $31.00)
30ml - Php875.00 (approx $20.00)

And that's not all!  The brand launched not only 2 new fragrances but 4!  I'm glad the iconic design of Hot & Cold fragrances was revisited!  The witty tap-shape cap is still there!  *yay*

Hot Gold for Women
Cold Silver for Men

Hot Gold For Women
This scent captures light and elegant fruit floral fragrance which opens with a bright bergamot note, rounded out by touches of golden apple and yellow peach.  The delicate heart blends star fruit and radiant rose with soft hints of mimosa, developing into a sensual dry-down of sandalwood, solar musks and golden amber.

Cold Silver for Men
This scent translates this cool, clean elegance into a virile fougere fragrance that immediately asserts its presence and dynamic top notes of yuzu, coriander and ginger.  In the heart, aromatic silver sage is spiced with a pinch of cardamom seeds.  The woody dry-down blends silver moss, mineral water and vibrant musks, creating a strong, yet unmistakably masculine signature.

Hot Gold for Women and Cold Silver for Men are available June 2012 in all Fresh Fragrance bar and Leading Department Stores nationwide.
100ml - Php1,350.00 (approx $31.00)

2 of the attendees with the best black and white ensemble plus the gold/silver bling were awarded the new Hot & Cold fragrances.  Guess what?  I was lucky enough to be the chosen one together with Earth! :)

Since Emily felt generous that night, she also gave away the 2 Nero and Bianco fragrances to the first 2 participants who Tweeted about the event!  Rowena and Jheng won!  Congratulations!
It was a casual, yet fun event!  It was great catching up with Emily and the rest of the girls!

 L-R Jamie, Jheng, Sophie, Me, Earth and Emily

The Brand Manager Emily and yours truly
Congratulations Emily for the wonderful event! 

And the photo op goes on...and on...and on... *laughs*

topshop black and white striped dress-like top
FitFlop Electra
Glam Fashion Clothing  Katie Gold Collar Necklace

Thanks Midas brand Management for the invite and the wonderful staffs from Johnny Rockets for the lovely dance number and service!

Have you tried any of the Benetton Fragrances?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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