Monday, May 28, 2012

The Googly Gooeys x AMW

I met Ponggo ang Tipsy during the Nuffnang Blog Awards held in Malaysia last year!  First impression?  They're a cute couple who's even cuter when I met their counterparts! :)

Since it was a huge group, it was difficult to really mingle and get to know everyone!  Funny how we got to catch up once we got back in Manila!  Tipsy and I ended up sending Twitter messages to each other and we followed each other via Instagram!  

Tipsy recently commented on how clueless she is on makeup (which I think is okay as she looks naturally beautiful!) and asked me to share 5 tips for the readers!  It was a quick, simple 5 tips that I shared to her and look what they've done!!! 

I'll print this and hang this in my room!  Oh, if you don't mine Tipsy and Ponggo, this is my current iPad wallpaper! :)

**photo from Googly Gooeys

Head on to their site and read about our collaboration by smiling and clicking HERE.
Thank you Googly Gooeys for acting the part so well! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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