Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Bulgogi Brothers

One thing you can't take away from me, is the comfort of eating my favorite food after a very long and tiring day!  I had a full day yesterday! We went in and out of the house around 3 times in the morning to do some errands then leave again in the afternoon and  head on to Makati for MAC Hey Sailor Collection Launch and of course, Benefit Porefessionally Pretty workshop!  

What's a great way to end a tiring day?  Good food, and what's my favorite dish?  (All together now....)  Korean!

Mr. AMW knew how much I love to down on some Korean food after any tiring day and he told me he'll take me to the Bulgogi Brothers which was conveniently located at Greenbelt 5! Aubrey (from Benefit) also joined us for dinner as we're both famished!

Free appetizers were served
The corn is very sweet, quail eggs and sweet potatoes.  It is quite unusual to see these served in local Korean restaurants but it's a nice change!

More appetizers with salad!  I am seriously hungry by this time so just to tell you the truth, this was all gone just around 5 minutes after the camera flash!  *laughs*  Poor me! :P

We've decided to go for house tea as they serve Oksusu Cha (Corn Tea) housed in a nice tumbler that retains warmth!

The well-prepared Mr. AMW was able to get a coupon from his colleague and we get to enjoy an appetizer for free!  For the night, it was a noodle soup!  I asked the lady the name of the dish but I just can't seem to remember!  Forgive me, brain isn't working when hungry!  So ask me the next dishes instead!  *laughs*

Bulgogi Brothers Special
Php1,495.00 (approx $35.00)
Special assorted bulgogi  is seasoned to perfection
 for the ultimate experience.
(Un-yang & Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi)

This was how it looked like raw and they helped us cooked this as we were seated outside so we're not aloud to cook anything on our table!  

Once cooked, the heart shaped "burger" is my favorite!  It may look dry but once you take a bite, it's very sweet and tasty and no extra sauce is needed!  Both are must try and it was stated this dish is good for 2-3 people.  I'm just a bit confused on why they only served 1 rice bowl together with this dish!  I don't mind though as we ordered Bibimbap! :)

Sogogi Japchae
Php350.00 (approx $8.14)
A colorful dish made with glass noodle beef, bell pepper
and onions seasoned with soy sauce
Uniquely plated!  I like the presentation and the taste was really good!  A hint of sesame oil can definitely be tasted and the added Dukbokki on the side gives a unique texture!

Bulgogi Bibimbap
Php395.00 (approx $9.20)
A traditional Korean favorite.  
Great combination of bulgogi, 
various vegetables and rice.
Definitely a very nutritious and delicious meal!  If you're a "weekend food tripping" reader of mine, you'll know that I would never miss a Bibimbap on any Korean restaurant I try!  This is not the best BUT it is good enough to make my senses go wild!  I love how fresh their vegetables are, and the red paste on the side is such a great idea so people can control the spicy level to their liking!

The servers were very helpful and prompt with our orders!  Though we dined outside the restaurant, I was able to check out what's inside and I see they have good exhaust system! Overall, I had a wonderful time and food tastes really good!  

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card.
Bulgogi Brothers
3/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(632) 621-6216

Have you tried Bulgogi Brothers?
This is our first and definitely not our last!  We'll definitely go back for more!
What do you think shall we order next?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Bulgogi Brothers Special really looks appetizing!

  2. I just ate here last Thursday and I loved it! I think me and my companions asked for a refill of the salad at least 6x because it's free and it tastes so good. My favorite is the bulgogi seoul style coz it has juices :)

    1. wow, hindi na kami naka ask ng refill! sobrang nabusog na kasi kami! sayang, sige gawin ko yan next time! hahahha :))

  3. i want the japchae and beef!! i miss korean food, we pigged out on authentic ones during our very recent trip to seoul. :(

    1. Ohh I missed Seoul, i want to go back, I just dreamed about visiting Korea again last night!

  4. apetizer pa lng sis naka2busog na...nice review

    1. Sis! kung pwede ko lang balikan kahit appetizer! heheheh nakakamiss! I really love Korean Dishes, would you believe I ate at a Korean restaurant twice over the weekend? hehehe What's your favorite dish?

  5. I love Bulgogi Brothers! You shiuld try their tofu steak too! :)


    1. Ohh I was just looking at the Tofu steak but we stopped ourselves from ordering more! we can't finish them all!


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