Thursday, July 26, 2012

AMW Makeovers: Gorgeous Girls Ready to Face a Festive Wedding

Good day everyone!  I hope you're in a good mood right now as I am!  So far, God is good as I can still do the things I love to do, at the same time, having loads of fun!

A couple of weekends ago or was it 2 weekends ago?  *scratches head*  I did makeup for 4 lovely ladies whom I felt comfortable with in an instant!  Sue me!  I tend to chitchat at work so if you're looking for a quiet makeup artist, ahmmm....just ask me to keep quiet!  My feelings won't get hurt...I promise! :P

In this post, I will not talk about the content of our conversations as I have my own confidentiality clause *ahem* (I'm trying to be professional here! lol) but I will definitely share to you what I've done for their makeovers! 

My rule of the thumb, I try my best not to make my clients look similar! I prefer talking to clients, ask them if they have any makeup looks they want and probably give a bit of suggestions so the client will know what to expect!  I also like to chat a bit at the same time, take a quick look at their bare faces, that's the best time I note down the areas I want to enhance and see if there's anything they want to hide.

Puffy eyes?  Dark under eye circles?  Freckles?  Red spots?  

You don't see anything?  Well, it is OKAY to ask.  I have to admit, there are times I don't see what they see! I can't argue with them, they own their faces for their whole lifetime! 

Sister of the Bride (SOB #1)
Skin type: Combination - oily and normal
Request: Do some contouring, make her look good on photos
SOB#1 has great skin to start with and I took time picking the right foundation for her as it is very easy to make a mistake with fair-skinned girls.  To add a natural "tint", I've added a bit of warm-toned foundation to match the shade of her neck.  

As soon as I got the base covered, I proceeded by fixing her eyebrows, filling the gaps and set with brow gel as it is a whole day event, I don't want her walking around with uneven brows!  

Then comes the eye makeup, I want to create a "lifted" effect so I concentrated on applying dark shadows on the outer corner of her eyes extending it a bit making her eyes appear larger!  I've done a simple daytime smokey makeup and enhanced the shape of her eyes with a dark brown gel liner!  Since SOB#1 advised me to make sure I'm putting waterproof liner on her as she "may cry", I've decided to apply the rest of the gel liner on my brush to the lower lash line using short strokes.

I enjoyed contouring and highlighting her face as I already have all her features in my mind that I would like to "pop".  With a natural blush shade that matches her lip color, it was a soft, natural, yet enhanced look!

Sister of the Bride 2 (SOB #2)
Skin type: Combination - oily on T-zone normal on the rest
Request: Natural makeup but has to put colors so as not to look pale.
SOB#2, same as SOB#1 has gorgeous skin to start with so creating a base isn't difficult at all!  I took time applying more on the under eye area and the sides of her nose.  SOB#2 has deep set of eyes so what I did was to use a matte colored eyeshadow (2 shades darker than her skin) and enhanced her deep crease, with the same technique as SOB#1, I've decided to "lift up" the sides of her eyes.  This technique does not only make you look wide awake, it also can make a person look younger.  

A very natural blush was used as I also contoured her cheeks to create higher cheekbones.  For lipstick, a bright colored pink lipstick was used.

Sister-in-law 1 (SIL #1)
Skin type: Oily
Request: Light makeup that can withstand long hours plus running around for her kids
Since SIL#1 has bright skin to start with, I used it as my inspiration to create a makeup that's bright and fresh.  After finding the right foundation shade for her, I let the foundation sit for a couple of minutes as I do the rest of her face.  Eyebrows were trimmed and groomed to create a shape then a simple eye makeup was done just to enhance her eyes.  

As soon as I'm done with the eye makeup, I proceeded by "setting" the foundation using a blush on her cheeks and a dark foundation powder to contour.  For the rest of her face, I lightly dust a shade lighter powder foundation just to "set" her makeup and stopped myself from creating a matte look.  

The lipstick was approved by SIL#1 and I like how her lipstick can make the "already young looking mom" younger looking!

Sister-in-law 2 (SIL #2)
Skin type: Normal
Request: Cover her under eye dark circles and some breakouts

SIL#2 was worried on how dark her undereye circles are and how obvious her breakouts were.  I immediately told her to calm down as I assured her I can make them disappear as I don't find them even obvious to start with!  

I took time mixing foundation shades and finally, was able to match her foundation to her neck.  To cover up the redness, I corrected the reddish area plus breakouts with a green concealer then proceeded with foundation application. 

As soon as I'm contented with the coverage plus the client is comfortable with the base makeup (she's not used to having herself prettified so she's a bit worried), I proceeded by trimming her brows and redefined the shape using medium brown eyebrow pencil (as client has colored hair).  

I picked a rust colored eyeshadow shade together with dark brown matte eyeshadow for a romantic look.  At the end, I added a bit of shimmery beige eyeshadow at the center of her eye lid for a natural glow each time she blinks!  A waterproof pencil was used as I slowly smoked it out with a pencil brush for a nice gradient effect.  

A very natural blush and lip color was also used as her kid isn't happy with "mommy putting on makeup" *teehee*  I don't think her son will be happy seeing his mom sporting a bright red lipstick! 

** Note: Hair done by Kim Tan Rodriguez.

Overall, I had fun creating various looks for each individual!  Different clients have different needs and it doesn't hurt to listen to them. :)

Which among the 4 makeup looks would you sport if you're attending a very special event?

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  1. I love the looks Nikki! Very natural but blooming..My mom and sis will love you for that haha ^_^

    1. Glad you do! hahahah about you? will you love me like your mom and sis? Hehehe joke lang :)

    2. I already love you haha that's why I'll get you as my MUA when I get married ^_^

  2. mariellafran.blogspot.comJuly 26, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    I like 'em all! It's like magic how u enhanced their beauty. Kudos!

  3. oh, i can't decide which I like most! lahat maganda! :)

  4. They all look so beautiful! Well done!

  5. all of them are transformed by your magic hand! Their eyes looked lifted and younger. Very good job, sister.

    1. yay! Thank you so much for your compliment! :)

  6. You made all of them look more beautiful. You're my inspiration Nikki, great job!

    1. awww your statement puts a huge smile on my face, I'm glad to inspire someone! Thank you for saying so! :)


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