Monday, July 23, 2012

AMW Reports: Yves Rocher Store Visit

Last weekend was crazy, I was pumped to be busy but the rain stopped me and turned me into a cute piglet!  *laughs*  Nevertheless, I'm glad I was able to attend the Yves Rocher Bloggers Event at Trinoma Mall.  Thanks to Mr. AMW for driving me as I dislike driving to Trinoma!  (Don't ask me why, hihihi!) 

I'm glad I wasn't late and I breezed through the store like I've been there gazillion times!  I'm glad to see familiar faces, my friend Vianca (my ex-colleague) is now the Brand Manager of Yves Rocher Philippines!  So proud of her!

I am not new to Yves Rocher brand as I have read and researched so much about the brand (for work) and we were actually placing some candidates to work for Yves Rocher, China years ago!  I just can't believe they're finally here and I get to see what they were talking about regarding the good price points and the power of plants! 

Yves Rocher, a French brand, is a plant-based cosmetics products.  The brand is actually regarded as France's pioneer of botanical beauty! 

The store size isn't too big nor too small, it's just perfect to see everything in a glance!  I took notice on a huge "Mid-Year Sale" sign as soon as you enter the store.  20% off on some items then some products under Php500.00 (approx $12.00)!

Brace yourself, I blinked so much when I went to the body care area!  50ml Body Lotion that smells super wonderful costs only Php100.00 (approx $2.50) and mind you, these are retail price and not on sale!

More body related products ranging from Php80.00-180.00.  I am so happy they have tiny sizes of products for consumers to test on the product first before plunging into bigger sizes!  

More body care products that can nourish and relieve your skin from day-to-day fatigue.

I was told that every year, Yves Rocher develops close to 30 new botanical active ingredients and uses over 1,100 species of plants to address all skin care needs.  Each product developed are there to respond to specific needs of oily, dull, sensitive or dehydrated skin!  

I appreciate the fact that they divide their body and skin care ranges that way as I have went in to some stores that doesn't have a single product meant for dry and very sensitive skin!

Hair Products
I got so excited that I get to pick the last piece of Eclat Radiance.  It's a rinsing vinegar for the hair!  I can't wait to use it and share you my experience and the best of all?  It costs Php350.00 (approx $8.20)! *crosses my fingers hoping it works*

I get to sniff 3 of the best selling scents and shall I say, they are indeed worth checking out!

Facial Care
Moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging products were all made available to target specific needs of each consumers.  

With all the wide array of products in front of me, I asked the top selling skin care product of Yves Rocher and I was told it's the Elixir 7.9.  7.9 because it is a combination of seven botanical extracts and nine anti-aging patents! 
Php1,190.00 (approx $27.80)

Last but not the least, the Make-Up area of Yves Rocher.  Thinline's Jeff Songco actually asked me to visit this area last as he knew it'll take me forever here!

I spy various liquid foundations, concealers and powdered foundations.

Eye shadows, blushes, eye liners and lipsticks!

I had a fun evening visiting the store!  I learned so much more about the brand and I can't wait to start trying out their products!  Again, I am so happy price points are very competitive!

Me and Jeff Songco (Thinline)

AMW and Yves Rocher Philippines' Brand Manager Vianca Tan

I'm glad to have shared to shopping experience
 with Kira and Jheng!

  • To learn more about the brand, feel free to visit Yves Rocher Website or like the local Facebook Fan Page (Yves Rocher France Philippines).
  • Yves Rocher is located at TriNoma Mall, SM North Edsa The Block, SM South Mall, SM Fairview and Ayala Center Cebu.

Thanks Thinline, Vogue Concepts and Mr. AMW for accompanying me!
Have you seen Yves Rocher in the Philippines?
Have you tried any of their products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hello achie

    I also bought the Eclat Radiance and I am using it for the past few days. I love the scent and of course, its effect. Actually, I can't wait to rave about the brand over at the blog.


    1. Yay, so excited to read how you feel about it! thanks

  2. I love their organic vanilla lotion and shower gel. Smells soooooo good! Makes the skin soft and supple too!

    1. Now you got me intriguied with Vanilla lotion!

  3. OMG! Jeff Songco was my former schoolmate in Beda Alabang! :D

  4. i love Yves Rocher !
    but it looks like it is really cheaper in the Ohilippines than here in France :o


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    1. wow really? that's great news for us! Well I did ask why their price points are really lower than most imported brands and I was told they manufacture their own products (no suppliers) so it goes straight from Yves Rocher France to consumers!

  5. omg never thought yves rocher would be affordable! i mean, at first glance it sounds expensive. :) around what price range are their cosmetics miss nikki? :) love love love their lavender body wash! so calming :)

    1. Same here! Before I got in the store, I have this sinking feeling that it's going to be pricey! But when I saw the price signs, I had my mouth open ":O" like that! And re: makeup, I didn't take notice to ALL of them but basically, powder foundation would be around Php500+ ,liquid foundation is probably the most expensive around Php999. Most of the products or almost all the products were less than Php1000, and best of all! some were on sale! I bought a bronzer/powder duo for Php500 instead of 699 :)

  6. whenever i go to the block lagi ako pumapasok dito,the SA made me try their primer slash moisturizer i forgot the name sa nose area ko and i kinda like it.

    1. Buti ka pa! I seldom go to North EDSA area kaya I don't get to visit the store much! Ohh the primer sounds interesting! I have tried their liquid foundation, promising siya!

  7. wahh i was there sa trinoma that time sana pla pumasok ako i thought para sa mga invited lang ..

    1. I saw there were some buyers going in :) Not just the invited :)

  8. Do they have a store in makati?

  9. hi. may i know how much is the ambre noir perfume. the 100ml. thanks!


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