Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is How I Do it: Quick Day Time Look

Good morning AMW friends!  Today is another "This is How I Do it" series!  I was asked by one of my reader how I usually do my makeup on a regular work-day!  Well, since I work from home, I usually go "bare-faced" but on days I need to go somewhere for a quick event or meeting, here's how I create a look that I'm very comfortable with and I'm sure I still look like myself!  (Hopefully, the better version! :P)

Here are some of the products I used ----

  1. Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush - used to buff my powder foundation.
  2. Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush - used to buff my bronzer or blush.
  3. MAC 217 Blending Brush - for eye shadow application.
  4. BB Cream of choice - I use various BB Creams but my favorite is still the Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream.
  5. Eyeliner pencil - I use various brands but in this tutorial, I am using Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil.
  6. Liquid liner or gel liner - in this tutorial I used the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner Waterproof
  7. Eyeshadow palette of choice - on photo is the KATE Eyeshadow CQ in BR2
  8. Lip gloss - on a regular day, I prefer non-sticky lipgloss.  In this tutorial I pulled out the Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lip Gloss in BE706.
  9. Concealer of choice - On photo is Yves Rocher Pure System Blemish Corrector.
  10. Powder foundation - I use various foundations from Revlon, L'Oreal, Royal Effem, Clinique, MAC, Majolica Majorca etc...  In this tutorial I pulled out L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation as I'm aiming for a powder that gives "brightening" effect.
  11. Mascara - again, it depends on my mood either I would like to go for lenghtening, volumizing or I'll do both (but takes longer time).  On photo, Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies.
  12. Blush or Bronzer (again, this depends on my mood).  In this tutorial, I used Yves Rocher Bronzer and Shimmer Powder Duo.
  13. Eyelash Curler by Shu Uemura.
In this tutorial, I am not asking you to use the same products mentioned above, feel free to use what you have and you could always add or deduct the steps!  It all depends on your choice of makeup!  Here's my quickest, easiest way to look "made up" that takes only five minutes of my time!  (Something about me: I dislike spending so much time on my face on a daily basis.)

I won't talk much in this tutorial about concealing and foundation application as I may talk about it on a separate post!  After you're done with the base, proceed by doing your brows (I used Benefit's Brows A-Go Go tutorial here)

If you have oily lids, you may need to apply an eyelid primer.  In this tutorial, I skipped this step ONLY if I know I won't be stressed or won't be under the sun for long,

With a blending brush, I applied a medium toned matte brown eyeshadow all over the lid not going above the eye socket.  Feel free to wing the eyeshadow or create round edges as shown on diagram below.

Since I don't have deep set of eyes, I deepen the look of the crease by applying a darker brown eyeshadow on the outer-V. 

I blend as much as I can until harsh lines are invisible!  At this stage, don't worry about fall outs, you can brush them off later on.

Since brown eye shadows may look "dark", I prefer to pick a light, glittery eyeshadow and apply it right at the center of my crease.  I like to see some "sparkles" each time I blink, it's a nice way to uplift my own mood!
(Note: I only use 1 palette in this tutorial)

If I'm in a hurry, I prefer to use a liquid liner to define my eyes.  If you're not comfortable with liquid liner, feel free to use your choice of pencil liners that are waterproof!

The next step is optional, some prefer to leave liner application only on the upper lash line, in my case, I want to further define and change the shape of my eyes, I picked a dark brown pencil and gently apply on the waterline.  Dark brown eyeliner will look more natural than black, black may look too harsh for day time.

How to make eyes appear wide effect?  By curling your lashes!  I used to skip this step but I can't deny the fact that curling my lashes makes a huge difference!

Apply a few coats of mascara.  I tend to apply 3 coats max as I don't want my lashes to be weighed down by mascara.

Since I'm addicted to coffee and can't start my morning without it, I prefer to use lipgloss instead of lipstick as they tend to transfer to my mug!  I opt for lip gloss then bring with me a lipstick for retouch!  In that way, my lips won't turn out super dry mid-day!

Final Eye Makeup
Quick and Easy perfect for day time!

Overall Look
Instead of a regular pink or peach colored blush, I used a Bronzer and apply it on my temples and apples of cheeks for a healthy glow.  I don't look as pale as I did prior to the makeover :)

That completes my "This is How I do It: Quick Day Time Look", I can actually go for less but I want to show you a more complete version!  

Do we have a similar Day Time Look?
How long does it take for you to create a quick, natural day time makeup?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. yey pretty everyday look nikki :D

  2. Love the look, Nikki. Undeniably, you're my number one beauty look blogger! Question: the shadows you used in this tut were all from the Kate palette lang, right?

    1. LOL that's a sweet comment and nakaka touch coming from you! Oh..with re: to your query, yes it's just ONE palette :) the Kate one :)

  3. Yay! I do the same, too! But lately, I try to wear less eye makeup when I'm just going somewhere near (church, etc)... hehehe... =D

    1. I know what you mean, on days I really don't need all the fuz, I just do everything minus eyeshadows and I'm off! As long as I have liner on, I'm safe hehehe

  4. love it nikki!!! ang ganda ng eyeshadow shades perfect sa office!! :)

    1. Thanks Donna! I agree, these are the shades that would work on any business scenario and of course, any outfit!

  5. Posts like this are what really helps beginners like me! Thanks for writing tutorials Nikki!

    1. I'm glad to be of help and let me know if you have other requests :)

  6. Ahlavit! Great job Nikki! Love your new segment, "This is how I do it" and yes the song plays in my mind..hehehe

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this new segment.. now ..together... let's raise our arms and say: "Oh weh oh weh Oh Oh, Oh weh, Oh weh yo!" hahahhaa

  7. I super love the look! Its simple and pretty....and super effortless pa! great post Ms. Nikki! :)

  8. Simple and pretty, love it!

  9. Hi ms.nikki, makeup really looks good on u cos u really have a great skin :) Looking forward to your next workshop, hope I could join :D

    1. hi Learnfrommom, actually makeup looks good on EVERYBODY! we just need to make sure it's applied correctly depending on the needs of each individual :) I'll definitely let you guys know if I have another workshop coming up! :) thanks

  10. hi ms.nikki,makeup really looks good on u coz u really do have a great skin :D
    Looking forward to your next workshop, hope i could join :D

  11. whew! that was quick! hope I can do that someday too. still a makeup newbie.

    you look pretty by the way :)

    1. Hi ceej, I used to imagine myself doing quick makeup 10 yrs ago and guess what? I finally managed to practice on my face and I still have proofs on my first few works and they aren't the greatest! I guess, the moral is, you can start now and practice then you'll be gone from being a newbie! :)

      Thank you for your compliment and thanks for taking the time to comment! Love ya! :)

  12. ganda! :) i wish i had thick brows too..

    1. you can always draw your brows a bit thicker! :)

  13. hi! thank you for this post, very easy top understand =) do you have any article for beginners on how to line the eyebrows? it has always been my problem as i tend to line my brows very dark and heavy. thanks very much!

  14. This blog of yours educates me a lot and certainly give me smarts when it comes to cosmetics. Keep it coming!


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