Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is How I Do It: Easiest way to Trim and Groom Eyebrows

Hi AMW Friends!
Today, I will be sharing "my way" on how to trim and groom the brows the easiest way!  Keep in mind that it takes practice, patience and a whole lot of effort!  I hope my mini tutorial will help you guys who are scared to fix their own brows!  

If I haven't stress enough, well, let me say this again.  Eyebrows can make or break your appearance and I learned that a bit too late!  I'm not asking you to start staring at your brows in front of the mirror right this very moment and start plucking like there's no tomorrow!  Since this tutorial is done for beginners, here are some tips you should at least consider before trimming and grooming your brows.

Have your brows shaped, cut and groomed by professionals!  Professionals consider your face shape before grooming your brows and the right arch and thickness are also considered to match your face.  You can go for an inexpensive Php50.00 (approx $1.00) eyebrow shaving from neighborhood salon.  If you're used to having your brows done, you may try Benefit Brow Bar or Browhaus for eyebrow waxing needs. Or if you have super high tolerance to pain, you may also give Eyebrow Threading a try!

I've done all three, and my favorite would be eyebrow waxing but due to time constraint, I always end up in our neighboring salon for a quick shave at a super affordable price! 

Now that you took your pick on how to have your brows professionally done, what's next?  Well, let's start taking care of the perfect shape to prolong the professional visit and trust me, it helps save your hard-earned money!  

Step 1:
Stand in front of the mirror and check the "original" shape done by the professional.  Always start with clean brows free from brow products.

Step 2:
Use any eye cream or moisturizing face cream.  I picked Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.

Apply tiny amount of the moisturizer below your brows as shown on photo below.  The reason for this is to prevent friction between the skin and blade.

Step 3:
I personally prefer the short eyebrow shavers which I got from Daiso.  Gently lift your brows upwards and shave the short eyebrows that are just starting to grow.

Step 4:
With Charm Dream Brow Duo, use the spoolie side and brush the brow hairs and check if you missed any "new hair growth".

Step 5: (optional)
This step is optional and is needed only if your brows tend to grow longer than usual.  With a spoolie brush, gently brush the inner corner of your brows upwards.  Using a small scissors, trim only the sharp edges of the hair.

Continue doing so on the mid-section of your eyebrows...

last but not the least, the outer edge of your brows.

Some are more comfortable trimming the brows directly without the help of eyebrow comb or spoolie.  This can be done only if you're used to trimming your own brows!

I hope my simple tips help!  If you have any other tips, feel free to click comment below and share your simplest way on trimming and grooming your brows!

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  1. so pro! i am used to getting my brows threaded by professional, i can't bear the pain of tweezing the hair, but at the same type i am too clumsy with blade ><

    1. Threaded by professional? It's a HUGE OUCH! lol your professional must have the hands of an angel!!! :)

      I used to be clumsy too but now, I can't as I'm a makeup artist and I need to do some brows grooming and trimming on clients whether I like it or not! lol

  2. yeees! I like using that stuuf too :) So time saving :)

    Hope U feel better soon Nikki :)

    1. Thanks Anastacia for checking, I'm still having the morning sickness, it did lessen but it's still there! :)

  3. We have the same technique of grooming the brows :)

  4. I gotta have those short eyebrow razors! The ones I got from Watson's were too long that I accidentally cut a portion of my lashes... TT__TT

    Nice tutorial, Eonni! It's similar to how I also do my brows! ^__^

    1. Yup! I know what you mean about the longer ones! they have a lot of those short ones at Daiso or Japan 88 store! Give it a check!

  5. your new banner is super cute!

    I have a spoolie, but I still use my fingers to do a spoolie's work...dunno why really...

    1. Thanks, Glad you liked my new banner dear!

      Ohhhhh fingers? you must be really an expert! :)

  6. I'm glad I am on the right track. I use the same technique :)

    1. hahahah talagang right track ha? ehhee I'm sure there are a lot of other techniques too but I find this the easiest no?

  7. I really hate using blade even though it's not much painful compared to plucking because of the accident happened when i was a child wherein i accidentally cut my brows in the middle of my arch.,huhu.,anyways that was before now i think im loving using plucking motion because it does minimize the growth of those hairs.,like shaving i've figured that when u shave it really does make grow faster.,hahaha

    1. Oh no I am so sorry about the accident and I would understand why you would be scared to use blade again! I love plucking as the growth of the hair is longer and I don't need to shave every now and then, but I guess it's the easiest way for me since I'm always on a rush :D


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