Saturday, December 8, 2012

AMW Makeovers: Groom's Side Engagement Party

Happy Saturday AMW Friends!  By the time you're reading this, I'm off to Tagaytay for a short R&R!  I've wanted to relax and enjoy fresh air while my tummy isn't as huge yet!  So I'll definitely be updated you through Twitter (@AskMeWhats) and Instagram (@AskMeWhats) so please follow me there! :D

Today, I will be sharing to you the makeover I did for a gorgeous family at Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar located at Shaw Boulevard.  The place is super cozy and gorgeous by the way so it really helps made me feel relaxed amidst the crazy nausea!  (I was on my 2nd-3rd month of pregnancy then.)

Skin type: Normal
Request: Very natural makeup
Mother of the groom requested for a super natural look so I focused on prepping her skin by taking time to moisturize it and apply layer after layer of moisturizing foundation from RMK.  I covered her dark undereye circles with a salmon colored concealer prior to foundation application.  

The shape of her brows is great but it was a bit too light so I had to redefine it with the use of eyebrow pencil.  For eye makeup, I have opted for a bronze shade to give her a temporary lift.  

A bit of contouring was done on her cheeks and nose, a peach colored blush was used and a deep orange red shade of lipstick was applied.  So far, I guess Client Mom is quite comfortable with her overall look! (I hope!)

Sister 1
Skin type: Normal
Request: Cover skin darkness due to late-night sleep
All the sisters have gorgeous skin and face so I didn't have any hard time in creating looks for them!  Sister 1 had a loooong day at work and had only a couple of hours of sleep so I've decided to brighten up her eye area and cover skin shadows and darkness for her to look like she had 8 hours of sleep!

I took time correcting the darkness under her eyes and some spots on her chin and leave the rest of her face with minimal foundation.  I used 2 shades of foundation on her, a shade lighter at the center of her face and a shade closest to her original skin tone on the rest of the face.  

I matched her brow color with her hair and applied a very natural matte colored shade of eyeshadow and added falsies.

Since I visualized her to look "dainty" and "princess-like" on her brother's special day, I've decided to use a matte pink blush and matte pink colored lipstick.

Sister 2
Skin type: Combination (oily/dry)
Request: Any look that match her
Sister 2 came home for her brother's wedding the night before so she's obviously tired and skin gets a bit dry due to plane ride.  

For the base, I've used oil-control primer on areas that oil up and moisture the dry patches and let it sit for a couple of minutes before I start with foundation application.

It is quite tricky to conceal some of her skin darkness and spots as they fall on the area of "dry spots" so it is difficult to use any concealer that could dry up those areas even more so I've decided to use a cream based foundation to cover up her under eye circles and redness.  It is very important to "layer" and blend them really well to prevent obvious patches.

As for the brows, her brows are perfectly shaped so all I need to do was the fill in some spaces and darken it a bit.  For the eyes, I used a combination of champagne, gold and brown shadows creating a "lifted" look.

Of course, it's one of the most "photographed"  events so I contoured her face giving her definition and finished up with a reddish brown lipstick that matches her blush.

Sister 3
Skin type: Natural
Request: Natural makeup suited for her age
Sister 3, the youngest sister told me the color of her dress (deep purple) and I've decided use that shade as an inspiration!  Same as Sister 2, I didn't get to whip up my concealer and layered her foundation to cover her skin imperfections (which isn't much).

As for eye makeup, I used cream, deep purple and black eyeshadow blending them all together making it a bit difficult to pinpoint the main shade used!

I also picked dainty colors for the rest of her face to suit her age and gave the rest of her face some contouring for her to smile and be ready for the camera!

It was one of the most difficult makeover I've done not because it was difficult to prettify them but it was the peak of my morning sickness.  The family was very helpful and supportive of my pregnancy that I didn't feel any pressure at all and was able to finish my task in no time!  

Thank you for the trust and I hope to do another round of makeover with you guys soon!

Which one is your favorite "makeover" look?

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