Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year + Giveaway!

Congratulations to ---

Happy New Year AMW Friends!
How was the New Year's Eve Party?  Mine was celebrated just like any year but bidding Year 2012 was really special to me as I bid goodbye to a wonderful year with my baby angel! :)

And since today is the first day of 2013, I think there's no better way to celebrate this special day by hosting a contest!  To give will always be better than to receive!  

Do you still remember my recent Eureka Moment: My 2013 Planner post?  I actually bought two Grassroots Patent Croc 2013 Planner!  One for me and another one for....guess who?  Of course YOU!  My dear reader who has always been very supportive of my blog!  Isn't it cute how the winner and I could be "soul sisters" (planner wise)?  :P

Here's how to join:
  • Like AskMeWhats on Facebook.
  • Comment in this post with your name and email address.
  • Comment only once per person.
  • Answer this question: "Out of all the AMW posts you read for the past years, which post is your favorite or which particular post caught your attention and why?"
  • Contest is open to both Philippine and International readers!  
  • Contest starts today ends January 6, 2012.
  • 1 winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • Winner's name will be posted in this post.
  • Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours after email was sent or a new winner will be picked.
  • Price will be shipped by yours truly.
Have a prosperous 2013!  
Stay safe, healthy and happy!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Krysta Ly Rivera
    I love all your character nail art tutorial specially the Pow! Bam! Boom! one... I love it...

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Say Hi to Little AMW is the post I remember the most. Babies are a blessing and I love reading about wonderful news such as your pregnancy. :)

  3. eloisa mago
    i love ur inspirational story in the bobbi brown prett powerful post

  4. Carolyn Santos (FB iflip.over)
    Though late in the year, your post about your taal Vista food trip (http://www.askmewhats.com/2012/12/weekend-food-trip-at-taal-vista-hotel.html) shared by another blogger is what caught my attention and made me discover your wonderful blog. And I've been enjoying receiving since then your reviews and ideas (and adventures) as well as reading some back posts (mostly cosmetics reviews) and your posts. I have been curious about the BDJ box for some time now and thanks to you I know what the box contains haha!

  5. Tintin Jarvina
    I love reading your Eureka Moments, its a great way of looking for something less expensive but works well. I also love reading your bloggers events since I might not be familiar with other bloggers but with your posts, I started to read other bloggers as well. Then lastly, I love reading your food tripping with Mr. AMW, it helps me to check restaurants worth visiting and of course what to eat. Happy New Year...

  6. Nimfa May Idea
    My favorite post so far is your aftermath about pregnancy because I am also preggy right now, just like you. I'm 34 weeks and also a first time mom :)

  7. Shelviana H
    i like http://www.askmewhats.com/2012/05/some-changes-on-my-skincare-regimen.html because i'm so curious about clarins and your skin care regimes >w<

  8. Raine Rafael rainerafael@ovi.com
    My favorite so far is your Fairydrops Base Mascara! :) I'm a newbie in wearing false eyelashes and I've always had a problem in removing waterproof mascara. When I read this on your post: "If applied before the waterproof mascara, one can easily remove the waterproof mascara with lukewarm water." I was like, YAY! And the vanilla scent is an added bonus, too!

  9. The one that caught my attention is you being pregnant!! I was just so happy knowing you will have little AMW and then a month later, little did I know I was also pregnant.. :) :)

    Name: Theodemae Maliza
    email: theodemae_maliza@yahoo.com

  10. Arianne Guardino
    Your Php88 Makeup Belt Tool Eureka Moment! and Basement Academy posts! I got really inspired by the avant-garde look you did; parang Mystique ang peg. Since then I've been rooting for that makeup school for when I study makeup this year after graduation!

  11. leilani sonza

    I love your travel posts so muuuuch!!!
    Thank you for letting us in your travel secrets.
    Like the best places to go, where to dine, shop and stay in countries like Korea and Japan.

    I am waiting for the next one!!
    Goodluck to your baby!

  12. leilani sonza

    I love your travel posts sooooooo much!!
    I love how you gave tips on where to shop, dine and stay in Korea and Japan!

    I will wait for more travel posts this year!

    Goodluck to your baby!

  13. lyn celestino

    when you introduced lil' AMW! im so happy and excited for you sis! another blessing to look forward to!

  14. What I love the most is your post on how to apply nail polish the right way. I had a hard time applying polishes before and when I read your post on how to do it right, it was then a piece of cupcake! So easy. Thanks for the tips! Let me also add that it was the first post I read from your blog years ago and I became a fan ever since.

    Happy 2013!

    Jennifer Maranan

  15. I love your skincare and foundation posts as I have dry skin and skin asthmas too. Your suggestions are always useful. Keep up to good work. Aja!

  16. I always look out for your skincare and foundation posts as I have dry skin and skin asthma too. Your suggestions are always useful.
    Keep up the good work. Aja!

    Cherry Delfin

  17. I'm a fan of your wedding makeup gig posts! I love how you showed the pre-makeup look and then explained the steps needed to achieve the desired wedding looks of the bride, groom, and their family. I also appreciate that you always remind us readers to "Smile"! Funny but I actually smile when I read that from you. Happy new year Ms. Nikki! :)

    Jaslene Lustro

  18. I will always be a fan of your EUREKA moments. SObrang naeenjoy ko talaga basahin. Most especially if the products are affordable. Double YEHEY! :) and I Love your eyeshadow application tutorial/photos. Madami talaga kong natutunan. I even remembered saving your eye chart so I can have reference when I'm trying eyeshadows for the first time. :) Thanks a lot for that and for all your posts.

    - Belle B.

  19. happy new year to u sis!!! glad that 2012 ended really well for u :D and i can't wait to meet baby AMW!

  20. Maria Louella Dalistan

    I like the one with your Getaway to Nasugbu Batangas :)

  21. I enjoy reading your blog since 2011. But I really got inspired at your July '12 Wedding Makeover Blog. I tweeted you right after I read the blog (July 26'12 9:18am). Sobrang bilib ako sa transformation. Then you replied "I think at the end of the day, it takes practice, and I mean lots of that :) You can do it! :) try lang ng try!" Because of that, I buy and tried learning how to use make-up and make-up brushes by following your tips. I buy stuff one at the time and try to imitate your technique and experimenting in blending colors. (And hubby thinks I'm becoming a make-up hoarder-been buying new make-up every now and then). And you’re right... It takes a lot of patience and practice to do great make-up. My “artistry” was put into test when I have to do my BOSS' make-up for our company Christmas Party (my boss is too lazy to go to the parlor so she asked me to do for her since she noticed my make-up was really nice). How can I say NO? Of course I have to do it! I was so nervous but I was able to pull it off! Now I'm confident that I can do my own (and other people's) make-up.And I really owe it to you AMW. Thank you so much for the encouragement and sharing your knowledge. Love all of your post - can't wait to see Baby AMW! Keep on inspiring women!

    BTW, I really want to win the planner… iba pa rin ang dating kung galing kay Ms. AMW! Idol!

    -Katie Pascua Gee aka @KatiesCloset

  22. Gina May J. Mungcal

    Happy New Year! Your post about the gender of your baby because everyone are excited about it especially us, your readers! :D

  23. I've been a fan of your blog for nearly five years! It started with the post on Face Shop Changpo product line. Since then, I've been following your blog regularly. I'm also an avid fan of your Eureka Moment, because it showcases great ideas, most of which are quite affordable.

    Maria Cristina Martinez

  24. Jan Karen Ku

    Posts about your giveaways because I love joining contests! :)

  25. I really liked your blog post about your trip to Korea! It made me want to go there myself. :)

    Iya Valenzuela

  26. I like/favorite your blog post about products that really good w/ cheap price.

    jessa otero

  27. Ma. Karla Shane Orinoco

    I'm a new follower but I have to say thAt I love to read your memorable trip to Korea!

  28. When you blogged about your baby's gender. :)
    Second it the Estee Lauder.
    I was looking forward for the Estee Lauder make up kit blog. It was one of my dream to own a make-up from Estee .. Their FB page did not met the target fan likes. i guess they wont be drawing any winner. sayang.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  29. I'm a fan of your blog because you are so bright and cherry.

    I like your Japan travel posts best. You do not know tha language but you still enjoyed going there :)

  30. I'm a fan of your blog because you are so bright and cherry.

    I like your Japan travel posts best. You do not know tha language but you still enjoyed going there :)

  31. My favorite is your Korean posts because now I know a lot more about Korea than I did & it sounds like a lovely place to be in.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  32. Deanne Tayamen

    I like your year end report :-) maybe I should make my own version of year end report as well.

  33. Deanne Tayamen

    I love your year end report maybe I should make my own version of year end report too. :-)

  34. Josephine Bahala

    I really envy (co-)bloggers like you for really having their time to regularly maintain their blogs. I really hope I can find more time this 2013. But, what I really love most on your posts is your Taal Vista + Giveaway post. You are really successful in conveying the tagline " We've got it all for you!" I really hope my family and I can share the same experience that you're family had during your stay at Taal Vista!...soon! :)

    God bless and Happy New Year! :-)


    the giveaways post also.. because i love joining giveaways in your blog :)

  36. Sadel Fauni

    My favorite was the smokey eyes in a flash post! Its simple to do but it really gives the effect of having smoky eyes! :)

  37. Emeline Cruz

    I always read your foundation and skin care posts. I also suffer from dry skin so when you rave about a certain product because works for you, I make sure to check it out.

  38. Elaine Atrillano

    When you posted about your baby's gender. We were all so excited. :)

  39. salmoncat, salmoncat2010(at)yahoo(dot)com
    top of mind right now, your planner posts. because i'm into paper products and your 2011 post it made me hunt for the hana corner shop.

  40. claire sereno

    My favorite post you have is the silka post giveaway last year. It is the reason I notice your blog. i even joined it but posted in the wrong area (hehehe). The second would be the giveaway of avon products because I won in it. i am using it now and loving it!

  41. J e n n a O k s a n e n

    My fav post has been the smokey eye post! :P It was really helpful ^^


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