Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple Pregnancy Fashion

Pregnancy Fashion, is there such a thing?  Well, I don't call myself fashionable but at least, I do  know what to wear that makes me feel and look comfortable!

My mom and Mr. AMW expected me to go out and shop for pregnancy clothes the moment I learned I was pregnant!  Well, they were wrong!  Mr. AMW had to "force" me to shop for clothes as I consistently say "NO" each and every time.  (Come on, tell Mr. AMW he's lucky!)  *laughs*

I haven't been going out much during my first trimester + first half of second trimester as you probably know by now how much pain I've gone through in terms of morning sickness.  It's let me move on! :)

I started going out on dates with friends, family and husband on my fifth month.  I haven't bought any single pregnancy outfit then  as I can still wear all my loose tops and smartly wear my low waist pants and shorts and use a hair tie as an extension!  

Comes 6th month, my belly is starting to show and I can't seem to wear my old bottoms anymore.  I logged in Zalora and bought some shorts, jeans and leggings from their Maternity section.  Thank goodness they all fit me!

AMW Wears #1
Casual date with the hubby
For a casual date with the hubby, I wore a simple black tank top inside and my loose Forever 21 knitted top.  As for the shorts, I wore my Buntis shorts in medium with adjustable belly band which made my overall outfit even more comfortable.  Since I know there will be a whole lot of walking, I've decided to wear "elevated" sandals from SM Parisian as flats could hurt my back with all the walking.
AMW Wears #2
 A semi-formal affair
Dresses are great when you're pregnant and I can't thank having some loose dresses inside the dresser when I was asked to be the God mother of my best friend's daughter.  

A simple long navy dress from Prima Donna worn with a plain white tube inside.  To create a more "formal" vibe, I've decided to wear my simple light pink pearl necklace by SM Accessories.  Check out my protruding belly!  I don't care!  I'm proud of my bump!
PrimaDonna Dress
Now you understand why I had to wear a white tube inside?  The dress is quite sexy with a low cut back and LONG slit!  (Okay, didn't show the slit anymore as I'm shy to show my legs) *blushes* :P

AMW Wears #3
Welcoming New Year with Simple Family Lunch
As I wasn't able to shop for any polka-dotted outfit (for luck), I've decided to color block and create a very cheerful vibe on the first day of year 2013!  We had a nice lunch with the family and I've decided to visit Lucky Chinatown Mall as it is usually crowded on a regular day!  Thank goodness most the people have decided to rest at home so it's my time to walk around the spacious mall! 

Since my outer Ever New Orange top is a bit too short and I don't want to expose my huge belly, I've decided to wear my Bossini Yellow sleeveless top underneath and my navy blue shorts because I want to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR without uttering a single word!  :)

AMW Wears #4
Meet up with High School Friends
I haven't seen my high school friends for quite some time, the group decided to have a mini get-together.  Since my friend would like to see my bump, I've decided to wear my Cinderella top (which was supposed to be a loose blouse) but now, it worked so well as my pregnancy top!  This photo was taken on my 6th month of pregnancy and you can literally see how showy Baby AMW is!  Paired with my Buntis shorts and a lovely necklace from SM Accessories, everything turned casual with a blushing  March Slither Flats.

AMW Wears #5
Shopping Rush
As I was in a rush for some quick gift-giving, the hubby and I have decided to visit a nearby mall!  What's the best mall outfit?  My loose Promod striped navy top and a medium sized pregnancy leggings from Gingersnaps!  The sandals from The Flat Shop which has a nice support at the curve of my feet is perfect for a comfortable shopping experience!

AMW Wears #6
A Day of Errands
When I'm swamped with errands, it is vital to feel comfortable with the clothes you wear plus to feel "cool".  As all pregnancy books would say, a pregnant woman would feel like an oven most of the time, I do feel hot even inside an air-conditioned room so a sleeveless top is what I would wear if I know I have many places to go! 

AMW wore Cinderella 1 piece top and Buntis Jeans.

AMW Wears #7
When I know I'm off for a dinner and fulfill my food fantasies, I picked my most comfortable Boyfriend Shirt!  The vertical lines can hide the look of a pregnant belly (not that I plan to hide it) but funny how some can't tell that I'm pregnant. (Mukha lang busog!)

AMW Wears #8
Makeup Workshop
Because I have a gig as a makeup trainer at Benefit Philippines, looking at least a tiny bit formal is what I'm aiming for!  I wore my long yellow t-shirt top from Greenhills and my navy blue blazer which I bought from KL Malaysia.  Simple black pants with stretchable band made my overall look more formal!  My favorite gold flats from ShoeBox are comfortable enough for me to stand up for 4 hours!

Overall, my second trimester pregnancy fashion is simple yet comfortable!  I am glad I was able to wear my existing clothes and I don't have to spend a lot on pregnancy outfit!  As I'm heading to my last trimester, I may be in dire need for some pregnancy clothes as my bulging belly is uncontrollable and seems like Baby Boy AMW is enjoying all the food he can eat!  

Any tips on where to shop for pregnancy clothes? 

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  1. Looking good Nikki!

    And I'm totally with you on not splurging on maternity wear and making the most of our non-preggy clothes with the use or rubber bands (for you) or a belly band (for me).

    I reached the 6th month mark this week and it looks like my knit and loose dresses will be making more and more of an appearance since comfort is now key with my belly growing bigger and bigger.

    Miss you!

    1. Sis, I know what you mean about loose dresses and knit tops! Whenever I wear them way back, my parents would always tell me I look like I'm pregnant, well now that I'm pregnant, perfect timing to wear them! hahah :) Miss you too and have a safe pregnancy Jill!

  2. OMG I didn't know you were pregnant, Nikki! Congratulations! You look beautiful and I love the last outfit with the blazer, CUTE!

  3. i love your fashion nikki! you look cool even though your pregnant! most of the pregnant mothers dont care about themselves! they wear manang outfits XD
    i really really love your style!

    1. Aww Jenny, that is very sweet of you to say, I am actually leaning to not mixing and matching outfits, I am too lazy to do so but I guess, the fact that I can't fit anything is challenging enough so I have to drag my lazy butt :D

  4. Awe! So lovely! All your outfits looks very comfy and so cute! Love the dress! Amazing preggy woman!

    1. Thanks Anastacia! Nothing is more amazing than taking care of 2 boys like yoU :D *hugs*

  5. as the old housewives tales go, baka babae ang anak mo kasi angganda mo magbuntis, you look slimmer now that youre preggy. love the blue and yellow blazer/top combo! you are also lucky kasi you have good skin na hindi nag pigmentation because of pregnancy, other preggies cant even wear sleeveless outfits because of skin discoloration.
    i do hope that you have a healthy bouncing baby soon!

    1. oh my, really? maybe it's just the angle of the photos but I'm definitely NOT slimmer now that I'm pregnant, probably during my morning sickness day, I definitely lost a lot of weight but I gained them all back + more :D Thanks for saying na possibly girl but it's confirmed a BOY :D

      P.S. I try to wear as much sleeveless tops as I can habang wala pang discoloration! LOL

  6. You look wonderful! Love all the outfits, they are comfortable and pretty!

  7. You look so cute in all your outfits Nikki! How I wish I looked as cute as you when I was pregnant! I didn't feel pretty at all, well except during the 2nd trimester. hihi.

    Those jeans with elastic waist bands are such a blessing! Loose tops and dresses also make for great maternity outfits.

    1. I agree, I love anything with elastic waist bands and I can still imagine wearing them AFTER my pregnancy, probably when I'm off for a buffet dinner? :D

      Thanks for the compliment, I'm off to my 3rd tri na, so same as you in the past, I don't feel pretty at all! I just want to lay down and sleep, and rest..and DO NOTHING :P

  8. you really look great sis! you did not gain too much. nung pregnant ako before, grabe super laki ko and I cannot even wear a sleeveless kahit init na init ako because my armpits got dark, hihi...

    1. sis, buti you are lucky to have lost all your pregnancy weight! well, as long as baby is safe and happy, I don't mind gaining the weight!

      Natawa ako sa black armpits! My friend even bluntly asked me to raise my arms coz HE wants to check if my armpits are darker daw! LOL nahiya naman ako! :)))))))

  9. all of your outfits look great!! congratulations on the baby x

  10. Slim ka pa rin Ms. Nikki kahit pregnant :)...I wore skinny, straight cut, flared, and boyfriend jeans all from H&M...sabi ng mga office mates ko ang cool ko lang daw tignan kase naka-jeans pa rin kahit top naman basta stretchy ang fabrics kahit hindi pang maternity ok na sakin :)


  11. Awww.... fasyon pa rin kahit preggy! And I love it that you actually wear regular clothes... no need to buy except for buntis bottoms. :) I hope to see you soon!!!! I wanna see you na!!! :)


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