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AMW Reviews: Prostyle Fuwarie Hairstyling Mist (For Airy Bob Hairstyle)

Hair product review!  Who's excited?  Well, I know I'm OBVIOUSLY one excited little girl when it comes to hair products!  Recently, I received 2 wonderful products from our friends from Prostyle Fuwarie Philippines --- The Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Hairstyle (left white packaging) and the Fuwarie for Airy Bob Hairstyle (right purple packaging).

As you all know, I've been a heat-protectant spray user for years and I've been stocking up on Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion on my trips abroad.  With me being pregnant and having Baby AMW  pretty soon, traveling won't be part of the plan so I'm not sure what to do when I'm done with my Lucido-L backups, I can never iron or curl my hair without any heat protectant spray and searching for a good alternative may take some time!  So isn't it a perfect timing to find this famous Japanese brand Prostyle Fuwarie locally?
I've decided to use one product at a time to see the effect and I actually stopped using other hair serums or oils and I'm ready to report the for Airy Bob Hairstyle product which is also called the End Curling Mist!  
Prostyle Fuwarie says ---
Prevents hair burn/blisters.
  • Protects hair cuticles from the heat of hair styling tools. 
  • Prevents hair breakage.
  • Prevents hair discoloration caused by heat. 
Protects against UV Rays.
Sets the hair as styled and keeps it straight/curled longer.
Enhanced with Amino Acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful and shiny hair.
Has a light fruity scent.

Made in Japan.   

AMW says ---
  • Housed in a cute packaging with a twist "open and close" spray bottle which is great if you tote this along during travel!
  • Very easy to use.
  • Smells great!
  • Hair feels light and non-greasy all day.
  • Flat iron goes on smoothly on each hair section.
  • Hair doesn't feel or look dry after ironing.
  • The hair remains good as styled for the whole day.
  • None
I may not see the effect of using Prostyle Fuwarie Hairstylist Mist with a microscope but I can definitely feel the positive effects of using one.  For one, ironing feels a bit easier as the flat iron glides on smoother as compared to not using Prostyle Fuwarie.  Second, the ends of my hair remains curled and "airy" for the whole day without the greasy/oily feel. 

  • To create airy bob hairstyle, you can choose to use a flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron. 
  • There are flat irons available in the market that can be used on both wet and dry hair but I highly recommend to flat iron your hair when dry!  
  • To create "end curl", spray mist all over hair but concentrate on spraying more on the ends where you apply more heat.
  • To create volume, spray mist all over here and section your hair and spray a bit more at the center of your hair shaft.
  • After spraying your hair with Prostyle Fuwarie Hairstylist Mist, run your fingers through your hair for product to 'set'.
  • If possible, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to remove excess hairstyling products that could weigh down your hair.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who uses heat styling tools!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at beauty Bar nationwide for Php450.00 (approx $11.25).  Like Prostyle Fuwarie Philippines on Facebook.


Locally, the Prostyle Fuwarie End Curling Mist for Airy Bob Hairstyle comes with English instructions and product details.

The Open and Close Nozzle

On days I just want to curl the ends of my hair, I concentrate on spraying the hairstyling mist at the mid-section down to the ends of my hair as shown on photo below.  This way, I save the rest of my hair from harsh heat.

To create end curl:
I use my trustee flat iron and curl starting from the mid-section of my hair to the tip with an inward curl motion.

I like to scrunch my hair just to create "volume"

Before and After using Prostyle Fuwarie Hairstyling Mist
for Airy Bob Hairstyle
Without hair styling tools, my hair could go as flat as the photo shown on the left side of photo below.  I prefer using blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron to create curls on a daily basis so using a heat protectant mist is very important to keep my hair healthy and shiny.

Overall, I am glad to have found a product that works and is available locally!
Have you been using any hair styling products to protect your hair from daily styling?

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 (Product received for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Gandang mommy naman! I wish I could sport a shorter hairdo.. hindi bagay sa akin kasi.

    1. ano ka! bagay sayo no! :) Thanks for your compliment :D

  2. I just bought the straight styling mist variant last sunday and tried it yesterday to see if it's really effective. So happy that I can see clearly the results after using the product. Will try other variants maybe the fuwarie curly mist. -herschel

    1. Glad to know you liked it! I love this end curl mist and I can't wait to use the one for Curls talaga once my hair gets a bit longer! Or if I have special occasions to attend so I can curl my hair :D

  3. Oooo! I want to try it out now too ;D

    1. :) thanks and what heat protectant product are you currently using for your hair?

  4. i wanna try this, looks interesting :)

    1. super nice siya Issa :D I love it and I'm still using it now :D

  5. Hello! I just want to ask something. I have naturally straight hair, and I use curling irons to curl my hair, is the fuwarie CURL styling mist the right product for me?

    1. Yes Princess, the Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy Hairstyle would work for you :)

    2. thanks for the reply! :)

  6. Between this and Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion, which one do you prefer? BTW, Lucido L products are available at Watsons. :)

    1. I Like both! :) I'm glad to know Lucido L is available locally na! :D thanks for the info :D


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