Monday, February 11, 2013

Readers' Corner: "I Want to Start Wearing Red!"

Happy Monday and finally, it is year of the Water Snake!  How did you celebrate the Chinese New Year?  Me, I just had a simple get-together with both families and I'm happy my brother is back for a week's vacation!

Speaking of Chinese New Years, everyone's been wearing red and for girls, it helps to wear bright red lipsticks too!  The problem is, not everyone is comfortable wearing red lipsticks!  Trust me, I am the perfect person to talk to as I grew up in a very conservative family (especially in makeup).  Wearing anything bright on lips, eyes or cheeks will attract unwanted comments, but come on, what year is it?  Everyone's been very open in expressing themselves and I have definitely gone out of my shell!  I can wear red lipstick anytime I want but of course, I hear you!  There are dear readers out there who are still uncomfortable and have voiced out their concern (through email) on how to start wearing one! 

Lucky you, I've been there, done that!  I'm the right person to ask! *winks*

First, you have to pick the right shade of red that compliments your skin tone!  As for me, I'm in the middle of fair and medium skin so I like to wear deep reds.  My suggestion for a "practice wearing red" lip color is from MAC called Del Rio.

MAC Satin Lipstick in Del Rio has a rich soft satin, semi-matte finish that can be applied with light-hand for a very soft, plumy-reddish brown shade or you can always opt for heavy hand application for a vampy look.

Top: Bare Lips
Bottom: Applied with 1 Layer of MAC Satin Lipstick in Del Rio
Just like most MAC lipsticks, I need to exfoliate and moisturize my lips prior to application as I have extremely dry lips!  To make this look easier to the eyes, I prefer to apply a thin layer of my favorite Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream and blot it with a tissue paper prior to lipstick application.  I prefer the finish of my deep red lipstick to be matte as my lips are full and applying gloss could scream "large lips"!

In this photo: AMW wears MAC Satin Lipstick in Del Rio with powder foundation.  Of course, Del Rio is just one of the many "practice wearing red" lipsticks, there will always be other brands and other shades that you can start with!

What's your "Practice Wearing Red Lipstick" brand and shade?

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  1. I love the red lipstick I got from Chanel ; )


    1. actually super ganda nga sa Chanel pero some may find it still a bit bright for them :)

  2. Replies
    1. Funny how I started wearing red using MAC Russian Red and it is indeed a bit too bright for me then, di pa ako sanay!

  3. I'm also not comfortable wearing red lippies, but when I practice at home I use my Estee Lauder in classic red and Revlon in crimson. Looks good when worn, I just need enough confidence to wear it when I'm out hehe

    1. good that you're practicing at home, that's what I did too! :D

  4. i really dnt have good lookin lips..but hell i love red myself the ruby woo..but its a bit actually i mean your post convinced me to try chanel gabrielle #19..bought it through am just waiting for it..and oh am lovin graftobian lip palette in red shades really lasts on my lips :-)

    1. Oohh let me know how you like the Chanel one! With dry lips like ours, it is very difficult to find a good lippie and good shade that matches our uber dry lips! :D

      I hope you get your strawberrynet order soon! :D


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