Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Love Desserts

Because Valentine's Day is near, this is the perfect opportunity for me to post about sweets!  Come on, you know you want them!  

Over the week, I had my doctor's appointment scheduled and usually, after the checkup, we would be around the area scouring for new restaurants to try!  As for that night, I had a good news from my Doctor that I don't have Gestational Diabetes (which occurs to most pregnant women) and my li'l AMW is in dire need to food to grow bigger (okay, I invented that!), hubby and I have decided to give this desserts place a try!  And guess what?  We've decided to skip dinner overall as it is a dessert buffet place!  Call us crazy, but we want to taste as much sweets as we can for that night! 

Love Desserts

I've learned about Love Desserts from fellow blogger Joanne Tan .  She said it's going to be a cool place to hang out with the dearest love of my life (whoever he is :P)  Just joking Hubby!  It isn't difficult to find the place as the restaurant was well lit right next to the huge Bruno's Barber Shop at Banawe.

As soon as we got in, I felt an immediate comfort as the ambiance screams CHILDHOOD FANTASY!

The place was well lit with colorful posters of desserts you can think of!  As I was busy looking around for what to eat, thanks to Mr. AMW for dutifully taking all these lovely shots!  Seriously, I cannot be a food blogger, I tend to panic with wonderful food in sight!

A fridge featuring all the cakes they have, I believe you can buy these cakes in whole to take home too!

Shall we start?  They have my favorite Halo-Halo station with all the works all laid out for you.

You can also try their Ice Blended Drinks varying from Chocolate, Vanilla, Taro, Capuccino and Buko Pandan.  I was aiming for Strawberry Milk Shake that night but I was told it's not available!  Oh well, I gave it a skip and save my tummy space for more sweets!

Thank goodness they have my favorite brand of ice cream --- Big Scoop!  Some of the flavors available that night are --- Strawberry, Avocado, Vanilla, Ube, Bubble Gum, Buko Pandan, Mango, etc...  I am so grateful they have Vanilla flavored ice cream as it is so difficult to find one nowadays!

Toppings you can put with your ice cream!  You can make your own banana split!

Crepe Station
You can ask the server to make you strawberry, blueberry, banana crepes but we opted for the simplest crepe of all!
Thanks for granting our request.  A simple crepe topped with Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate and caramel syrup!
Added with kiddie candies --- that's Mr. AMW's ! 

Mine looks more classy and professional *winks* But take note, I finished it up without class! It was so delicious I was done with this in less than 5 minutes!  Blame Baby AMW!  It wasn't me! :P

Okay...let's head on further to the next station, just so you know Love Desserts serve a la carte dishes so you can order your rice meals if you feel like there's just too much sugar out there.  As for me, I'm glad to find some cheesesticks, taco salad (my favorite for the night!) and Tuna Empanadas.  I'm not sure if you guys are familiar of Baron's Taco (SM Megamall), their Taco Salad is my ultimate favorite BUT they closed down and I missed them dearly.  That night, at Love Desserts, I was able to satisfy my need for  a good taco salad!  Great job Love Desserts!  Great job!

They also have fruit salad, mangoes with bagoong and a coffee machine for you just in case you need a cup of cappuccino (let's talk about that later). I have to comment that I love their fruit salad too, I just wish they were chilled!

On to the "mousse" station, cute tiny shots of various mousse and cookies.

More cakes, cupcakes that you can think of!

Chocolate Eclairs, brownies, and a whole lot more!  Just in case, they also serve "Goto" that night! 

Just when I stuffed my face with as much food and desserts as I can, they put out a blueberry cheesecake!  I was looking at it dearly but seriously, with the baby inside and my full tummy?  I don't have enough space to breathe!  So Mr. Blueberry Cheesecake?  <--- br="" next="" time="">

The hubby was really full that night too so he went for a cup of cappuccino in which the staff helped us made!  I took a sip and it was really good coffee!
Love Desserts isn't huge nor small, the place was just right for a good number of people.  As we were there, the place was quite full with people chatting around endlessly, I believe, with added excitement!  Must be the sugar rush! 

They also have boards for customers to write down their thoughts about Love Desserts!

Love Desserts Buffet costs only Php199.00 (approx $4.97) in which, I believe is reasonably priced!  With just a couple of ice cream scoops, halo-halo and crepes?  It's all worth it!  If my mom is not diabetic, I would definitely take her here in a heartbeat!  By the way, each customer is advised to stay maximum of 2 hours to give other customers a chance to enjoy their desserts buffet!  I think 2 hours is enough as we're stuffed by an hour!

Overall, the experience was great, the servers are very helpful and friendly!  And before I end this post, I want to share their Valentine's Day promo!  On February 14, 2013 the desserts buffet price will be slashed to Php143.00 (approx $3.55)!  Please call for reservations as I'm sure it'll be jam packed that night!

So, who are you taking? *winks*

Love Desserts
915 Banawe St cor G Roxas Ave Manresa,
Quezon City 
Tel No: (632) 348-3551
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  1. Dessert Buffet! This reminds me of Sweets Paradise in Japan (70 minutes of dessert buffet priced at JPY1480). Great to know there's now a dessert buffet in Metro Manila. I'll certainly drag my friends there! Thanks for this review!

    1. wow, why didn't I know about that ? I wish to try the one in Japan! :) No problem, my pleasure, I like to share food and other stuff that I find ! :D

  2. i miss love desserts! when i was there i feel that i was in heaven!

    1. how was your experience? What was your favorite dessert?

  3. Oh my Gee! Muntik na tayong magkita, Eonni!!! Punta sana kami ni hubby nung Sunday, eh... I think I know where we'll meet na!!! ^__^

    Ano, set na tayo ng date? ^__^

    1. Ah really? well we always go to that area if we're going for a doctor's check! will let you know when we'll be around the area again :D

  4. Um... where is it located? Was it posted? I'm trying to find address if you wrote it down hehe

    1. Thanks for the reminder, I actually forgot to write the addy, it's now updated!

  5. Hi. How to get there kung manggaling po ng Taft Ave by commute. Thanks for the response :)


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