Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Colorful Leopard Prints

Happy Tuesday AMW friends!  Today, I will be sharing another very simple nail art design good for short nails and even better for first time nail art designers!  As my tummy is growing bigger and bigger each week, I've decided to keep my nail art designs as simple as possible as I'm getting ready to be the busy "mom" I'll soon be!  

Animal prints have alway been an easy yet "head turner" type of nail art design.  This time, to create a lively vibe on the usual Leopard Print, I've decided to make it colorful!  Of course, there's no such Leopard in this world with such colorful prints but we can always bend rules and create nail art designs we like!

Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of your preferred base.  Since I want to make the colorful prints pop, I've decided to use a matte white polish from Orly Nail Lacquer called Day Glow.  Let dry.

Step 2:
As soon as the base polish is completely dry, create random dots using Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Lacquer in Red/Rouge.  The messier the dots, the better. 

Step 3:
Picking my GirlStuff Nail Polish in Jade, apply random dots next to the red dots created above.

Step 4:
You can stop on Step 3 but I prefer to use 3 shades of matte dots, this time using GirlStuff Polish in Machiatto.

Step 5:
Picking my black 2 Way Nail Art Pen, I drew random boarders as shown on photo below.  This will complete the "leopard print" effect.

AMW version of Colorful Leopard Prints
It is very simple to do on both hands and the messier it is, the more natural it looks!

Do you like animal printed nail art designs?
If yes, which animal print is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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