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AMW Reviews: Sleek Face Form Kit (Light)

Hi Ho everyone!  
Did you rest well over the weekend?  I sure did and I can't wait to share another review on a new found Face Form Kit from Sleek!  Sleek MakeUp has been known internationally for creating good quality makeup with a price that makes us (consumers) smile!  I haven't tried much from this brand but based on my past SLEEK Makeup experience ---

Looking back at my previous reviews, all of them gain positive reviews from me so I can't wait to give the Sleek MakeUp Face Form Kit a try!  I know most AMW readers are on a hunt for good, inexpensive face contour/highlight kit that works!  Could this be it?  Could this be love? *singing*

Sleek Face Form Kit in Light
L-R Contour Powder, Highlight Powder and Blush

Sleek says ---
Contour kit + Rose Gold Blush = GORGEOUS!!!
Face Form is the ultimate contouring compact and definitive accessory for nailing that chiseled supermodel look. Bound in a luxurious handbag-friendly palette, complete with a mirror for on-the-go application, each shade variant contains different products to suit specific skin tones.
FAIR Contouring powder, highlighting powder, and Rose Gold Blush
LIGHT Contouring powder, highlighting powder, and Rose Gold Blush

The Blush by "3" palette has been formulated with intense pigment, yet the shades can be layered, in order to achieve the required intensity.

The ultimate blush palette with 3 complementary shades in one mirrored compact.

Shades Available:
International: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark
Local: Fair and Light


AMW says ---
  • Just like any SLEEK makeup packaging, they are housed in plain matte packaging, very sleek and easy to tote around for travel.
  • All powders are pigmented.
  • The contouring powder's shade is just right for contouring, matte, doesn't show up orange and looks natural.
  • The highlighting powder gives a hint of shimmer but none sparkling.
  • The blush reminded me so much of Nars Orgasm because of the gold specks!
  • All 3 shades last the whole day for me (dry/combination skin).  
  • Price.
  • Very pigmented so easy to make mistakes on applying too much for first time users.
3-in-1 product that's worth the price.  All shades are pigmented enough and the shade Light works well for most fair to medium skin tone. 

  • Retouching may be needed for people with oily skin.
  • Light hand application will always be needed.
  • Practice makes perfect, it takes a whole lot of practice to nail the right contouring/highlighting and blushing for your particular face shape.
  • Less is always more. 
  • Fair shade would go well for people with very light to medium light skin tone.  Medium shade would go well for most medium light to medium skin tone.  Darker skin tone individuals (locally) may need to add more contouring powder for product to show up.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes the daily contouring, highlighting and blushing without the hassle of 3 products!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally, priced at Php850.00 (approx $21.25)  available at Updated Trends Multiply Site.  You can also check Sleek Makeup at Crossings The RAMP Shangrila Mall and Crossing THE RAMP Q. Ave.  


Swatches on Sleek's Face Form Kit in Light

Step 1: Contour
  1. Using my angled brush I grab a bit of the contour powder concentration on the shortest hairs of the angled brush.
  2. Apply the pressed powder starting from the hairline.  
  3. Keep in mind that the darkest part should be close to the hairline as shown on photo #3 below.
  4. Pick a clean fluffy powder brush, blend out harsh edges.

For a more defined look, feel free to repeat steps 1-4.  Keep in mind that less is more!

Step 2: Highlight
  1. Let's say we'll use the same brush, clean the brush by gently fluffing the remaining contour powder on your hand or a towel.  Pick a bit of the highlighter using the longer hairs of the angled brush.
  2. Apply highlighter to the upper cheekbone.
  3. Blend out and feel free to apply the highlighting powder at the bridge of your nose too!

To prevent streaks, pick a clean K-Brush or Powder Brush 
and blend both contour and highlighting powders.
Step 3: Blush
  1. Again, using the same brush, pick a tiny bit of the Rose Gold Blush, tap if needed.
  2. Apply product directly starting from the apples of your cheeks going above to the hairline (going in between the contour and highlighter).

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Overall effect of AMW using Sleek Face Form Kit in Light

Thanks PinkBox Accessories by the way for the lovely clips!  I use them daily as my bangs are growing each day and I'm too lazy to trim them! :D

Have you found the best face form kit for you?
Have you already nailed contouring, highlighting and blushing?

One of the most difficult makeup tricks that I learned during my makeup school days is contouring the face of various clients.  I have to admit, it takes loads of practice to get the "right amount" of contouring powder to show up on photos but still look natural in person!  Please bear in mind that makeup application is unique in each individual and it takes loads of practice!!!  LOADS AND LOADS of it!


  1. Sleek never fails to impress me. :) Will definitely add this to my wishlist.

    1. I agree, I am quite impressed with their product line too :D What's your favorite Sleek Product so far?

  2. this is a great kit! and I love your tips! :)

  3. I just bought the Face Form Kit in Fair, because of your review. Saw it Crossings The Ramp in Shangrila mall. I have a slight tan from the beach, but the good news is that the contour powder, highlighter and rose gold blush still look good with the tan! One has to be light-handed with the blush, it's very pigmented and can go on too dark if you're not careful.

    1. Hi Mona, thanks for the comment, I'm glad you love the palette even when you're tan! that means the product shade really works for you :) I agree with light-hand application, it's super pigmented!


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