Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Food Trip at: Manang's Chicken

Happy Sunday AMW Friends!  Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday greetings I received over the week and it was surreal as I felt like I know each and every one of you through blogging! :)  Can we have a group hug please?  *hugs*

A usual laid-back Sunday was put on hold last week as I had to do some errands with the ever sweet hubby!  We had brunch before we left home and headed to wherever the meeting should be (yes, on a Sunday!)  and we went straight to my mom's place to drop by some documents after paying our bills at SM Sta. Mesa. I promise you that I steered away from Ilocos Empanada for a change and focused on eating something else!  Come on, who wants an orange colored baby?  *knocks on wood*  hahaha

It was funny as Mr. AMW was craving for Casa Naimas Bibingka so we drove to Tomas Morato, after picking up his Bibingka take away, we've decided to use the gift certificate we have from Manang's Chicken.

The first and last time I've tried Manang's Chicken was a year ago during Best Food Forward event (blog post HERE).  Don't get me wrong, I love the chicken but I haven't been back because I was staying away from eating chicken as I do get some allergies on them! 

Fast forward, I'm glad Manang's Chicken has broadened their menu and they have pork dishes available for customers like ME! 

I was really hungry at 3pm so I headed straight to the counter to give my orders!  *laughs*

Here's the overview of what we had for the day!

 Macaroni Salad Regular
Buttered Corn Regular
Php29.00 each (approx $0.73)
The Macaroni Salad is a huge check same as buttered corn!  These are 2 side dishes I would always order in any restaurant and I'm glad Manang's Chicken didn't go wrong offering these!

 Large Chips with 2 Dips
available dips: Creamy Cheese, Garlic Mayo and Spicy Ketchup
Php64.00 (approx $1.60)
Really crispy, thinly sliced potatoes that works so well with Garlic Mayo (my favorite out of all the dips).  I like the fact that the potatoes weren't soaked in oil!

Garlic Pork Fillet Meal
Php109.00 (approx $2.73)
This meal comes with 2 free drinks, both I had Lemonade while Mr. AMW went for Iced tea.  The Garlic Pork Fillet is very crispy and fried into perfection.  If you're not a fan of garlic chips, I strongly suggest you ask to have these garlic bits separated as it could overwhelm you.  As for me, I'm okay with it.  The dip isn't the usual gravy but vinegar dip instead.

Red Velvet Sundae
Php49.00 (approx $ 1.23)
The Red Velvet Sundae is supposed to be available only for the month of February but I was told they will extend it until March 31, 2013!  Yay!!! Both Mr. AMW and I enjoyed the warm red velvet cake as creamy soft smooth vanilla ice cream melts inside our mouth!  The extra sprinkles reminded us so much of our childhood days we had to close our eyes and enjoy the moment!


 Overall, I'm happy the restaurant offers variation of "Barkada Sets" (Group Sets) that would help us save money at the same time enjoy variety of food they offer! 

Overall, prices were reasonable and I took a peek at their kitchen area and they're quite clean at the Tomas Morato branch that we visited!  They have FREE WIFI for dine-in customers to the social savvy out there!

Before I end this post, you may be interested to join their "Eat, Snap, Win" Photo Contest running until March 31, 2013.  Anyone who dine at Manang's Chicken can submit their photo entries on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to win an exclusive lunch treat!  Full mechanics can be viewed on their FB Page

AMW wearing one of Fly Shades' Newest Summer Collection on a no makeup day!

Have you tried Manang's Chicken?
Did you enjoy your dining experience?

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Keep smilin'
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  1. looks delicious with an affordable price, now I know why my friend keeps on saying "let's in Manangs". there's a white empanada in vigan... hope it's also available here in Manila

    1. hahaha well..true affordable siya and the chicken is delicious! give the chicken a try first!

      White empanada?? I think i saw one at Mercato Centrale..but not sure how authentic it is :D

  2. At ako ay nagutom sa mga pictures :) heheeh

  3. SO much garlic! I love garlic! Garlic Porkchop was of stock when we went to their T. Morato branch so we had to settle for chicken.

    1. Ay sayang, pero alam mo? i was really craving for the chicken there! nabusog lang ako ng bongga at medyo bawal bawal I didn't order it! :D

  4. Nom nom! I just had my launch and your yummy pics made me hungry again lol~

    1. hahaha so sorry! You shouldn't read anything related to food after eating :D

  5. i'm getting hungry again...waaahhh


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